Why We Won’t Arrest Dokubo-Asari – Police

IGPThe Nigeria Police Force says it will not be drawn in to a ‘political crossfire’ following threats by leader of the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force, Mujahid Asari-Dokubo, over President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election in 2015.

It says it has no cause to arrest or issue any warning to the ex-militant.

The NPF’s position was made known by the Deputy Force Public Relations Officer, Mr. Frank Mba, who said those making inciting statements about 2015 could only be arrested when they had carried out their threats. He however did not state if they had been warned.

It would be recalled that members of the House of Representatives, Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger State and some northern leaders had called on security agencies to arrest Asari-Dokubo for threatening the country’s corporate existence to which the militant leader again replied:

“I am not afraid of arrest. I am saying it bold and clear without mincing words, Nigeria will be history if I am arrested. I am daring them to arrest me if they can. If they don’t, they are cowards and shame on them.”

But the police image maker said the agency was law-abiding and would only respond to unlawful acts.

Mba said, “If we find anybody committing any offence, we will bring the full weight of the law on them. But, we will not go out of our way to get involved in chasing frivolities; we are not politicians, we are a law enforcement agency.

“We won’t be dragged into any controversy. If the police or any other security agency deems it relevant and exigent to carry out  its function, it will carry it out. The most important thing is that the Nigeria Police Force is a creation of law and guided by law.

“We will not be stampeded into controversies or unnecessary political crossfire. We will focus on our job and act when it’s necessary for us.”


  1. I commend Nigerian police force for this upright stance ironically. I hope they can maintain it. No more arrest of senator Yerima and pastor Tunde Bakare for making political incitements. There will be no treason in Nigeria since they are now classified under political incitement. This is anarchy. May God help Nigeria and her innocent citizens. Amin.

  2. Very sad. Is this a licence for politicians to threaten opponents even wiith death now? Mba should just tell us that the Police is not strong enough to arrest Dokubo given his force superiority! Period!

  3. But the security operatives hav d power to arrest senotor Yerima for making an innocent comment that dey will protest against any move to deny the registration of APC which is in law not inciting but rather an exercise of right as enshrine inthe constitution,..d police are now telling us that an inciting statement is only offencive which attract the attention of thesecurity operatives wen it is made against the interest of president Jonathan..wat a shame!! JONATHAN HAS DESTROYED THIS COUNTRY COMPLETELY…..AND SHAME ON YOU THE POLICE….