Lady Gaga Vomits On Stage During Live Concert

lady gaga

First it was Justin Bieber blaming too much milk, now it is Lady Gaga who vomited several times on stage during live concert, according to video published to the internet.

Did Lady Gaga drink too much milk? The pop star vomited several times on stage during a concert over the weekend in Barcelona, Sunday, uploaded video appears to show.

Lady Gaga was performing “The Edge of Glory”, with a backup dancer when she seems to lose her lunch three times. Gaga, now in London, had a laugh at her expense on Twitter: “Was praying no one saw this, but it is actually quite a good laugh if u need one, an exit Lady PukeGA doing Swan!” Vomit “Lake”.

The “Born This Way” singer is not the first singer to vomit on stage. Justin Bieber vomited during a concert in Glendale, Arizona, in late September.

The 18-year-old Justin Bieber, blamed the incident on drinking a lot of milk. But while Bieber had to run off stage, Lady Gaga continues her routine with a backup dancer, not missing a beat, the video shows.