Robbery Victim Uses Watercolour To Draw Suspect’s Image For Police



An artist who had a brush with a criminal is hoping a watercolor picture she made will put the suspect behind bars.

Serena O’Connor, an art teacher in Essex, England, was recently shopping at her local grocery store when a man asked for directions. The next day she discovered her debit card had been stolen from her handbag during the encounter, the Daily Mail reported.

O’Connor was able to cancel the card before she lost any money.

She then reported the crime to the police, but not before painting a colorful photo of the man she believes robbed her.

“I do portraits so I tend to scrutinize people’s faces and take in a lot of detail,” O’Connor, 51, told the Metro. “It only took me about 45 minutes. It’s not my best work, but it might just be helpful.”

If O’Connor’s artistic eye is any indication, the suspect has a swarthy complexion, a mustache and a sad forlorn look about him. Oh, and he was a wearing a yellow-and-red polo shirt with a blue collar.

Alex Swinborne, the detective investigating the case, said it’s the first time a crime victim painted such an elaborate picture of a suspect.

 “The victim is a portrait artist and has produced a very good image which will hopefully help us track him down,” he said, according to the Irish Independent. “I would urge anyone who recognizes him to call police.”

So far, O’Connor has found more admirers for the painting than Swinbourne has found suspects.