Why I Don’t Want To Go Back Home, Girl Who Converted To Islam Tells Her Story

aishaIt is no longer news that the conversion to Islam of 25-year-old Charity Uzoechina, daughter of Pastor Raymond Uzoechina of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Kwankwashe, Suleja, is generating a lot of controversy.

It is also no longer news that the Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, has been accused by Pastor Raymond of hypnotizing his daughter, who has since changed her name to A’isha, to embrace Islam just as the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) also claimed the girl was kidnapped and forced to renounce Christianity.

All these allegations have since been denied by the Emir, who insists the girl’s conversion is of her own free-will and he is only giving her protection since she ran to him in fear for the safety of her life.

A’isha (or Charity), who hails from Asaba in Delta State, came to Abuja at the age of 10 when her father relocated from Lagos. She had her secondary education at Army Day Secondary School Asokoro, Abuja, got admission to study Public Administration at the Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State, but withdrew from the school in her first year.

Her present ordeal could be traced to her decision to embrace Islam on February 15, 2013 and her subsequent seeking of asylum on March 1 at the Etsu Nupe’s palace in Bida following claims that her father threatened to kidnap her.

A’isha has taken the matter to a Shariah court in Bida which is expected to deliver judgment on August 1, 2013, whether the 25-year-old should be released to her parents or not.

Excerpts from her exclusive interview with Weekly Trust.

Did anybody force or enticed you to join Islam?
I joined Islam on my own. Nobody enticed me with anything to join Islam.
What informed your decision to join Islam?
I converted to Islam because I love the character of Muslims, particularly the way they behave. You know Muslims believe in God. I have Muslim friends and I watch what they do, that enticed me to join Islam. I used to read Qur’an when I was a Christian. I always join them to read Qur’an and through that I found out that it is the same one God they worship. So I embraced Islam.
How did your father come to know about your change of faith?
When I ran to the palace, I told you, it was very difficult before I could see the Emir. When I saw him, the emir refused to accept me, because my father did not know about it. He, therefore, collected my father’s number from me and called him. The following day my father came and said he wanted to see me. When we met we talked one on one.
What did you tell him?
Well the emir told him that I have converted to Islam. When my father talked to me, he said let’s go home, but I refused. I told him that I will not change my faith, because I have already accepted Islam and this is where I want to stay. He, therefore, threatened me so much so that I became scared of him.
What did he do to you amounting to a threat?
In the first place you know, I put on Hijab (veil), he said I should remove the Hijab. He was angry and used some harsh words on me, directing that I should remove the Hijab, but I refused. He threatened to take me to a village where nobody will set his (sic) eyes on me. So I became scared of him, therefore I refused to follow him. That is it.
Did the emir intervene?
The emir gave him one week to come back, but he came back even before it reached one week. He said he must take me home. He will not take me to our house, but he’ll take me to somewhere that nobody will set his (sic) eyes on me. I quickly ran back to the emir and to the Shari’a Court for protection. I don’t want to go back to my father, because he is threatening me.
How did you come to know about the Shari’a Court?
I found out from people. I went to them on my own to formally lodge my complaint.
Why Shari’a Court?
They have to protect me. You know when you take a case to court over life threatening issue, the court must protect you. That is it.
Did your father come back after you refused to follow him?
He came back. He kept on coming back. The other time he even threatened to bring some people to kidnap me.
Is it true that at a time your father came with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) officials to you?
Is it true that you also went to the Jama’atul Nasril Islam (JNI)?
Why did you go to JNI?
I told you and I’ll still repeat it, though I don’t want to repeat my words again. I want them to intervene on my behalf, the threat is too much. Now I can’t go anywhere, I cannot even continue with my schooling. I cannot do anything because of the way he has been threatening me. He is still bringing people up till now to keep watch on me.
How do you know that your father has assigned people to keep watch on you?
There was a time that I wanted to go out, information came to me that my father was around and I had to stay back since I don’t want him to take me away. I know that if I go out anytime, he’ll pick me up.
How did you come to know about JNI?
I have been reading about them. That is why I went to them.
How did you present your case to JNI?
I wrote to them seeking for their intervention, because I do not know how to go about convincing my father. I also learnt that the emir wanted to hand me over to my father, because the burden of my case is becoming too much for him to bear.
If your father should promise to allow you to practice your new faith, will you go with him?
I’ll not. In a family that you are the only Muslim, how can you practice in that house? You know when he (my father) came along with my mother the other time, his actions and the harsh words he used, even if I go back home, my life will not be secured in his hand. That is why I said I’ll not go.
Did you start learning anything about Islam?
Yes, I started learning how to perform ablution. I have learnt how to recite Surah Al-Fatihah, I am now in my second surah.
Do you pray five times a day?
Yes I do. I am even fasting now. I have been fasting since the beginning of the month of Ramadan.
What is your massage to people wanting to join Islam?
I have only one massage. Islam is good. Muslims are truthful, everything they say, they believe in God and they carry people along. Once a person converted to Islam, he’ll be carried along until he is strong to stand on his own.
What is your appeal to your parent?
I am appealing to my parents not to be angry with me. My conversion to Islam will not separate us. I still love them, even though I am here. They can come and visit me and I can also visit them. They shouldn’t think my new faith will take away the love I have for them. It will not. I am very sorry.


    • Why is it hard to chew? If a muslim man convert to xtran there will be no comment but xtran to muslim there will be comment flying here and there why? Nigerian why? Let me say this today that the muslims believe in the Bible so much as they believe in Quran, bcos God said b4 u become a muslim u most believe in christ, in Abraham, and so on bcos they came with gospel so muslim should believe in them, how can you tell me that Christ is God in human form? Does it means that God can not send his angels to do work for him? Until he has to came down before he do it? You guys should be wise, Christ was sent to Israel to correct the mistake made before him, Christ is just a messenger of God, not God, and please ooo, what of those xtran who are now an anti christ? Pls let be wise n follow the white man religion bcos as far am concern africa does not have religion we are followers of white man religion let respect our selves here oo in Nigerian.

    • In Shaa Allah, Aisha u will enjoy Islam, the beauty of islam is beyound everything, Allah has perfected the religion for mankind not only muslims, surat mahida(quran chapter 5:3), buh most of mankind chose to be deft n blind

    • you are a big fool, dnt let ur sentiment over take you, Islam is the religion of peace and is the only religion that have all the solutions of mankind on the earth, pls u shld allow this girl to practice her new faith

    • Exactly oh that’s the same thing I’m wondering about. Do all muslim converts pack their load n go and live in the Emir’s palace? Is she going to live there for the rest of her life? I now finally believe that she has been brainwashed n hypnotised into joining a religion she knows nothing about. D scales will soon fall off her eyes but let’s pray it will not be too late cuz I’m sure very soon she will become one of the Emir’s wives. Yeye girl!

