War Threats: Arrest Dokubo-Asari For Treason, Gov. Aliyu Charges Security Agencies

asaridokubo2Niger State Governor, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu has charged security agencies to try former Niger Delta warlord – Mujaheed Dokubo Asari for treason following his threat of war should President Goodluck Jonathan not win re-election in 2015.

Aliyu, who made this stance known in Minna while receiving the Commander, Garrison Command, Army Headquarters, Abuja, Major General Obidah Ethan in his office, said Dokubo-Asari should have been immediately arrested by security agencies for treason when he made that statement.

The Governor, who also  received the House of Representatives Committee on Education, led by Honourable Aminu Sule, told the Lawmakers that they should have invited Asari-Dokubo to the House to find out what he meant by that statement.

“When somebody will stand nationally and say if you don’t elect that person there will be war, I have never heard of that before”, Aliyu said and added that “the security agencies should have arrested the man because that is what we call treasonable felony. Who are you threatening? People don’t win election by threats”.

Aliyu, who is also the Chairman of the Northern States Governor Forum (NSGF) said, “This is part of the responsibility of the legislature; you have the right to invite any person to come and explain to you what he has said on a national matter”.

“That is why I want to raise this particular issue with our security agencies.In most developed countries, respect is accorded security agents. You cannot raise a gun on a policeman in USA not to talk of killing him, but here you find out that because of the system that is not good even soldiers are affected”, Aliyu added.



  1. Very unfortunate that the legal system in the country lacks justice, if not Babaginda Aliyu wouldn’t dare talk as he did. If u claim Asari Dokubo should be arrested, what would u say about the boko haram members who have made killings a daily affair and norm in ur territory? This is not to say Asari was justified.

  2. Gov aliu, they called you or a fool @20. I don’t know which of them is best for you. for you open your mouth and say you have not heard such word since the day your mother born you, shows that you are a BIG LIAR & a BIG FOOL.

    check yourself if you are free from that treasonable felony….

  3. Dokubo must be very stupid,senseless and mad for telling nigerians to re-elect jonathan by force,is it by force,besides,nigerians are tired of this reckless governance. Good talk from governor aliyu.

  4. Our leaders should be mindful of their comments in the public so as not to cause more problem for Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. As far as i am concern Asari Dokubo has not done anything liable in law. After all Buhari said he will make the country ungovernable if he failed last election and boko Haram is bombing the north, and he has not been tried for treason.

  5. I dont know how people were think bcos if someone is doing good we have to surppot him nomatter tribe or language he may be in this country we all know that both “boko haram’Niger delta millitant and President him self,they were not doing well. if want this nation to positive changes we have to call the black is black and white is white