Plan To Kill Sultan of Sokoto Failed

According to reliable security sources, the attack of Wednesday that spilled to yesterday, at the seat of the Caliphate, Sokoto, was actually targeted at the Sultan of Sokoto.


A source from the joint team of security platforms that repelled the attack indicated that His Eminence Alhaji, Mohammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, the Sultan, was actually the focus of the attackers, who came in large numbers.

In the past, there had been insinuations that the Boko Haram sect and other insurgents are not happy with the Sultan, who is the head of Muslim Ummah in Nigeria on his avowed peaceful disposition, which is at variance with theirs.

Boko Haram and other insurgent groups claim to be holders and defenders of the true Islam, while the rest, by their thinking, are unfit for the religion and should be treated as enemies of the faith.

Our source hinted that it was the Department of State Security Service (DSS) that divulged the intelligence to them of the planned attack, which they said, was of alarming magnitude. Reliable sources revealed that the foiled attack on Sultan was planned by a faction of Boko Haram, which, in an attempt to prove that it’s not part of the ceasefire agreement, wanted to target a known figure to attract attention.

On getting tip-off of the planned attack, the joint security forces, including the main organs of the military moved in to counter the move.

“The operations started yesterday (Wednesday) and was sustained till late afternoon of today (Thursday). I can tell you that they came really prepared. The number was large and they were fully armed and determined to carry out their threat. But the timely intelligence saved the day, as we encountered them headlong.

“At last, we overpowered them and I can assure you that even after outwitting them and dislodging the assailants with some killed, we lost no officer,” a source stated.

In the raid of the Islamist sect’s hideout, a gun duel had ensued leading to the killing of one of the prime suspects. Another suspect was arrested and taken into military custody.

The security operatives also rescued 11 family members of the suspects, including six children and five women, among them two pregnant women. Briefing journalists on the incident, Brigadier-General Mohammed Tasi’u, Commander, 1 Brigade, Nigerian Army, Sokoto, described the operation as a “huge success.”

Source: The Sun

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