  1. This should be a warning to pastors that cares spiritually only for their members, leaving their family spiritually behind. dis is a prblm dat our pastors need to address in their homes. As a man of God, u shld knw dat devil will fight you heavily(not as any other person). And if the devil cannot subdue you in person, he must look for anoda means. How can this man, now, stnd to preach d word of God to unblievrs? He could nt even convert his own child. The bible says ”train up a child the way he shld grow that he will not depart from it when he is of age” dis pastos must have negleted his role as a godly father. He must have been busy with his church membrs! The bst masage a pastor will preach is to make sure his family fears the lord. But in our days today, reverse is the case_pastors neglet their homes. Joshua said ”…me and my family will serve the lord.” hw many of our pastors can proudly say this? Its most unfortunate that this comin frm a pastors home! My prayer is dat GOD wil bring dis ldy 2 himslf

    • children pay less attention to what ll say,but rather what ll do,majority of pastor’s in Nigeria today are after financial & material reward & how to please they GO’s & other financial donors of their churches,she must hv seen this evil manipulations from his father & his pastor’s friend,towards there congregation.just go to church today,u ll hear all manner of lies just to put pple into perpetual fear to collect their hard earned monies,which has no biblical foundations,forgotten what the bible say’s “one cannot serve two masters,God and mammon”.she is an adult,she has every right to decide for herself,especailly,what she feel is best for her,a lot of muslims are converting to christainity likewise.so its no big deal,at the end God has d sole right to judge who is right or wrong

    • Amen, Is a pity and Sad because the girl is actually heading for distruction; and I hv no appology for that, Jesus said am the Way, the truth and life, Nobody comes to the father except through him. And the Bible said that heaven and earth will pass away but his word will remain. The truth most be told. The Reasons she gave for her conversion are not geniue because Christianity is more than morals that she talking about. Beside, xtianity is not a Religion.anyway, I pray that God wil intervene and she wil come back to her senses like the prodigal Son.

    • Many nigerians dont understand the meaning of religion that is why many ,including the learned pple personalised issues concerning religion.if a person is a true believer of a divine power, and he realy believed that God can do and undo,why should u belame somebody for changing his believe?God has made a provisions for all the mankind depending on what u choose for ur self. if you believe on what u are preaching why do u have to force pple in to it? A true religion does not allow any person to be forced in to it.the pastors daughter must be religoiusly educated that is why she took steps to know more about other religion where she realy find her final destination spritually.Alots of highly educated christians converted to islam simply bcos they are worshipping just to gate God’s mercy nt to impressd other pple.But those that are practicing the religion for rivalries will hardly change and this are pple that are worshipping their fellow human beighns.islam is a practicing religion ,for any one to be a muslim he must believe all of the followings without any doubt 1.the oneness of the almighty God, 2.u must believe in his Angels,3believe in his scriptures 4.believe in all his messengers without exception 5 you must believe in the life after death 6. you must believe and accept that preordained future from God.

  2. Anyone dat puts his/her hand on the plough and looks back is not fit for the kingdom of God. Jesus is the only way dat leads to life, heaven and God as all other ways leads to death, hell, lake of Fire , Devil and above all destrustion. My sister, Jesus christ is still merciful now that the grace is still available. Make use of it now before it is too late.

  3. Well, is not new dats how it use to happen to both christain and muslim even the babs so my advice to the father is pls leave her alone may be dats where God wanted to use her for his work for we people outside there. Thanks

  4. The Bible said that you should “Honor your father and your mother” so that you can live long on earth. The Holy Quran also said it. Then A’isha (or Charity) whatsoever you call yourself, come to your senses if your father has not given your hand out for marriage then you are still under him. Obey him.

    • If you found your father worshiping ogun or sango and you found the truth and the right way that leads to eternal life tell me which one will you follow your fathers sango,ogun or the true ever living God(Allah) who created everythings on earth, he created the world,Jesus christ,Muhammed(SAW) and all the living and non living things.? .nothing is difficult for Him to create,it is only a fool that will say he has son,daughter or wife.Almighty God is only one as revealed in the Quran and the Bible,pls. read the first commandment of God as written in the bible and which was also uphold by Jesus christ.who further testify to the fact that he can not do anything of his own accept by the power of his father who sent him.remember Adam was also called the son of God in the bible.

    • Stupid guy taiwo ondo or wat eva u call ur self, living long in dis life is notin, life in dis world is short and temporary, what’s matter, is d life 2 come i.e hereafter. A’isha May Allah (SWT) grant u aljannah fir’daus aminnnnnnnn……

    • There u go again with your wrong interpretation of the Scriptures! Honouring one’s parents, according to the Bible does NOT mean we MUST obey them, especially when one has come of age!Honouring one’s parents means you should respect them, love them, care for them in their old age, provide for them,be a source of happiness for them, etc.Once you’re of age, your parents can only advise you, but you’re free to take or reject their advice!Rejecting their advice does NOT mean you are not honouring them!You are exercising your freewill! And parents should realise that important fact too!Parents must not expect their children to OBEY them once they are of age i.e. once they’ve reached adulthood or the age of 18/21 years.For instance, a parent must not tell his son/daughter who’s married how to run their home and expect to be “OBEYED”!It is totally wrong to do so!Because they have their own lives to live as husband and wife.Once again, the advice of parents is good from time to time because of experience and wisdom,but they MUST NEVER EXPECT THAT THEY MUST BE OBEYED!

    • LOL! My dear a child’s legal age is 18yrs. And constitutionally she has d right to practice any religion of her choice frEely. It would have been a totally different story if she was under 18yrs of age. #Note I’m not supporting her decisions neither am I against it,I’m just pointing out errors in your comment# Peace out

  5. It is not new so am not surprised. My dear u r not d first, it is almost common esp in dat particular palace n young girls r always d “converts”. Jus a few questions for u, u said u realised its d same one God, y did u ve to change to islam to serve the same God u ve been serving as a “christian”? U said u like the way they behave n they r truthful, r they well behaved n truthful becos they r muslims or they r well behaved people perse? In ur 25 years as a christian, u didn’t tink u saw good enof behaviour or truthfulness as much as u saw in a few months in muslims dat informed ur decision. Is there in any way a “man” factor in dis issue? Ie ur boyfriend or fiance dats a muslim? How come u left home already b4 ur parents know u r now a muslim cos according to u, its d Emir dat gave ur parents d information? Pls answer these questions within u and by ursef and choose for ursef, UR ETERNITY. Remember its all man for himself on dat day. NO EXCUSE. Peace.

    • Why you guys are making this to be An issue, I belief we should have respect for each other liberty. Don’t. You hear ? Nobody force her to embrace Islam. She just convinced about the musleem character. Please let her be.

