He Rapped About Dead Bodies Hours Before He Died



Hours before rapper Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly died in an Atlanta hospital, the former Kris Kross member was hanging out with his friends, recording songs and doing things that most rappers do late at night.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Kelly is seen rapping along to a song of his into the camera with a glassy-eyed look on his face. There is no time or date stamp on the video, but it is said to have been recorded the night he passed.

“Ain’t gonna stop for nothin or nobody/ look around you, it’s full of dead bodies…,” he raps at the end of the verse. The lyric by itself is relatively harmless, but considering he died hours later it gives it an ominous feel.

Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly was found unresponsive in his home on May 1, 2013 and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Formal autopsy results have not been released, but it has been reported that drugs were in his system when he died. Watch the full clip of Chris’ last rap below.