11-year-old Boy, Four Others Killed in Benue Clash

A bloody conflict between Fulani herdsmen and Idoma farmers of Agatu Local Government Area of Benue State has led to the death of an 11-year-old boy, while four others were reportedly killed and eight villages also sacked.

According to eyewitnesses, crisis broke out in Agatu after some yet-to-be identified persons allegedly killed 11-year-old Abdulkadir Mohammed and forcefully took away 10 cows from a Fulani herdsman, forcing a reprisal by the herdsmen who also invited mercenaries from neigbhouring Nasarawa State to fight on their side.

“The reprisal on Agatu is far-reaching because no fewer than eight villages have already been sacked by the invaders. Houses and farmland have also been destroyed. And our fear is that four persons are currently missing and they might have been killed by the invaders,” a source said.

Reacting, State Secretary of Meyatti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, an umbrella body of Fulani herdsmen, Alhaji Garus Gololo, said: “In Agatu, just after Bagaji by the River Benue, some people suspected to be Agatu indigenes invaded the herdsmen; they killed one 11-year-old boy, 10 cows and forcefully took away 360 cows from the herdsmen. As we speak, the herdsmen are chasing after the attackers to get back their cows.”

The lawmaker representing Agatu at the State House of Assembly, Mr. Audu Sule, however debunked rumours that his people attacked the herdsmen, saying: “I cannot say the gunmen are Fulanis. They are hired mercenaries numbering up to 1,500 and they crossed over from Nasarawa State through the river to cause mayhem. They have burnt eight villages so far and now moving towards the local government headquarters.”


  1. im not the type that respond to this type of rubbish but the reason for this attack is absolutely non sence.can that number of cows be stolen.the Agatu man is one of the most principled in idomaland.why this attack on a Sunday morning?now their spokesman is speaking for them for attacking innocent villagers…why hiring boko haram to attack middle belt states?…there is a trend no one seems to be noticing

  2. Why all this?my mother village is among the village that has been destroy,since 3days now my people are sleeping in the bush,no food no water,fulani use that as an excus to kill innocent one,nobody on earth can steal that kind number of cows,Benue Government please do somethings please.

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  4. there Gov and nassarawa state Gov is very stupid the cant even do anything about this issue can you imagine the funalis enter benue state true nassarawa all i no that GOD will punish them and our federal Govment is not saying anthing about this Nigeria which time e go better


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