    • Allah (SWT) said in d Noble Qur’an dat on day of resurrection no any other religion will b accepted other than Islam (religion of peace) A’isha once may Almighty make dis religion rest of mind, knowledge, and anything good for u and we d entire Muslim SECONDLY, PLEASE A’ISHA U SHOULD B PERFORMING UR 5 DAILY PRAYER IN TIME. Thanks and u are welcom


  7. Aishat , I am happy for you, you have choose the right path may almighty Allah count you among the pious. And make halijan nah easier for you. In Islam our parents are important to us in many ways, we must always respect them but not when D??????????????? wanted to deprived from Allah. After Allah we must love Rosululahi solah lahu alehi waslam than any member of our family incLuding our parents. And our self. If staying away from home will guarantee yOur safety I am advise you to, ,and never for any reason dis respect your parent. Rather pray for them, so Allah can also give them understanding to embrace Islam.

  8. This is a clear indication that Christians are gradually loosing their taste and light.For 25years,thedaughter of a pastor could not experience the transformation power of JESUS.what are you preaching sir?Gospel of Jesus save always.If you are not save check the content of what is presented to you as gospel.This lady shall surely encounter Jesus soon.I pray that the light of Jesus will enlighten her heart. John 1:9-14.

  9. Aisha is on her own. A child that refused 2 listen wil not b blind 2 c now!!!!!, Christian dnt worry, a day shall come 4 regrets wen al must have cleared from her eyes. Had I know would not evn b existing 4 U to mention. U still have tym 2 think n make a decision.

  10. Man, when an Ibo name is mentioned in Islam, we instantly know it is for pecuniary interest not for soul benefits . Islam is gradually becoming a religion exclusively for the north because they don’t believe the Yorubas are genuine Muslims. Aisha , so long, it’s ya fundamental right!

  11. Life is in phrases and men in sizes, all lizards crawl on thier belly so u find it hard to knw which has stomach ache. Haven read wat u all have stated above it is therefore clear that we are all results of lost visions yes! We claim we serve God yet we come to advertise him ignorantly in places like dis? Using our mortal minds to justify the mystry of God. Too bad humans! Aishat was clear to state she found oneness in both the God of islam n christianity yet d only cment u hv to say abt dis is ‘may Allah prtct her from her enemies’ who is d enemy in dis situation? Another is hanging d opinion ‘she has been brain washed’HOW? Why are we confusin her faith for ours? How dare you state which is Heaven or Hell? Is it not when you wake up in the morning that it brings to ur conciousness that u are still awake? Now ansa me’ dnt xtians n Muslims die? Now whch is d bst God? Nigerians or rather humans’ anchor to that whch you think will giv u salvtion and dnt let a mortal decide for you. Pls b very careful abt wat you take your relegion for coz you migth be right yet wrong!!!

  12. Aisha you welcome to the religion of Almighty God(Allah),may HE continue to protect,guide and enrich you in knowledge of HIM.don’t listen to the hypocrite(christian) who nailed their criminal god on cross, killed him and turn back to worship him.Aisha if u read your Quran well, the true Jesus christ was never crucify nor killed, Almighty God make it appear so to them who dont believe,God raise him alive to HIMSELF like He did to Elijah and Enoch in the bible.the true Jesus christ will still come back to earth to testify to all that was written about him in the Quran. Jesus christ is a muslim who worship Almighty God(Allah) throughout his stay on earth.christain means christ follower and it is not possible for christ to follow himself while muslim means a devouted worshiper of one true GOD(ALLAH). dont let anybody deceive you


    • What makes anybody believe that they know who they are really worshipping?The answer is:FAITH!The Almighty God,who created the heavens and the Earth,is Spirit and cannot be seen by human eyes.God is INFINITE,ALL-KNOWING, ALL-POWERFUL AND MYSTERIOUS.The God who created this Earth knows that when one side of the Earth is in daytime, another part is in nighttime.He created mountains and hills but no two mountains or hills are exactly the same;He created the trees but no two trees are exactly the same;he created animals but no two animals are exactly the same;he created human beings but no two human beings can ever be exactly the same.I believe the reason why God makes it impossible for us to see Him physically is because He wants to see how we relate to each other.God NEVER created any specific religion through which we can “see or know” Him!We human beings are the ones who created the different religions for our own selfish reasons!Why is it that we human beings cannot emulate God by letting the different religions we have created to exist side by side in peace and harmony without one trying to claim superiority over another one???The only thing God requires from us as humans on Earth is to show LOVE to our fellow human beings and to all other things He created!God NEVER told anybody in the name of whatever religion to KILL FOR HIS NAME’S SAKE!!!God is the only creator of LIFE and also the TAKER of life.

  14. Charity or what ever u call yourself,u will live to regret what u did.now that u are new in the religion, they will do all they could to keep u comfortable,by the time u marry one of them and have 2 children for him,he will add another wife and dump u like bunch of broom,i pity u,better pack your shoes put it on your head and start running to your father house.Well we are praying for u, the God we serve never sleep nor slumber u will surely come back to Christianity.Have u ever seen a religion that is transparent like Christianity,any body that read the bible understand it but, other religion u will not understand except they translate it.watch out

    • A Drama Queen has commented. Must she “pack her shoes and put on her head and run”? Na wa for dramatic writing oh. Charita AKA Aisha pls don’t put your shoes on your head n run you’re not a mad woman. When you eventually come to your senses,wear your shoes properly and walk out with your head high. Remember no running. LOL!!!

  15. The girl is a disgrace to her entire family . The father fail to allow her daughter to drop out of school at a every challenge age. It is better parents should forget spearing the rod and face reality in child’s upbringing. Where was the mother all these while.the girl is not ashamed to us that her father is using harsh words on her. To the girl parents , it calls for prayers.

  16. I wonder why Charity’s father is going about this matter this way.The scripture says it is not by might nor by power.Even if she succeeds in taking the girl home, there is no guarantee that she will become a Christian. So let him go home and cry to His God if he believes his own way is the right way.

  17. I am soo happy for u. U have found the light and the only light. But ur work has only began, work and read hard to understand ur duty as a muslim. equip urself with all the knowledge that u can lay ur hands on an ask as much question as u can posibly as then u will even appreciate ur choice better. don’t ever leave ur self to be ignorant. as in the case of ur father with time he shall come to learn from u Inn shaa Allah. may the Almighty continue to guide and protect u with his guidance and wisdom for there is no God but HE.

  18. Well, av read a lots of comments, firstly, aliamdullilah Allah has shown you d right path, my advice now z dat seek knowledge abt d religion (Islam) nd be steadfast in ur faith nd i pray Allah would make you among those that would enter Al-jannah…

  19. Allahu Akbar. pls my fellow country men let us be objective about this issue and sentiment apart. Those championing and upholding child’s right act are acting otherwise. To me, let relevant Govt authority bring the father (pastor), his daughter aisha (charity) and her guardian and ask her choice since she is more than 18yrs. whatever she decides stands. God bless every one.

