NGF Chairman: Amaechi’s Not Better Than Anyone Of Us – Gov Suswam

Gabriel-SuswamAs Governors under the platform of Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) take sides and give individual accounts of what transpired last Friday during its chairmanship election, Benue State Governor, Gabriel Suswam, has described Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State as a desperate man who wanted to hold onto the position by all means.

Suswam stated this in an interactive programme on Radio Benue aired Tuesday in Makurdi to mark the 2013 Democracy Day anniversary.

Suswam accused his Rivers counterpart of cajoling other Governors to endorse his emergence as chairman of the forum.

According to Governor Suswam, “before that election, 18 out of 19 of us at the Northern Governors Forum meeting had met and unanimously endorsed Governor Jonah Jang as our consensus candidate without exception.

“That position was also endorsed at the PDP Governors’ Forum, where the governor of Niger State  presented our position to the effect that we had endorsed Jang and we all unanimously adopted it without exception.

“When we met at the Nigeria Governors Forum, we noticed that our constitution which was registered was produced at the meeting and we objected to it because we had not seen it in two years.

“And before then, 19 of us had signed an endorsement of Governor Jang as our candidate, the document and signatures are there and none of them can deny it.

“Now, we were confronted with Governor Amaechi who insisted on contesting and that he had printed ballot papers for the election. It was strange because the same person who was contesting had printed ballot papers for same election.”

“Of course it was alien to us and we objected to it vehemently. Why the desperation that you must be chairman? I must recall that before now, we had never conducted elections into the Governors’ Forum.

“All we do is to nominate somebody to lead, after all I am not compelled to attend all these forum meetings. But we do this for the purpose of pear review and also share intelligence, nothing more.

“Being the chairman of the forum does not make you a better governor than any of us. It all shows some level of desperation, otherwise people say they have elected their leader and you are insisting that you must be chairman,” he stressed.


  1. Suswan we know Ameachi is not claiming that he is better than u guys, but what he is simply saying is democracy is a game of number beside that u people make a mistake by choosing jang because he has killed somany people in his state, so he is a better candidate for u guys because come 2015 he will kill for u guys to remain in power

  2. Shut up all of u. Amaechi is a traitor. I dnt side him or anyone oda. Amaechi is no best, he did wat he did in R/state in his first tenure bcos he knws how he got der n nids 2 impress 2 be accepted n also pay back those who single handedly sponsored his victory , now hv u asked wat he did 4 dis tenure if not 2 bear d name abuja big boy n care natin abt his state oda dan 2015…if u all tink Amaechi ‘ll be best try vote 4 him 4 any position cum 2015, u ‘ll see d worst administration ever. Amaechi can kill a broda 2 get his way…becareful pple, all dat glitters is no Gold

  3. This suswam guy is a moron, our present day Shakespearean clown! Ameachi’s claim has nothing to do with he being a better governor than any other governor, he proclaims only d truth that d election was won by him fair n square. Now come to think of it, were u not endorsed by our party PDP as its governorship flagbearer b4 u contested INEC election? If u had failed, would u today b d governor of ur state? Or do u think d governors forum is made up of only PDP governors? My endorsing u does not necessarily I will vote for u, Oga Suswam n that’s exactly what happened. That u n ur cohorts still don’t know n understand d difference btw an endorsement by persons prior 2 an election in a bigger forum is baffling! Ur group n its sponsors should apologise 2 d Nigerian masses 4 lack of democratic ethics, principles, understanding, etc that in a democratic election; d majority always have there way while minority of which u r one always have their say via grumblings.

    • don’t mind this baga of a governor. its so insulting and annoying. does he think we are retards like him. sometimes it is tempting to question the educational background of this overrated nonentities.

  4. Amaech Is a so desperate his act ‘ll only bring him shame. Callous human ever. Wat did he do in r/s state dat u refer us 2. Is it not r/s dat is battling wit several uncompleted projects. He did dat 2 get a pass ticket 4 his 2nd tenure, now he’s got it, wat has he done agn? Pple dnt be deceived, his only interest is political ambition, like he belives in democracy like he said. Can u all recall wat he did 2 d predecessor of senator magnus Abe, hope u didn’t 4get dat. Amaechi is too autocratic…he can kill 2 get his way…he is evil….dis tym he got on d wrong foot. Sorry 4 him though.

  5. Those governors who oppose amaechi are enemy of democracy and Nigeria, infact they are a disgrace to dis grait country. After a free and fair election was conducted, rmba u were not sleeping while castn vote, u stil av d mouth 2 againt d election. Rmba majorty carry d vote, shameless govnors