Defence HQ Says Origin Of Boko Haram ‘Sophisticated’ Weapons Difficult To Trace

Maiduguri-weapons-2Nigeria’s Defence headquarters yesterday in Abuja said it was finding it increasingly difficult to trace the origin of what it called the ‘sophisticated’ weapons recovered from Boko Haram hideouts.

Information Nigeria reports that large number of weapons including assault rifles, anti-aircraft machine guns, pistols, rocket propelled and hand grenades as well as many forms of grenade launchers were removed from abandoned insurgent camps taken over by Special Forces in the North East region of the country where soldiers have been on a major offensive against insurgents since May.

Defence spokesman, Brigadier General Chris Olukolade, who made this known at a press conference by joint security media committee, said:

“Analysis of the weapons recovered from the insurgents is ongoing, not all of them are locally made; majority are foreign weapons. It will be difficult to determine where the weapons are coming from because there are free markets where anybody can buy guns. The weapons recovered are sophisticated,” he said.

According to the Defence spokesman, the security forces have struck at the heart of the insurgents operation with the destruction of their camps and seizing of their weapons.