  20. There’s no other name whereby man can be saved except the name of Jesus. Jesus is the only way the truth and the life. Every other gods died and never rose up. A religion that follows the reading of the moon to do what they are suppose to do. Is that a living religion. I’m sure this girl had not been giving her time to study the bible while she was with her father. That is why she was swept away by the winds of the air. Morality will not take you to heaven. It is your faith in God almighty and your love and work for others in the house of God that will give you eternal life. My dear sit and think well so that you will enjoy eternal life.

  21. @ okiemute I want to believe that you are a Christian by mouth, becaus eyou don’t have time to read your bible very well. God is full of knowledge and knows everything go and read book of genesis from verse one to where it ended thenyou will find answer to the issue of muslim looking for the moon or usin it as their calendar. More so why are we fighting over this issue all the time? Both muslim and christain suppose to be but our religion leader always create problem for us purposely because of their selfish interest. So Christian read your bible very well and don’t let them turn it up side down

  22. 25 years can be called ‘child convert’, she might be of less age, pls tell them to include it in the constitution that ‘ U must be of age to convert, and 25 years and below are of less age to renounce their religion ‘.

  23. Haisha, i congratulated u 4 converted 2 islam bcos if all dose xtian no dat they r nt on d way they shul hv change by caling jesus as a GOD. And if dey truely folo d instruction of their bible is directed dem 2 islam, its true we must disrespect our parents in al kinds but nt by making patnership wit ALLAH. As those xtian none of messenger wil come & leave witout give his folowers d next messenger, prohet isa(jesus) come & told dem abt muhmad (s.a.w) & dey agree but when he arrived they denied him why? Y? Y? Let me tel al mst of mesger are 4rm isreli but their expectation then was negative by choosed mesger 4rm arabic nation. Christian i saheed advise u all 2 folo jesus surely u wil all practise ISLAM as religion jesus christ.

    • Jesus Christ only said i will send the comforter to u whom shall teach u all things. the comforter is the Holy Spirit of God. and Prophet Mohammed came 700years after Biblical era. He read & study the bible before claiming he has received his own message.

  24. Charity pleeeaass fink twice, I knw u’ve been hypnotised. I w’nt blame u nor ur parents, bcs as d sayn goes whn a dog wants 2 gt lost it w’nt evn hear its master’s whistle again; dts exactly ђã†̥ has hpnd 2 her. She has forsaken her parents christian words 2 her. But my consolation is jst as God appeared 2 Saul later Paul on his way 2 Damscus 2 kill Christians, so he ώïl arrest her wif his L♥√Ε̲̣̣̣̥ nd shine his light back on her. Nd redeem her f̶̲̥̅̊r̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊m̶̲̥̅̊ d claws °ƒ †ђξ evil ones. Dz α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ all signs °ƒ †ђξ END TIME.

  25. Q29:8 ‘And we have enjoined upon man kindness to Parents: But if they (either one) try hard to make u join (anything) with Me (others for worship) wit Me (others for worship) anything about which you have no knowledge, do not obey them…” wit this Sister, let ur mind be at rest, Allah is ur Guide

  26. alhamdillah…she has believed in d religion of Jesus and other profects. She is only following Jesus and Moses and Muhammad.Jesus says I av not come with peace to the world bt sword….i av some to seperate parent from child..hmmmm…anyway,muslims pls dnt insult anyone

  27. May I respectfully, advice the father of the new convert to abide by the Constitution of Nigeria , 1999 as amended, particulary section 38(1 ) without going through your Constitution the section talks about, right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion . May I also advice the Convert herself, that after her necessary studies as related to her new faith, she should make sure she further her education .The
    Nigerian of today a woman without a sound education go to no way.
    My advice too to both Muslim faithful and Christian faithful not to use these chance to offence’s God/Allah .
    For the entire family of Charity a.k.a. Aisha, recalled that every thing is funny, as long as it as happened to some other persons.
    Aisha is still your daughter.
    My high regard.

  28. Glory be τ̲̅ȍ almighty allah for showing you the right part and the only part τ̲̅ȍ janah. Verily the people dat tnk u r lost they r d one who is astray bcs dey don’t even know what or who dey r serving verily they r in plain error they worship miracle dats y most pastor goes to evil places to get spritual power to perform miracle say to dem o yee unbeliver I will not worship dat wish you r worshipn may allah guide us and count us among dose dat will enter aljanah in T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ last day.believe in God(Allah) and prophets and the books dey bring with dem, dats the only way

  29. when a muslim converts to Christianity it becomes the ways of the holy spirit and there is nothing wrong with it and when a cristian converts to Islam it becomes hypnotism. do u know how many Muslims who are not christians but pastors today? what do u make of that?

  30. My dear charity I am a female and once a muslim I know u will tink u are doing the right thing but believe me you have to think and think carefully of what u are doing, don’t look at todays luxury think of tomorrow where u will be. A child dat will dishonour her parent in the name of the things of this world should think twice there is one god and jesus christ is the son of god which you know but do they accept it dat way don’t decieve ur self do the right thing now befor its too late for you its only those that love you that can tell you the truth that is why your father will not just sit down and see you go asray becos he loves you and will not want you to perish in hell he is telling u the truth no body can love you more than your blood, if you know the two religion are the same then u don’t need to covert. You can stay in your religion and bring people close to god. Except there is sometin more to it dat u are not saying.

  31. he dat thinketh he stand let him take care less he fall, charity note this there is a way dat seemth right unto a man or lady but d end thereof is death, may be u ve forgetting dat only Jesus can save, remember there is no repentance in d grave, d door of our Lord Jesus Christ mercy is still open to u now, wot is separating u frm d love of Christ? Maybe husband, work, opportunity, schooling, wot ever, if u sin willfully after knowing d grace of Christ i am sorry, Charity were is d love of Christ in ur life, lastly Obey ur parents in d lord so dat ur days may be Long on earth cheers

  32. Your blessed my dear sister Aisha. May Allâh bless you more… If not because most Christians are idolence only following their so-called men of God. But surely if Christians will read Bible very well. They will know alot about the truth and true religion.

  33. To me is allah that show her the way they should leave her alone let her do what she likes and I thinks at her age now she knows what good for our constitution
    gives room for free association,religion,etc they should not invite religion crisis again for her God that show u the way is there for u for protection belief in him nd be prayerful God is there anyday anytime for

  34. This is nothing but the blessing of Allah. There are several Christians who also admire the act of worship of Muslims, but because of their ever-growing hatred and hostility, they have to admire our uprightness and well-defined ways of worship compared to their own ill and fictituos belief.
    Anyway, this serve as a lesson to those whose mind and spirit will be destine to swift towards light (Al-Islam)

  35. religion of peace indeed, i think boko haram and al queda are very good example of peace. The only religion(islam) dat allows its followers 2 Kill(behead) both christians and jews 4 not practicing their religion(islam). Anyway i will only implore the parents to pray concerning this matter bcos i believe dere is nothing prayer cannot do.

