Crayon Colors & Demonic Possession: Therapist Claims Color Choice Can Reveal ‘Demonization’

Ex-gay therapist Jerry Mungadze has a highly scientific way of determining if someone is possessed by demons — by giving them a box of crayons and asking them to color in a picture of a human brain. Oh, he can also tell if you’re gay by using this method, reports Right Wing Watch.

During an appearance on televangelist Benny Hinn’s TV show, “This Is Your Day,” Mungadze explained his method. “There’s a certain color someone uses that I won’t mention that tells me someone’s been demonized. Everything that I talk about is based on numbers, is based on studies, which is what you do is when you’re a scientist.”

Sounds very scientific indeed! However, the Zimbabwe-raised Mungadze is not in fact a scientist, holding a B.S. degree in “Bible,” an M.A. in Biblical studies, and a Ph.D. in counselor education with a minor in psychology, according to his website.

The video consists of Hinn and Mungadze looking at an extremely basic diagram of the brain, explaining that each section relates to an area of a person’s life, including, “how you relate to people, compassion, identity, your focus, etc.” The color chosen by a person for each area is how Mungadze determines whether a person is possessed by demons or gay. Spoiler alert: if you color in the brain with a pink crayon, you’re gay.

He eventually did reveal the crayon colors that indicate possession, despite his earlier statement to the contrary. “I can be in a room with people who are into the occult who are steeped in demonology, I may not know it just by sitting next to them, but I let them do that and I can tell what spirit they have and what it is doing in their life,” he said. “People that come from the occult, people coming from witchcraft usually [choose] blacks and browns and grays.”