Why I Chose Not To Celebrate My 50th Birthday – Gov. Obi

peter-obiGovernor Peter Obi of Anambra on Wednesday attained the golden age of 50 but chose not to celebrate his birthday due to the parlous state of affairs in the country.

He made this known while speaking with newsmen shortly after the State Executive Council meeting in Awka, the state capital.

He said, “Everybody knows my position on celebrations not to talk about now when the mood of the country is that of despondency due to unemployment, lack of infrastructure, threats of strike, among others.

“As Nigeria is today, we do not need to celebrate because that will be insensitive to the plight of our people. Rather, what the mood of the time seeks is for those in authority to think of how to tackle the issue of minimum wage and reduce the tension in the land. It is about time we told ourselves the truth.”

The governor said his commissioners, who were planning to throw him a surprise celebration dropped the idea after he told them before hand, his position on celebration of birthdays.

He added, “I mean the business of governing a state is a serious one to start discussing birthday celebration when a serious state business of how to provide dividends of democracy to over five million Anambrarians are discussed.”


  1. What a governor! This is what we having forward to seeing from our governors, showing concern for the plight of the people they are leading, creation of jobs and provission of infrastructures and social amenities. Its not all about self gratification and enrichment of one’s pocket on the detriment of the citizenry.. I commend your action Mr gov. Peter Obi and I hope that others would cultivate thesame spirit.