  36. My own opinion is that can the muslims accept it if its one of their girls was been kept in a palace that is christain king.i know by now there would av been riot if its their people are been kept inside a palace.

  37. she reads abt islam before she converted to islam cos islam is truly a religion of peace so u dats saying tins u dnt know abt islam mind ur tongue cos alqaeda, boko haram n oda terrorist group are outside forces used for destroyin islam bt almighty Allah ll nt allow them succeed

  38. Try and learn about ‘jihad’ so u can as usual start your own killings. Remember “the more you kill, the more closer to that your allah or ghmd”. But i’m sory for u imensly by denouncing christ. I’m not surprised, its sign and symptons of the end time as earlier stated by the almighty.lord jesus, as you you remain with God in three person, so i wil 4eva lay my faith in u

  39. Try and learn about ‘jihad’ so u can as usual start your own killings. Remember “the more you kill, the more closer to that your allah or mhmd”. But i’m sory for u imensly by denouncing christ. I’m not surprised, its signs and symptons of the end time as earlier stated by the almighty.lord jesus, as you remain with God in three person, so i wil 4eva lay my faith in u

  40. Please, irrespective of the story. I think every Religion should respect each others right to practice whatsoever religion anyone chooses. For every of you here saying bad things about each other’s religion it shows clearly you are Hypocrites in your ways. Instead, put your prayers that Peace reigns and that this ends well irrespective of her choice. I am Christian by the way…

  41. what a wasted world! the white men who brought these religion to us( Africans )they are just enjoying themselves why we are busy fighting and killing ourselves.it’s time we wake up and stop all these ……………………..

  42. Life wethout christ is crisis
    no one cant convert himself to islam just like that either money or spouse . Aisha watever is ur name am very sorry of wat will happen t u if the marry 4 of ur maman mate join u that time u’ll know that the believ in god , am sry for u

  43. They will aim and act with everything possible to lower the light of God/Allah but God has already perfected His light to shine and override all darkness even when the disbelievers disagree. The christians shows and showers much love for what the western world made them to believe about the person of jesus. Tell them to come with likes of qur’an if they’re the favourite of God they can not even if they seek help from the JINN. Is Allah not sufficient for us as who to turn to. I congratulate you Aishat for finding Allah/your creator at last!

  44. Sometimes i wonder what being being religiously sentimental will bring us or where it’l lead us….. Right from creation God had endowed us with the power of free-will, the will and power to make decisions and do things that we believe to be right not just in our own sight or in the sight of other people but also in the sight of God Almighty….. This isn’t the first time we are hearing about Alfas, Imams, Sheiks and other top heirachy men in the Islamic religion converting to Christianity, so what should be so special in the fact that a pastor’s daughter converted to a religion that she believes is the right one for her? Father, behold your daughter, daughter behold your father…. The bible already recorded it that in the last days things like this will happen… Father you just didn’t do your homework well, the lady in question has no fault in anyway whatsoever, so STOP PESTERING HER LIFE, STOP KEEPING TABS ON HER AND STOP SETTINGS SNARES FOR HER! She’s found her faith, so let her preactive what she believes is right in her heart….. Heaven matters the most, and thats her priority, its your own Heaven and salvation you should work towards and stop creating hatred for your own daughter in your heart, cos if you do, my guy forget say you be pastor o cos na mahogamy trees dem go take prepare your fire for hell! A word is enough for the wise…. Either Islam or Christanity, both are names given to religions, our reasons for practicing the religions matters most and will determine what our ends will be…….!

  45. Why is it that if a xtian converts to muslims,yu dis xtian will be makin bad comments about it e.g when pope benedict converts to muslim february this year,dose xtian said that they should take the man for checkup wether he has brain torch…..yu people shuold mind your speech,Aisha you’re welcome to the religion of peace!!!

  46. alhmdlh,i am vry happy 4 u Aisha,can any christian tell me where the jesus say that the name of his religion is christianity in the bible likewise it was mentioned in the holy quran that the one nd only accepted religion by Allah is islam…think abt this.,

  47. A’isha youre welcome to the wonderful and heart soothing religion of peace ‘ISLAM’ may Allah in his infinite wisdom and power guide you and protect you from the plots of all evil doers and may your conversion be off benefit to them your family and who ever gets involve in your case ameen.

    nuch Love sis youre welcome once again” how pretty you look in that Hijab.

  48. Apparently the girl has never been a disciple of Christ, there had bee no spiritual conversion. She has never experienced the sving grace of Christ, so it is all about religion. now is the time her father will manifest proof of his own salvation and connection with GOD. I say yhis because there are many pastors who aren‘t disciple of Christ. If the father is a true disciple, this very case will be settled on his knees. We know where true power and grace is located. There is no need for all these noises.

  49. parents should endeavour to train up their children. let them know islam has nothing for them than to take away that which they believe and confuse them greatly. the bible warn us in revelation 3:11. sometime we should listen to their “wasii” {ministration} and you will discover alot of false teaching and their babyish faith. they teach to hardened heart. they have no heart of flesh. they go to the extent of destroying a moslem girl who dare to convert. a lot of times i fear them. let the parent of the girl take heart. and learn to say “it is well”

  50. Its not a new tin 4 us who’re familiar wit bida & nupe land. It was worst durin d former etsu nupe & d military days. Dey usualy charm dis girls tru suya, fried eggs in maishayi’s place, money & even rob charms on dere manhood 2 mek love 2 dis unsuspectin girls who’re hungry & findin means 2 survive. Once dey capture dem dey’l finaly give dem some black substance sed 2 verses of d quaran writen on a piece of wood & washed in a plate 2 drink & daz final. D girl’l den’l b tekin 2 d emir 4 safe keepin 4 tension 2 douz b4 d person behind it all wil cme & marry her. D emir wil stand as d father. Some of dis girls even deny or denounce dere parents in d presence of evr 1. Usualy christian girls dat are pretty & hav big bakside dat fall in dis pple’s hands neva escape been converted & bein married.

  51. Can any xtian convince me that what d lady said about xtians is not true? Just bcoz a xtian convert to Islam u were raining corse on her. Do u no how many muslim that use to convert to xtian a day? Av u ever see it publish by any muslim page or hear muslim ever say anything concerning such thing? Because islam is a religion of peace but u xtian are one of the problem this country av bcoz of ur sentiment.

