Kenya Lawyer Sues Israel Over The Death of Jesus Christ


A Kenyan lawyer has filed a petition with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, suggesting that the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ was unlawful, and The State of Israel among others should be held responsible, Kenyan news outlet the Nairobian reported on Friday.

Dola Indidis, a lawyer and former spokesman of the Kenyan Judiciary is reportedly attempting to sue Tiberius (Emperor of Rome 42 BC-37AD), Pontius Pilate, a selection of Jewish elders, King Herod, the Republic of Italy and the State of Israel.

“Evidence today is on record in the bible, and you cannot discredit the bible,” Indidis told Kenyan Citizen News.

Yes, those he suggests should have been convicted during the original trial have not been alive for more than 2000 years, however Indidis insists that the government for whom they acted can and should still be held responsible.

“I filed the case because it’s my duty to upholdthe dignity of Jesus and I have gone to the ICJ to seek justice for the man from Nazareth,” Indidid told the Nairobian. “His selective and malicious prosecution violated his human rights through judicial misconduct, abuse of office bias and prejudice.”

Indidis apparently named the states of Italy and Israel in the lawsuit because upon the attainment of independence, the two states incorporated the laws of the Roman Empire, those in force at the time of the Crucifixion.

He is challenging the mode of questioning used during Jesus’ trial, prosecution, hearing and sentencing; the form of punishment meted out on him while undergoing judicial proceedings and the substance of the information used to convict him.

The case was first filed in the High Court in Nairobi, but was rejected. Indidis had then applied to have it heard at the ICJ, which, the Kenyan news website Standard Media(SDE) reported constituted a pre-trial panel that would consider his case.

Indidis says he wants to establish what crime Jesus was charged with and prays that the court decides “that the proceedings before the Roman courts were a nullity in law for they did not conform to the rule of law at the material time and any time thereafter.”

“Some of those present spat in his face, struck him with their fists, slapped him, taunted him, and pronounced him worthy of death,” Indidis also told SDE.

When Jesus died, Indidis insists he was not given an opportunity to be heard. “I am suing as a friend,” he said.

Indidis insisted on the validity of his case, saying “I know with a matter of fact and truth we have a good case with a high probability of success and I hope it is done in my lifetime.”

When asked about the case, a spokesperson from the IJC told legal news website Legal Cheek, “The ICJ has no jurisdiction for such a case. The ICJ settles disputes between states. It is not even theoretically possible for us to consider this case.”


  1. xtians wit dia idiosyncratic mentality indeed! believing in fictional stories as realities.
    Is it not part of xtians beliefs dt Jesus suffering,sentenced,death nd resurrection were in fulfilment of d prophecies, why then prosecuting those dt made d prophecies come fulfilled.
    Even Judas Iscariot should be regarded as a saint in xtianity because He was d main man dt brought d prophecies into fulfilment.

    • I prophecy to u that u will regret every u have written Jesus will fight His battle based on what u wrote just bcareful. I warn. And if u die u will go to hell if u dnt repent and accept Jesus as your personal lord and saviour.

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…… This lawyer is so funny.. The death jesus was prophesis and recorded in heaven befor the foundation of this world. pls mr. lawyer do not waste your time and money in this case.

  3. @Mr/Mrs Anonymous…

    The death and crucifixion of Jesus Christ is never fictional or a mere story. History and science do not doubt its factuality.

    However, I think the main issue raised by this news is not whether or not Jesus’ death is fictional. The point raised is whether Lawyer Dola’s action can be sustained in a court of law. If u actually read the entire story, u heard where it was said that ICJ has no jurisdiction over such matter… So don’t just raise dust where there are none.

    I simply laughed at d lawyer & methinks he is a bit idle or he’s seeking for a cheap popularity.

