Pastor Tunde Bakare Condemns Suspension Of John & Love Kumuyi

Controversial pastor Tunde Bakare has expressed his displeasure over the Kumuyi Saga.


In a recent interview, he says;

I personally did not see what they have done wrong. A man is entitled to his own authority in his own home.1st Peter Chapter 3. A wife should dress to please the husband and not the members of the church or public. It’s sheer wickedness to the couple, they should leave them to enjoy their honeymoon.

They should not squeeze them to the modus operandi of a particular organization. I did not see anything wrong in the wedding. The bride was not naked or dressed inappropriately and  the groom didn’t. Esther the queen was beautifully dressed in the bible to gain the king’s attention. They should not make mountain out of a molehill.

I was in the Deeper Life Bible Church for five years and nobody compelled me to dress the way I dressed. My wife was with me in the church though we weren’t married then. She wears earrings and dresses nicely. All this talk about this couple should stop.


  1. let us call a spade a spade!
    where were d marriage committee that aprove the wedg? was there no parental consent b4 for both family to see the bride that she palms her hair? on the wedg day b4 they entered d church, didnt they see the wedg gown? the pastors that joined them, dont they see them? where were the so called elders that suspended them, dont they follow GS to the wedg? they all aprove the wedg bt when the noise now went aloud they decided to…….. let the youth rise up and ask 4 transformatn. The couple has not done anything WRONG!!!

  2. the entire members of the marriage committee, the officiating ministers,the Jamaican senior pastor and the oga at the top should be suspended along with the couple for failing in their duties. another option will be to change the dressing policy the church. I mean to allow painting of lips, weave on, painting of nails, etc since the leaders cannot obey it.!!!!!!!

  3. I think judging the action of the church in the flesh is wrong!Kumuyi taught deeperlifers to defend their biblical convictions even with their lives!To those who do not understand it is wrong but haven come this far-deeperlife found a place amongst oppositions and persecutions to remain a church- not even Kumuyi’s son can make the church change anyhow!The God of the bible is the same yesterday today and forever!