Girl Caught Getting Naughty In Public (PICTURED)

This is so weird, can’t believe our ladies can go this far, see the pics below



  1. @Nwaekafor,u are more than stupid,tunder faayaa u for speaking ill of ibo lady or woman,for beating d precious hands dat fed u.dat is how u senseless things keep talking ill about ibo women,happy-go-lucky like u,onye oke ako nwuru na backyard onye apari,fool!!!!!!

  2. Pls my people, the enermy is fighting not just with hands but with humanbeins. What is happening today is the evidence of th last days prophecies. the Devil taught it wise to destroy humans. Anybody who love his life will protect it but i you refue to ,the Devil will help you to do it. Many who shamelessly do this kind act publicly are nothing but (AGENT)of the Devil. So my people becareful even the Devil might use th medium to seduce men to HELL. Let every man run for his life. If a man has the fear of God there is nowhere the man will perform that act, the Devil s indirectly preparing poeple to hell but the same people don’t even know while they are gradually gong to HELL. Pls all readers seek the true God and give your life to Him it will be saved than doing th way it seem good to you, your life will be destroyed.

  3. Why is everyone blaming the two participant here when you people where seriously against childmarriage, now tell me had it been this girl is married even before this age can she and her husband come out in public and do this? Let’s for once accept the truth,atleast that’s the first step to make a big difference! Islam have its reasons for preaching child marriage and so far you all are alive you will come by those reasons,keep your eye open!

  4. Hmmmmmmmm! Everyone is talking about the girl and girls. What of the guy? It’s just like the story in the Bible about the woman caught in adultery, until today I am yet to see anyone ask why the man was not arrested? For all you know that may be an arrangee picture. You can not suck a man with his zip on. For God’s sake, can’t you see that the zip is on and the jeans trouser is not sagging?

  5. well, there must be a reason for doing that, but all l know is that Heaven is real also Hell is real either one choses Heaven or Hell, and the coming of Our Lord Jesus in Now no more soon, so if you know what is right do it now, but she is a disgrace to human being.

  6. dis happend at de niche resort lautech ogbomosho,she didn’t actually do it,she only bent down nd attemptd to.she didn’t hav d intension.I was at d party,nd it was during d devils basket dt she was askd to do its not wat u guys think.moreover dis happend almost a year ago.stay blessed

  7. Am proud of my people. This must be an ordinary party game. No African guy/lady will involve in such nefarous attitude. We should be careful in publishing nonsense just to arouse public curiousity. Ibrahim, go ahead and give your daughter out even at 3 yrs. That is imoral act out of stupidity hiden under religoin. Non African culture.

  8. We are all animals of a higher specie, the woman could be attempting to pls the man or placate some spontaneous romantic emotions. She deserves our prayer and sympathy to overcome such emotions.May God forgive them. But, note the role of alcohol in this show of shame. Thanks

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  10. We are all shouting and condeming nothing!
    That picture is a fake. It is exactly what they wanted: for people to waste their precious time commenting on it. As far as I am concerned, the lady was only pretending to do it; just take a good look at it again, and u’ll agree with me that she was only facing that part for the picture to be taken.

  11. as much as i’m astounded and disgusted by this pic,i won’t readily agree she is nigerian.she may be from south africa(no offence intended) or one of these francophone african countries.these are places where the moral decadence is astronomical!

  12. I’ll like 2 introduce “individual differences”. Wt dis photograph,I now agree dt there ar som pple,very animalistic in nature,(living exactly like d lower animals). By d way,both of dem hav a very low intelligence quotient…D guy disgrace d male ones,lacking xpectd moral. Dis is shameful, let’s try &b ourselves!

  13. We all do wat we want to do…..its their life not urs.will u blame d girl or d guy or even d photographer,who do u wish to blame.maybe d participants re on drugs while condemn dem mr/mrs righteous.dey jst had fun and u guys re here killin urselves.well,blame me ok..but d girl loved wat she did,d guy enjoyed it and d photographer only needed ur attention and he got keep arguin ok

  14. Nigerians,most of us are quick to condemn act of others and jump into conclusion.Yes,it is lautech pool @kinxzee,I graduated rm dat skul so I know dat pool.Did any1 study d settin of dat pics well?looks more lk a party In section nd most of us know wat is called a DEVIL’S BASKET…so,in my opinion dat is wat is been played out in dat pics.Haba,una too dey vex for naija.

  15. she is shamles woman! Bliv me she’s someone elses GF,Fiancee, or a house wife! MEN SORRY….
    God cum see ooooh ur creatures wat we er now U left ADAM&EVE in the garden naked but they dit 2wise now we er going bac!