  52. fellow Christians out there; why fighting over this issue? she claimed she turned to islam on her own accord and even accused her parent on life threathening…why are u all then behaving as children? i urge u all to backoff from this issue and continue in ur faith. to u muslims if u believe u’re in the right path and we Christians in the wrong path, ie in darkness; then continue in it. Christians out there, have u forgetting we’re in the end time? remember…Christianity is not a religion…its d lifestyle of GOD in man.

  53. So finally go for 5idols worshiping kept in kabba. Quran 33V40, Moh’d said he is nt father 2 any1. Quran46v9 he said he doesn’t kno wht God wil even do to him nt 2 talk of his followers.7V49-52 talks abt d 5idols dey worship, read we’ll n don’t b confused Charity. May God av mercy on u

  54. It is a pity that most of the Muslims who comment about the Lord Jesus Christ are ignorant and blasphemers. Many who claim ‘religion of peace’ show a lot of anti-peace and anti-christ sentiments. If a muslim converts to christianity hell will be let loose while the convert will be hunted down for destruction. God is in control. Jesus Christ is watching with sympathy over humanity He died to save. Charity (Aisha), remember the love of Jesus Christ u once might have experienced and call upon Him now for mercy.

  55. Changing from Christianity to Muslim because you feel Christians ain’t good or true or kind isn’t really it.
    The thing that separates each religion is through WHO their worship of God is. You were born in church Aisha abi charity, but you never experienced Jesus christ.
    There is no point arguing in truth because you really don’t have a proper understanding of who christ is to the salvation of man kind.
    I pray that all will come to this knowledge… It’s about finding your way to God through grace made available by Jesus christ, not by works lest anyone should boast.

  56. What of if will get to heaven and said your religion does not matter the most importance thing Is that you serve me with a pure heart what of that, let pray that God should interven into her life and In other way round she have her self to blame For but ℓ̊ belive there Is something she keeping from us all ℓ̊ know Is that your parent want the best For you thinks twins jesus love you.

  57. it is obviously unjust of christains to b cruel to Aisha for her conversion. if a whole pop benedict can convert to islam bc he realised the truth, that of Aisha should not b a thing of suprise. To Aisha, may almighty Allah protects u from all evil plot of ur enemies against u. aaamina!!

  58. Asalamun allaiki Aisha’t My Allah the creator of hevean and earth guide and protect you from the hand of your enemies. It is true that islam thought us obay our parents but if your parent want to mislead you from worshiping Allah don’t listing to them but dont talk to them in a rude manner. May the master of the day of judgement grant u Aljanah firdaus.(Amen). Please dont forget to be praying for your parents for Allah to show them the way and guide them to the right part.

  59. Allah(SWT)said we should respect our parentz,abide with their instructionz,obey their command even if we know dat wot dey instuct us 2 do is not proper we shudnt prove stubborn cuz tru dem we av d life BUT HE(ALLAH) said we should not follow them if they ask us to worship any other GOD except him nd we could see dat in d case of Prophet Ibrahim(peace be upon him) wich xtianz refers 2 as Abraham….So,Aisha u’ve took d right step may Almighty Allah ensure total guidance upon ur life…As-salam allaykum!

  60. Islam is the only religion of Allah. instead to wait and curses, read Quran and bible compare them. Jesus is muslim to, check these verses and see the ways muslim are praying its the he prayed :Genesis 17:3 numbers 70:5-6, Daniel 6:10, Hang 18:39-42, Nelemah 8:4-6, Mathew 26:39, Luke 6:12

  61. May d peace of Allah be on 2 u Aisha, as a muslim brother i’m vry hpy 2 c u converting 2 islam, cos it hs been stated in quran dt no body wil enter paradise except believers only. Definately 4 d unbeliever’s whe wil dm 5n dere self in d day of resurrection? Once again i’m vry hpy 4 u, may u be rewarded abundantely (ameen). My lst advice 2 u, pls dnt turn bck on ur parent rather praying 2 Almighty Allah 2 guide dm 2 d right path i.e islam. Assalamu alaikum.

  62. ”ALLAHU’AKBAR” Aisha u ar most welcome to islam an INSHA’ALLAH u wunt regite, say HAD I NO as some ppl say and u wunt see anytyn rada dan ”AL’KHAIRI” As dey say too. An i pray may d Almighty Allah bring an ever lasting co-existance b/w u, ur parent an odas. And finaly nyz cmmnt 2 mahon ossie, lux, badara and others who post positively and tilewa, meee, kelvin and other she is now in the rightious part and pls try to see if u can get ur self convited not all does negative commnts. THANK YOU.

  63. We ar all siners, I don’t tnk u all no wat u ar coursing 4 ur self abusing nd saying rubish words about wat the allmighty God has put on groud as a religion, u all nw judge people wen God has already said dat no body should judge anybody, u dat is judging de others ar u sure u ar worshiping God in de right way or do u tink calling ur self a muslim or christen means u will go 2 heven, lets pray, in everything pray, 4 evrything pray, pray pray pray, prayer is all we did not gossiping nd back biting wit our religion, non of us knw wat will apen nw nw or 2moro, I sorry 4 all of us, God can change an Imam 2 be a pastor nd a pastor 2 be a Imam cos only him (God) can comand all tins, all I eapect u people 2 do is 2 pray dat God should guide Aisha or charity, pray 4 her dats all, I pray dat de allmighty God should 4give us our since, direct us 2 de right part nd make all of us a believer nd not a disbeliever, Amen.

  64. Accordin to what the lady nw my sista in islam said…she found out that we muslims believe that we serve the same Mighty God(ALLAH) as u xtians serve..but the thing is that u xtians believe in something else apart from ur creator(EL-SHADDAI)..so what are we saying..it is high time for Hajia Aishat to know the way of lyf..that is why she converted..lets leave the issue of someone being brainwashed or nt..xtians are the main cause of all problems nowadays because of the believe they have…the truth is that..hajia Aishat..am really happy for u..ALLAH(SWT) is ur strength

  65. I initially do not want to enter this issue. But still, there are things to say. BE WISE. wit propaganda and conspiracy of boko haram and all sort of names they call us we are still ‘on top’.this is a great deal for others. Don’t just talk or comment ,learn abt ur religion and other’s most especially with open mind and hopefullness of learning(especially to we youth,so that we can guide our mislead parents). Try to know the root of ur religion and others and discover the truth. Among the reason why today’s youth are commiting attrocities is laziness and unability to seek for knowledge. PLEASE LEARN!!! DON’T BE DECIEVED. You can be a guide to ur parents and elders who are not on the right path. Christians should pick different bibles you have-dont stick to one.Muslims should pick Qurian and different ahaadith of which was sent to explain the Qurian. Let’s read and try to understand(even if we have any difficulties in understanding,we could consult an elder in our religion-who we definitely know will not lie or conceal the truth from us-to get the real knowledge of what we does).By so doing, we will not only be guided to change our life for right but also our relatives and most especially the society at large. Please Nigeria as our country needs our help,in need our upliftment,our reading,our piousness.So that we can end the era of ritualist leaders,selfish and miss-leading leaders.May GOD guide our path to truth,may the Almighty GOD assit us.

