Singer Mariah Carey Dislocates Her Hand While Shooting Music Video


The honey-voiced songbird was inside nightclub Avenue in Chelsea from the early morning hours till she wrapped early in the evening, filming a music video for the Young Jeezy remix version of her hit single “#Beautiful,” which also features Miguel.

An on set source tells Confidenti@l that during filming, while dancing and singing in towering high heels, Carey toppled over and dislocated her shoulder, but was resting and is in good health.

“Doctors reset it late [Sunday] night and she’s fine,” another source tells us.

Carey was Tweeting early Monday, promoting her perfume, but has stayed mum about taking a fall on set.

“Mariah was shooting a video at the Chelsea hotspot yesterday but [we were] not aware of any such injury,” an Avenue spokesman told us.


Singer Mariah Carey fell and dislocated her shoulder while performing in high heels during a video shoot, a source told the Daily News.

Singer Mariah Carey fell and dislocated her shoulder while performing in high heels during a video shoot, a source told the Daily News.

When Confidenti@l went to Carey’s desperate rep, Cindi Berger from PMK*BNC, for comment, she leaked the story to a small-time rival.

The “Butterfly” singer’s always busy hubby, Nick Cannon, was also on hand for the video — he was directing his wife in the nightclub-themed shoot, which was conceptualized and thrown together on short notice. Cannon was very loving toward Carey, watching over her while a doctor assisted her.

The incident was kept private and an ambulance wasn’t called, an FDNY source confirms to us, saying that no EMT’s were dispatched Sunday to 116 10th Ave., where Avenue is located. Carey had her private medical personnel on the scene in case of any mishaps.

Though she’s in good health, it’s not surprising that Carey, 43, would keep a tumble on the down low, as a source who has worked with the star (and has seen her drink chilled champagne from an initialed goblet in private), tells us.

“At a certain age when you’re over 40, any kind of injury is like saying rigor mortis has set in,” the source said. “Mariah wants to always be young and fabulous and fit. She doesn’t want you saying she eats Activia.”

Confidenti@l spied all the action on 10th Ave. and 17th St. Sunday, when a chauffeur-driven sleek black Bentley was parked outside the nightclub all day long. An insider had spilled to us that Mariah was inside.

Artichoke Pizza, next door to Avenue, helped out by catering the shoot last minute — and in typical Carey fashion, the tables of pizza set out for craft services were marked for the occasion with a spattering of white flowers.

We spied backup dancers going in and out of the secret exit that both Avenue and neighboring hotspot 1Oak use, located on 17th St. They were clad in street dancewear, and cherry-red wedge sneakers. Carey herself dressed a bit more glamorous, sporting black sequins and feathers and black high heels, like an old school nightclub crooner.