  16. This na argument thing, u can’t suck me in public I can suck u and even fuck u that is what lead to this. Na only people with leava fit do this kind thing, I trust ma naija ladies that has guts not all those that eat fish head.

  17. @Ibrahim. Wat do u mean by childmarriage? Is it bcos childmarriage isnt approved dat cause dis public disgrace. Cn u tell us hw many under age girls dat were put in2 childmarriage survive it? D issue of childmarriage is out of d point regarding d kind of public harassment d 2 of dem caused.

  18. All of you can like to calm down, haba!!….na me be d guy 4 d picture. We did that stuff on a dare. My penis ain’t even out uoeno….. Na hin some ppl don dey talk about devil and anti-christ already, na wa for una o. Shey if I wan receive head, I no get room ni??

  19. @ibrahim. If u dnt hv anything reasonable to say, u jus keep quiet and pretend u didnt see ds, cos it shows jus how immature u ar. Hw can u use ds to justify child marriage. Child marriage is immoral too. God created Man and Woman 4 marriage nt man and child.

  20. Y all dis plenty talk?d ppl dt attended d party ve commented about it dt dy did a party and it was d devil’s basket even a thomas said he was d person involved dt it is not real. Haba nigerians,we re 2 quick to judge others joor.

  21. Chime d bitch man with high level of madness and inferiority in his entire being and life/existence. U r from a bush orientation,dis isn’t about tribe,it is moral wretchedness,and as for the public display,it may just be their fetish,I’m not saying it is right,but it was a thril for both parties,they both gained from each other either ways,truth be told,a lot people do worst disgusting stuffs indoors/dark,many pple here sef dat is condemning diz two in d picture,even have full sex in public,but bcos we have not caught them,they can rant.
    Any tribe can do this,d girl may not even be nigerian,think broadly and show ur country some love,even if she’s nigerian,let’s leave tribes out of it,makes no sense. But na wao,see hawt afternoon public sucking…….yuck

  22. I can see we have some crazy and uncivilized illitrates like nwaokeafor commenting here….A̶̲̥̅♏ sure u don’t even know who Ɣ☺ΰ are, talk more of been ibo….Ɣ☺ΰ are such ɑ̣̣̝̇̇ fool for making such statement…..anuohia…Ewu awusa dika gi….do Ɣ☺ΰ think ibo’s wants †̥ bε̲̣̣̣̥ identified with Ɣ☺ΰ?….talk more of being their inlaw….onye nzuzu dika gi

  23. Haba haba d guy said it aint real nd it doesn’t even look real. Naija u guyz jugde 2 quick nd dats a big prob fa y cnt u jst settle nd observe d pic dey rent doin any fin. Oboi I tire 4 dis country. Anyways proudly naijaborn igbo gal @nwa u don chop craze na ur mama nd sisters go do bj 4 public bush animal ure a shame 2 ur tribe IDIOT anu ofia mtchewwwww

  24. I did my investigation and found that the guys zip got hooked with one edge of his trouser and the girl friend (the lady) is trying to help with her teeth to release the zip for him. That’s normal my guys it can happen to anyone. Zips do hook and not what you are all wagging tongues about.

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  26. Trust me that guy is a yahoo boy.Their ill gotten wealth pushes them 2 d extreme.4 d girl I’m not surprise most girls dis days can do anything 4 money.But she should not 4get dat heaven & hell is real.

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  28. Whts a fuck are u peoples commenting? So u wanna tel me dat u never ask ur girl friends to suck ur dick? Common dats is exactelly whts the guy wnt and for the babe to show him love is to do it so pls don’t say bulshit here ok!! Everybody have differnts choice!!!

  29. We nigerian causess most of our problems….this photo we are seen is never a strange atticle to us, if any of the white being posted this, what would we say……let’s stop all this black folishness. Its complete locality.

  30. Hello pals!
    Come to think of this! How sure are you concerning this? I bet you its fake. You won’t believe it until you see. Maybe even the admin could arrange a fakish pics to get out attentions… Lol may God save our youth!!!! We remain that great leaders of tomorrow.
    Pls if you are ideal, try get something doing without money you can still make it in life ok!
    I can testify of myself on how I still exist till date despite the challenges in life I still have fun and live with ease. God deserves to be known. Try at least know him even though its not easy to cope but I will assure you that he is a merciful God. For your best friendship ever I welcome you by email . Then I will be able to release my number…..

  31. Tell me anyone amongst you that have not sucked a mans Dick before, what’s the difference between sucking a mans Dick in the public and that of closed doors, they are all sin, so condemn yourselves for this immoral act.