  66. Am really loving this story. She converted to islam, what‘s the big deal? Pastor‘s daughter or not, she is human and entitled to freedom of religion.
    No judging! No hating!! No condemnation!!! It‘s not in our place to do so. Lets see the brighter side of the whole story. Perhaps she would have died a sinner if she didnt become a muslim. Perhaps she made the right choice. Perhaps she is wrong. But one thing i know for sure is that GOD is not yet finished with her. I have this saying that “ if you dont go, you‘ll never know“. She was born a christian and now she is a muslim, this offers the opportunity to chose which is right or wrong and i know GOD is definitely in control no matter how the situation might seem. Let the father not take laws into his hand and do something that will both blacken his image and the image of christians world wide. Afteral, christianity is a free religion and we dont kill those that chose not to continue in the faith. All we can do now is pray for her. But for now, congrats aisha! Wishing you all the best and i hope you find what you are looking for.

  67. Oh its a very big pity charity, I feel sorry for u,,like d bible say, d devil goeth about to and fro lookin for souls which he may devour,,u have been blinded and d devil has succeeded in moving u away from the light which is Jesus Christ, u cant say becos a few Christians behave certain way, den u should just change religion or run away, d place u are running to, is it also safe? what about the islamic religion which is a religion of war, murder and bloodshed. a religion where they don’t even have the assurance or certainty of where dey would go to afta the end of this world. is it heaven where Jesus Christ is dwelling whom dey don’t believe in or is it mohammed, a servant who has died long tym ago, abi will dey create a different place for dem. u beta go back and pray and ask God to direct u b4 u make a terrible mistake that wud destroy ur life. Also remember we are in the end time, rapture is about to take place, beta run under the umbrella of Jesus where u will be saved becos no man can get to the father{GOD} except thru Jesus Christ, don’t say we didn’t warn u….

  68. D story looks absurd but serious n absolute matter. It might b her muslim peer group dat have influenced mostly b4 her informed decisn of changing faith became aroused…l plead ur indulgence 2 leave her alone @every1…her creator knows d best. Thank You.

  69. What’s this world coming to? Why is there so much talk bcuz a grown woman finds she fits in better with a religion other than the one she was born into? I think people are just not busy enough. Otherwise they wouldn’t see this as worth taking about!

  70. @Kelvin Goidson only I can’t read everything but quote you “Jesus the way the truth and life” did you know that in the Bible Jesus I will send you a comforter and he shall tell you what I have not tell, the muslim believe that he’s talking bout Prophet Mohammed SAW and in the same Bible. That Jesus said a slave can’t be greater than His master… All am trying to bring out here is that we both have religion believe we should acknowledge and respect our differences so we can stay together.

  71. Assalamum alaekum! My sister(Aisha), may Allah increase you in knowledge and grant you a high place in Aljannah(paradise). May He also make the deen(religion) easy for you and open the eyes of your parent, family at large and guide them to the right path, one which you have already choosen. Therefore, don’t relax in your pursuit for Islamic knowledge and don’t forget your education(western) as well. Congratulation! Assalamum alaekum once again.

  72. Hahahaha kindly Join Boko Haram to show how loyal are you in Islam. Point of correction, christian dont kill their relations who have lost their way, we only pray for them. You can try changing from Islam to Christianity and you will know the different between LIGHT AND DARKNESS. With all joy they will kill you like chicken. PITY! PITY!! PITY!!!

  73. Hahahaha kindly Join Boko Haram to show how loyal are you in Islam. And Point of correction, christian dont kill their relations who have lost their ways, we only pray for them. You can try changing from Islam to Christianity and you will know the different between LIGHT AND DARKNESS. With all joy they will kill you like chicken. PITY! PITY!! PITY!!!

  74. Seyi ajayi
    U dat is talking abt d girl been kept in the emir’s palace,, was it the emir dat want to keep her or is she d one dat wants to stay…she doesn’t want to go back to her parents in order to avoid been forced back to d wrong path. Islam is a religion dat can b practiced anywhere,,, God had shown her d right way , She no longer want to b on d wrong path,,,,

  75. dat is the challenge the father have to face, and dat girl i will not abuse her becos she has lift the light and joined darkness, and those that said that Muslim is a peaceful place to be, dont forget that Jesus the son of God is delaying his coming becos he is waiting for you to repeat and turn to him as ur personal Lord and savior,i sounding this warning to all Muslim if you dont repent and turn to our Lord Jesus, i cant tell what will happen to you, becos heaven is Real and Hell is also Real. if you are a CHRISTIAN REMAIN A CHRISTIAN IF YOU ARE A MUSLIM IF YOU LIKE REMAIN A MUSLIM TIME WILL TELL WHO WILL BECOME OF ALL THE MUSLIM. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  76. just keep wondering, is this a platform for advertising religion?, both xtian and moslem why can’t we leave everything to GOD? Or can’t he fight for himself? If God wanted all of us to be moslems or xtrians, he would have created everyone to be a xtian or moslems, or are we saying He is not powerful enough to do dat? both religions believe God created us in his own image which makes us demi-Gods(i.e ability to make decisions) how can you condemn other pipu’s religion all in the name of promoting your religion?(Afterall how Can a blind man show another blind man the way) some of us go as far as using insultive words, is dat wat the bible or quran preaches? Or can such behaviour convert a fellow muslim or xtian brother/sister to come to your mosque or church not to talk of other religions, the earlier we learn to do all things in love the better for us. May God bless us all

  77. Aisha or Charity is of full age to make her decision i don’t know why we should bring religion sentiment to it but where i’m concern is the way some people takes this issue to the extend of abusing each other and their religion. the girl in question knows exactly what she is doing 1, either she is looking for cheap publicity and purpularity or 2, she want to get some cash from all those alhaji that will pity her condition but if non of this is her motive then goodluck to her she can still change to hindus if she is tired of islam or better still becomes a pegan. but at the end every one will face his or her creator.

  78. salam, everyman prayer both muslims xtian is dat God shud guide us 2 d right part bcos known of us know d ryt part. so religion shud not b debate raather a tin of mind. as for me My God av all dis qualities. 1. He is one 2. He is on whom all depend. 3. He beget not nor is He begotten andd 4. none is lik Him. thus, xtians if Jesus fit into dis xteristics then i accept him but if not then….Allah is the greatest. and as for those who think dat d miraculous birth of jesus by not having a father makes him God, ehya!!!…wot of Adam dat has no father or mother, then who is he?…we muslims believe all of them are messengers of God.

