PHOTO: Husband Burns His Wife For Being Too Beautiful

A Kenyan man burnt his wife for being too beautiful after being married for more than two years.

John claims he abused his wife because she would cheat on him on several occasions, an accusation Janet denied saying it was him who broke the marriage with his infidelity.

The victim of the domestic violence, Janet Mwihaki, a citizen of Kenya met her fate after giving birth to their third son in 2005.

Janet and John got married in 1999 and bore him a son the next year. In 2002, she gave birth to their second and in 2005, their third. Then the side of her husband she didn’t know existed began to emerge.

After a year of separation, Janet came back to work in Nairobi as a trader.

John burnt his wife’s hands and entire body, disfiguring her body.

The police advised her to report him to the authorities if she ever saw him again.

John was given a ten-year jail term, which ends in three years.

According to prison guards, John today is a changed man and because of his good conduct, he might be released early.

Domestic violence still remains one of the least convicted crimes in Kenya and no one really wants to discuss it, whether it’s against the man or woman.