Constitution Review: Jonathan Must Benefit From Six Years Single Tenure Or No Deal – Ijaw Republican Assembly

Annkio BriggsThe Ijaw Republican Assembly in the South-South has welcomed the proposal for a single tenure of six years for the President and state governors in the ongoing review of the 1999 Constitution as long as it comes in to effect in 2019 after President Goodluck Jonathan might have served his second term in office.

The group’s spokesperson – Ms Annkio Briggs, said that the only way Ijaw people could support the single tenure agenda in 2015 was if Jonathan would benefit from it.

She said, “Whatever they mean by single term of six years, it should not affect Jonathan’s tenure. It cannot start in 2015. It has to start in 2019 after Jonathan’s second term. But if they insist that it must start in 2015, then Jonathan, instead of leaving office in 2019, will leave office in 2021.

“If it starts in 2015, that means Jonathan will have to do six years instead of four years. If that is the way they want it, they should hurry up, it is good.”

Briggs stated that nobody could stop Jonathan from contesting the 2015 presidential election, whether or not the six-year single term plan was adopted. “They cannot make a law and bend it when it comes to Jonathan,” she added.


  1. Six years for single tenure is all about how to embezzle our Money. Foolish woman, God wll nt Answer ur prayers! Is Ijwo own ds nation? GEJ most Go by 2015 weda he lyks it or nt.

  2. Six yrs single tenure, this the same tin OBJ requested 4 bt nastional Assemly rejected it, wether u tag it “6 yrs single tenure or 3rd term” na God go punish una. Dey can’t bring anytin dat wil benefit d masses els dia selfish interets, wickedness.

  3. @kamal. Ur very very stupid kamal. If d Ijaws does nt hv dis country den who else? U are been fed by d resources of d Ijaw nation yet ur opening ur useless mouth to insult pple. U pple shuld stay and watch wot will happen if GEJ did nt win d 2015 election weda dis nation call Nigeria will exist.

  4. Is it do or die affair? Or is it a must GEJ win election come 2015? Let us wait till 2015 and let pple vote for whom they think can move this country forward instead of imposing someone on other. If GEJ win the election honorably then he is well welcome and if it all the way round let him support whoever elected by the pple and it means pple have tired of PDP governance. If we must say the truth tribalism apart PDP is the problem of this country let another party rule this country for just four years. Since 1999 PDP did nothing for this country and that is why all their product(politicians) are corrupted).