Advertising Agency Offers $5 Per Day To Men Willing To Wear Ads In Their Beards.


It’s time to put that beard to work.

A Kentucky-based advertising agency is offering $5 per day to men willing to wear an ad in their beards. Ad agency Cornett-IMS designed their “beard-vertising” campaign for A&W Root Beer and says it is designed to help those with the gift of facial hair capitalize on natural talents.

We’ll let you decide if this is genius or insane, but apparently there is at least some cheeky interest. “We’re getting a ton of emails from guys with epic beards that want to host beardboards and we’re actually in talks with some brands that want to be Beardvertisers. I think we’ll probably be seeing some beardboards in the wild before too long,” the ad agency Cornett-IMS’s Whit Hiler relayed to

Of course, it’s not the first time advertisers and people willing to sell their body parts have collaborated. Last year, a man tattooed a Romney-Ryan logo on his face only to have it removed after the election. Earlier this year, a New York firm told employees they would get a pay raise if they got a tattoo of the company’s logo.

There is no word on whether cat beards can also apply to wear beard boards.