Afenifere Tackles Jonathan On Mid Term Assessment

Nigeria's President Jonathan speaks during an interview with ThomsonReuters in New YorkYoruba apex socio-political group, Afenifere, has disagreed with President Goodluck Jonathan on his mid term assessment saying he should allow Nigerians to give an unbiased verdict of his administration’s performance.

In an interview in Akure, the Ondo State capital, the group’s Secretary General, Basorun Sehinde said that the President cannot objectively assess himself.

Arogbofa likened the mid term assessment of the current dispensation by the president himself to the yoruba philosophy of a lizard that falls from the Iroko tree and praises itself since no one praised it.

He said: “The President cannot set the examination for himself, set the marking scheme, mark his answer sheets and give himself pass mark. He should allow Nigerians to assess him. We have reservation about that method of self assessment. It is not for the President to blow his trumpet. He should allow the people he is governing to assess him.”



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