1. Tam david west you’re a disgrace to Niger Delta people,a minister that couldn’t own a house of his own,the same people that sent you to jail because of a cup of tea & a wrist watch are the people you & your state governor are working for,how much did ameachi paid you to make you his spokesman,or is it in this old age you want to learn how to make money in politics,I’m ashamed of you.

  2. pls u are man of pple just ignoure those who are selfcenterd u av said it all u av said the truth that young Nigeria are weiting for for a very long time,infact when we have pple like u sir in this country we belif we still have 1Nigeria,some pple belif in when somebody is in power they can not tell those pple d truth,if d country is like this when they are in school can all of them be educated?or they will be where they are today.was is not that same dokibo that said is not Nigeria citicen that he has relocated to republic of Benin?God we have problem in this country,we need God intervention,Baba may u leave long and keep on saying d truth

  3. dom you are very disrespectful and a shame to all africans. Prof. Tam is an elder and a father to us for you to say what you said is highly disdainful and stupid. pls go and read about him and find out who he is. He has achieved things that believe you me, you will never ever even dream of achieving!

  4. the decay in the polity did not start wt GEJ all past govt contributed the oil& gas,power&mine are not exempted The north are power hungry &will go any lenght to achieve it bt dy shld no dt b/h has come to stay weda northern or southern president The Ijaw Elders shld call GEJ& RA to order

  5. tam west judas of our time,what was your achievement during your tenor as ministers?nigeria started having problem when you were in power.dollars and pounds did not go up in jonathan’s regime moreover there is nothing anyone can do to keep it at thesame rate as when you were in power.GEJ didn’t sign any agreement i dare northan leaders to show the the agreement,even if there is any sign papers are we following PDP agreement or nigerian constitution.thank GOD our constitution allows him for second tenor.after destroying his regime with boko haram you want him to come down as coward that will never happen our able leader good luck ebele janathan will continue come 2015 that’s all.

  6. Tam west is an elder dat reason very well. Most of ijaw ppl lack logic & reasonin, as if dey havnt go to school. Yeah south alone can nt make gej win electn witout d support of oda region. More over gej is a president of naija nt d south. So why re dey so worried abt d forth comin electn, or re dey psycologi-cally defeated

  7. Tom west is a man of honor in short I don’t know what come over nigeria citizens so if someone is in power and refused to steal pples money that person is a failure, why are we thinking like this? If 80% of our politicians are like this man our country will far better than all Europe countries.