ACF Seeks Relief Materials For Freed B’Haram Suspects

ACFThe apex socio-political and cultural organization in northern Nigeria – Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Wednesday endorsed the Federal Government’s decision to release Boko Haram suspects in detention, even as it mulled a special relief package for them.

“ACF welcomes the decision to release people being held in detention on suspicion of belonging to Boko Haram or related crimes, it is our hope that the federal government follows through with necessary relief materials to those affected,” it said.

In a communiqué issued at the end of its meeting in Kaduna which was chaired by General Jeremiah T. Useni (retd), the ACF also pleaded with the FG to allow human rights monitors and observers full access to all areas in the region under the current military operations against insurgents so as to ascertain the methods being applied.

The communiqué signed by ACF Deputy National Publicity Secretary Fati Eunice Ibrahim, called on the FG to comply fully with the resolutions of the National Assembly on the proclamation of emergency rule.

“The federal government should comply with the resolution, especially with regard to the funding and sustenance of the military campaign. States and local governments in the arrears of conflict have borne the main cost of the operation with disastrous consequences on their economies.

“The ACF feels obliged to continue to draw the attention of the federal government on the need to ensure that ongoing military campaigns result in a minimum destruction of human and material resources. Given our experiences with this campaign so far, there is the possibility of the military to taking heavy-handed actions or commit other offences, thereby making themselves very much part of the insecurity crisis rather than the solution in the conflict areas”, it said