REVEALED: How 2015 Battle For Soul Of Nasarawa State Led To Police, Other Killings

NasarawaFresh facts have emerged that intense power-play and battle for the soul of Nasarawa State between Governor Tanko Al-Makura and the Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, was the motivating force behind the killings, counter-killings and upsurge of violence in the state of recent.

Information Nigeria gathered that the Ombatse militia group which killed scores of security agents last week during an ambush is the front for the majority Nassarawa Eggon people who are more than ever before determined on producing the next governor of the state.

The Eggons are said to be consolidating their hold on the majority through the Ombatse group ahead of 2015, just as those opposed to their aspiration and sympathetic to the cause of Al-Makura are reportedly plotting to weaken and destroy the group before the next elections.

It would be recalled that Ombatse was proscribed in the state after its shrine located at Alogani village was raided in late 2012 by the police; a move that ended peacefully and was proceeded by peaceful demonstrations by Eggon people across the state.

It was gathered that the state governor was then barred from visiting the shrine.

Following last year’s raid, it was learnt that the pro-Al-Makura/Muslim group and pro-Ombatse group stepped up their schemes with the Ombatse group pushing for the candidature of their son, Maku, as a replacement for the incumbent governor.

– Sunday Tribune


  1. This is a nice discovery! Violence is with ‘do or die politicians’ like GEJ and his merciless boys like Maku who owns and sponsor Ombatse in the same way GEJ encourages, supports and finances Dokubo Asararre.

  2. d day d nassarawa killins was anounced i suspected its power play nd for d governor to run to abuja to make complaint den hes involved directly or indirectly. Thou dis caused me d life of my precious friend nd ex colleague an ss officer my concern is why our security outfits will not do proper investigatns before deployin their men many of these killins can be avoided if they are objective nd not sentimental. Im subject to correction but i tink proper strategic nd serious tactical training nd retrainin is urgently needed for all our security guys. Nasarawa was a suicide mission i gues they all should b wise by now nd do their job independent of dis selfish politicians nd save their loved ones eternal pains

  3. I’m Sorry, Ur report is misleading, the gov is fighting a course that only him and this advisers know. No one is after him, pls as a reporter and a journalist, ask the right questions and demand for answers not Just listening to what someone would say. He is misleading the security to accomplish his agender, shouting will not help tell the truth because it most come out one day. Don’t forget it takes nine lies to cover one. setting people against themselves and now securitymen against people, only the guilty runs when no one is after him. God bless nasarawa state, rest in peace the gallant and patriotic ones.

  4. See why BH is neither a religious/ethnic uprising and why gej refused to apply d right solution? Its a pdp way, cos Jonathan knows dats d only way he can stay in power


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