MURIC Petitions Int’l, Local Rights Groups On Lagos Govt Hijab Ban

HijThe Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) yesterday petitioned both international and local human rights organizations on the denial of the fundamental human rights of female Muslim students in Lagos State who have been banned from wearing Hijab to school.

Professor Ishaq Akintola, MURIC Director, signed the petition which was sent to the Human Rights Watch based in New York, Amnesty International based in London, Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) based in London, National Human Rights Commission, Abuja, and Human Rights Committee of the House of Representatives.

In the petition titled “Petition against Lagos State Government for Violating the Fundamental Rights of Muslims Living in the State”, the rights group, which noted its persistent advocacy on peace in Nigeria and beyond, believed that every human being has the right to freedom of worship.

MURIC therefore asked the rights groups to wade in to the crisis that is now brewing in Lagos State after the government had ignored petitions sent to it over the Muslims’demand for the right for their female children to use Hijab in public schools.


  1. Muslim of lagos state I don’t think wearing hijan or not wearing hijab is ur problem, my advice to u people u should go and lean the real teaching of islam b4 start talking about hijab ur children moving naked around the street fragnant with out maried or maried with fragnant ur don’t know how to pray they are drinking alcohol in public sex in public but all this u dint talk now ur talking about hijab am sorry?

  2. Their are more pressin issues dat MURIC shld atttnd to dan d issue of hijab. I never hd of there existnc in present day bk haram saga, den y hijab? Evry living being hv been coexisting in lagos wtout religious discriminatn, so I wnder y dis is comin up nw. I hope some form of fundamentalism is nt @ work.

  3. It will be wickedness to ban Hijab.And I as a person would not ‘believe’ that the Lagos State Government has ban the Hijab.REASON:The state Governor is a legal Practitioner and unless he has forgotten the implication of that step on the point of Law.Basically,there are two Belief Systems in Nigeria,Islaam and Christianity and one of the major differences between these two interms of dressing code(or physical appearance) is the Hijab as used by the Muslims.So by saying Muslims students should not use it is simply saying the State Government does not recognise Islamic religion.However,if he has that motive,then his ‘Islam’ has to be questioned(…….) and we the Muslims will never accept that from anybody.Whoever is behind that evil plan should know that he has already failed!

  4. Its so disturbing when some people says Hijab is not so Important for our muslim ladies..I know if the covering of the body is not pertinet yet,the alternative,which is Nakedness is accepted by them..

    As a muslim,Hijab is part of our Religion..I don’t know why some Foolish fellows would stop muslims in wearing Hijab..Freedom of Religion is enshrined in nigeria constitution and the muslims aren’t compelling or willling to get all the students to wear hijab..,they are requesting for the muslim ladies who wishes wear hijab to do so without any form of humiliation…