Nigerian Bishop Molests Female Student; Claims The S3x Happened Very Fast


Chairman of All Bishops in Rivers State, Bishop Chibuike Nwabueze, who was arrested for allegedly ráping a 15-year old girl, was paraded by the state Police Command on Tuesday.

The Bishop confessed to the crime in the presence of journalists but claimed that:

He was hypnotised, adding that he was set up by the pastor of the church where the incident occurred as it seems some of those interested in his position don’t like him.TON gathered that Bishop Nwabueze claimed that it was not rapé but just séx that happened so fast. He claimed she removed her clothes after he finished praying for her in the office and before he could shout ‘the blood of Jesus,’ he was already on top of the girl, having séx with her.

The Bishop insisted that he was set up by his fellow Bishop, who are contesting for the post of Chairman of All Bishops in the state with him.

Nwabueze, who was paraded at the Rivers State Criminal Investigation department, SCID, Port Harcourt, said anybody could have fallen a victim of what happened to him.

He described as untrue, allegation that he made the girl abort a pregnancy from the incident. According to him, it was the girl’s father that did it but he took care of the bill.

He said: “We have different Colleges of Bishops. I am the Chairman of Communion of Bishops in Rivers State. Well, what actually happened was a set up. It was set-up by my enemies. The man who is in-charge of where I went to minister is my enemy. He is the person that set me up.

“He invited me to his church for a programme and after the programme, he set me up because of what we are dragging. We are dragging the chairmanship of the communion and that was why he set me up.

“To my greatest surprise, on the said day and after I had prayed for her, the girl started pulling off her clothes and before you knew it, I had carnal knowledge of her.”


  1. this is the effect of evil altar! what on earth would make a bishop not to respect himself nor the office? when you use your office to intimidate your members this is the result. making people to worship you and not God? how can you disgrace yourself like this? which enemy?when your are enemy to yourself.infidelity infidelity in the body of Christ!!!!

  2. The Bishop is Nt a True Man Of God Bcos U re dey 2 Correct ur pple nt 4 u 2 do Evil nd at the end u wil say is ur enemic dt set up nd I 4 God 2 ve mercy on u

  3. The defence this Bishop is puting forward can never hold water, somebody sets u up indeed, can you just listen to yourself, next time he would say the girl raped him, let us even asumed or agreed that the girl in question pulls off her coth, was it the girl that strips you or pulls off your clothe and d undies as well?. He should be castrated, he is not good to be called Bishop, cos he is demeaning the image of his followers in d church and all d Bishops in general.

  4. All d comments above do not reflect wholistic, 3-d reasoning. This is sex offence. How many of u guys is/are guilty of pre/extra-marital sexual affairs… Sex is an activity u can fall in2 unplanned, recurrence is the issue. I’m nt justifying waywardness, however, all of u guys should avoid being judgemental. Let d law take it’s course. Shikenna.
    # git ready 2 throw insults#

  5. Sorry sir, u have ur self to blame, no matter the uger and lust, u suppose to hold ur self. Remove that robe and go home, ask God what to do.

    • People of God term par justice with mercy. Why would u crucify him because he had lost of the flesh. Even peter that was inform by jesus christ that he is to going denied christ he shouted God forbid, but when the comes. He did exactly what he was told. thus it mean that jesus christ did forgive him, he did. So bishop should be forgiven in the name of jesus christ .

  6. I pity you. This other bishop is your enemy and he invites you to a program and you went there. No wisdom at all.

  7. Churches nowadays are into money making, imagine a bishop who claimed to be annointed man of God allows evil thoughts to penetrate and destroys his life for eternity.{GOD IS REALLY ANGRY FOR OUR SINS}

  8. It is a pity that polity has crept into churches. This is now a case of do-or-die affair as it is in Nigeria politics. What a world!

  9. It’s something we’re forgetting, been a bishop doesn’t mean u conquer any evil act. A bishop is a man like evrybd he’s neither a prophet nor angel but as the one claimed to be a man of God as it comes to happen u have to the story Joseph (pease be upon) as u earlier read in your bible.

  10. The Bishop was careless to have fallen into the sin he committed. He dined with the devil with a short spoon and got his fingers burnt. God will Havre mercy on him but should be derobed as a bishop.

  11. Everyone has become judges. I see it as a result of the weakness of the flesh. My dear Bishop, stand up, dust urself & ask God sincerely for forgiveness & He will forgive u for sure.

  12. D’fact is dat nobody is above temptation. But mind yu, whence yu ar a theif dat yu ar ordained as a priest dose not dis-ordained from stealing from yur followers. Sin is sin and it simply mean satan in nation. B’wary.. As 4 D’bishop i am more disappointed than neva. May God 4give yu..

  13. hey u guys r 4getin smth here,he did nt only hv s3x wit ha bt got her pregnant n paid 4 d abortion her DAD arrange 4…hmmm!! I tink he shld realy leave dt sit n go spend tym wit God personally as a son of God n nt man of God n seeks d Lord face ….only HE can judge cos we all r sinners


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