  79. Her first test will be to go and be a suicide bomber. Talking about converting from Islam to Christianity, I have had the opportunity of hiding some young men that became Christians and the muslims sent many killers to me and the boys. So for anybody to say that if you are a muslim and you are converted to Christianity nothing will happened to you. It is not true, they will kill you.

  80. allahu akbar aisha welcome to the right way islam is only way solvation if u read cristain bible jesus said ihv many thing to say onto u but u cnt bear them for him the spirit of truth is come he should guide u d all truth.mean even jesus himself has declared the coming of prophet muhammads.a.w so aisha ur successful.

  81. I pity u Aisha, I hope u don’t end up in sorrows just d way u are making ur parents go thru tears. Life is not done this way no matter what, Even God won’t be happy with you. Try to retrace your steps finish your sch, get a job and den u fully decided what u really want in your life. I just hope u know that no place like your home and your real family and relations. If u get into serious crisis in life who do u think will stand by you? Think twice about what u are doing dear.

  82. Well ALHAMDULILLAH she has convert 2 d ryt path nd we hope she wil die as a muslim.we believe that jesus is d servant of ALLAH nd he is d truth nd d life during his time but when prophet MUHAMMAD {SAW} came he is now d truth and d life.we muslim believe with both JESUS nd PROPHET MUHAMMAD S.A.W as servants to ALLAH S.W.T

  83. Allahu Akbar, 2 “HIM” alone we owe al due tanx. Aisha, may Allah increase u in knowledge, guide nd protect u in evry of ur life endulgiance, may Aljanah b ur final abored, u shal live 2 achieve gr8ness in each step of ur life, may Allah chose u among d pious nd righteous 1nc, may d gr8test of al ur enemies live 2 see u fly high in2 dat Zenith point 4 bn among d true bilievers nd 4 choosen d right path as wel. May Allah protect u nd 2 also Aisha pray 4 ur parent so dey culd if d re among dos dat wil b lucky frm d lucky 1nc 2 change b4 its 2 late. Aisha, bet me even ur father knows u ve choosen wats rit, bt he’s jst bn in d dack, nt witstandin Aisha, ur parent shal join u preety soon Insha Allah 4 Islam is filled wit peace……. U re protected by Allah Aisha k………

  84. Allahu Akbar, 2 “HIM” alone we owe al due tanx. Aisha, may Allah increase u in knowledge, guide nd protect u in evry of ur life endulgiance, may Aljanah b ur final abored, u shal live 2 achieve gr8ness in each step of ur life, may Allah chose u among d pious nd righteous 1nc, may d gr8test of al ur enemies live 2 see u fly high in2 dat Zenith point 4 bn among d true bilievers nd 4 choosen d right path as wel. May Allah protect u nd 2 also Aisha pray 4 ur parent so dey culd if d re among dos dat wil b lucky frm d lucky 1nc 2 change b4 its 2 late. Aisha, bet me even ur father knows u ve choosen wats rit, bt he’s jst bn in d dack, nt witstandin Aisha, ur parent shal join u preety soon Insha Allah 4 Islam is filled wit peace……. U re protected by Allah Aisha k………

  85. congratulation Aisha to be a muslim Allah said will not accept any religion than ISLAM . ALLAH WILL PROTECT YOU ISHAL ALLAH . I will like draw PRESIDENCY attention TO LIVE AISHA ALONE . AISHA IS ABOVE THAN 18 YEARS. NOTHING CONCERN YOU THE MATTER IS IN THE SHARIAH COURT ISLAM WILL CONTINUE SPREY.

  86. Mehn! I cant believe how jobless i am. I actually read the comments from the beginning to the end. Some of you made sense, others where too judgemental, sentimental and too abusive for my liking. Badara, some of your words made little sense but the rest was plain r*****h. Did you interview Rev. Fr kukah or what ever the name is, before you made such comments as to him not facing persecution? Christians, why are we so judgemental and abusive? Remember, the bible tells us that the power of life and death lies in the tongue, so instead of being here playing lip service for your faith, i think you should use that energy and spend it praying to GOD for charity/aisha welfare and for HIS intervention in our nation.
    Muslims, why do you waste your time exchanging words with a religion you think you are better than? Use that energy and pray that ALLAH grants aisha/charity the grace to stay strong in the faith and commit our nation into HIS hands.
    I am not backing the christians of which i happen to be one nor am i siding with the muslims. If indeed there is a GOD for the christians and ALLAH for the muslims, HE will surely see to it that what should be will be. PEACE

  87. D bibl said we shud nt engage oursef in an unecesry agumnt. Charity migt hv bn a pastos dauta bt had nt rciv Christ shes stil a soal dat need salvatn wich is d way whc no man can see God xcpt tru Christ. Al we as crstians is 2 pray 4 ha let God fyt 4 Himsef,n 4 d sake of d faith of her fada. I hope wen she wil b delivad it wil b postd lik dis. Let God or Allah fyt d situatn.

  88. Gale, you are balanced human being. The truth shall always prevail. When I was a xtian my pastor will encourage to search for the truth of life but the day I brought a hamed deedat book to church he turned against my search for knowledge. Infact he went as far as claiming that I have started working foe the devil by bringing a voodoo book to church. Ibecame an outcast. But after going through several books on Islam and comparing what I have in my bible, I was shown the light, though I still go to church. In the process I continue to see the glaring diference between the two religions. When I travelled to the UK, I discovered that so many people are becoming Muslims including native britons. I eventually reverted to Islam. The initial reactions from xtian friend and colleagues was that of apathy but thanks to my very enlightened family, I had little problem settling in. There are lots of propaganda today about Muslims and Islam and many of us xtians are too sentimental to really care about where we wish to spend eternity. Yes, I use the words ‘us xtians’ because you cant be a true muslim if you dont believe in Jesus. He is known as Isa in Islam. May God be with us all.

  89. Why waste precious time over the conversion of this girl to Islam?For every two Christians that converts to Islam,there are thousands more converting to Christianity.Moreover nobody can fight for God,so,you should hold peace God be the judge.

  90. Why waste precious time over the conversion of this girl to Islam?For every two Christian that converts to Islam,there are thousands more converting to Christianity.Therefore,i suggest you guys should hold your peace coz nobody can fight for God.Y’all should chill and allow God to be the judge.

  91. Wow.this is not as serious as it sounds.converting to islam is not the prob.the question is y and ow.it seems dia is more to the story that everyone knows.I’m an imam child and I know ow this things happen.believe me nobody is after her life,if she has bin charmed which is not unlikely.then her life is in danger.pls pray for her including fellow muslims.so that she will not perish even b4 the end of time.muslims pls don’t play ignorance as if u r not aware of some this ways of convertion.pls let’s pray for her.can’t use all my mouth to talk dis things but I’m sure some of u understand.