    • African mentality who tell you say God choose them, the bible or the people who revised it? This white people don brain wash Africans with nonsense cock & bull stories & the funniest part they come relegate una go background.
      Better go do African religion, it is your best bet, instead of worshiping the whites

  4. The present State of Isreal are not the original Jew that crucified Jesus. The Israel you see today are the Assyrian settlers who dislodged the disobedient Northern kingdom of Ancient Israel. If you know your bible so well, you should be suing Britain and America, they are the original Israel of the time of Jesus. The Assyrian soldiers drove them away in fulfilment of a bible prophesy. Since that invasion in 607 BCE, they have never come back as a nation of Israel according to the accurate word of God that never fails. Let the Suitor make a name if that is behind his mind.

  5. Mr. Lawyer don’t bother urself about the death of Jesus, remember when he said He can order the angels to fight 4 him, but he wudn’t do that b/c all happened to fulfil the prophecies. No one can help JESUS, he is able!

  6. Well In my opinion I think d Lawyer is nt A True xtian n also seeking 4 popularity where he cn’t find 1 cos my Jesus is nt weak dat an ordinary man cn fight 4 in a court of Law or anywhere on Earth cos my Lord Jesus did made it clear dat his Kingdom is nt of dis world bt dat of Abode so I urge d journalism family 2 plz Flip dis Story off Air thanx!

  7. Many of the replies here basically say “Don’t bother”, it’s over and done with. I wonder…. if Jesus could express an opinion on this topic right here and now, what could you imagine he might say? If I were Jesus, I would imagine saying “You know what, I would like to know what the offence was that I supposedly committed. Further more, I would prefer to be given an apology, than be dismissed without consideration. After this is done, I’ll consider reincarnating and consider making it known who I am. How else will I know that anything has really changed since I was last here 2,000 years ago? What type of reception will I receive? Will I be persecuted all over again? Or will I be respected this time?… I’d like to know these things upfront BEFORE I show up… because the way things ended for me last time was pretty damned shitfull. When I climbed down off that bloody stake it was so good to be invisible and to walk upon the earth again and feel the sand under my bare feet. I have been ‘in spirit’ ever since, and I refuse to return until matters have been dealt with in the proper manner”. >> Food for thought, hey?? ;-)

  8. The man is so funny, to me am short of words. what over the man that he has to reason such thing, na wao, maybe the man as no work to do or he should go for medical checkup,before he go,go file case why angel micheal throw down devil from heaven. Please advice him to go for medical checkup.

  9. initialy i never knw it’s for real i thought it wez cookd up story bt nw i finally concluded d reality of it…bt please who knows this lawyer? Coz i dnt blv he is realy interested in vindicating Our Lord Jesus. I think he is only interestd in either fame or sum hidden fact we may nt knw…has he forgotn dat d man of Nazareth in question can do anytin 2 save wat apnd 2 him bt 4 d holy bible’s prophecy to be acomplishd he rather bcame mild lik a sheep in d presence of slaughterer…who are u to vindicate My Lord…i think u shud save ur self d stres by reading d bible. I am nt even sure if u blv in Jesus self.

  10. tis is realy ‘appauling’ a tin to do, mr lawyer do u realize dat u are actualy going against d will of God?? wat hapened when peter told Jesus dat he wuld not be kiled? Jesus rebuked him stating dat his death was necesary for d total redemtion of man… dnt waste ur time and money going about making ‘freaking’ noice about wat u dnt even knw about…

  11. Mr lawyer,, I inderstand your love for Christ. But М̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ lord Jesus died as »̶-̶̶Α̲̅ fulfiment of the prophecy. S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ dnt worry sueing anybdy. I̶̲̥̅̊t was all God planned. Thanks once again

  12. my question is did this so called lawyer believ that JESUS died for him to be save? if yes then he should be happy. or dont he know that death has no power over Him. JESUS is the way the truth and life.

  13. Well Mr Lawyer, u have done your best, but I think Christ himself is alive, today, tomorrow and 4eva. why bordering urself on some who is alive? you can’t fight 4 Him, even those that went to tomb, they were all sent back to break the news to others, and He appeared to all His disciples before He left. So just relax don’t worry He knows u and ur effort, but serve well and stop bordering urself.

  14. hmmmm, this is not a joke. yes i believe that Jesus Christ died and rised for our salvation. one of me is saying to this lawyer plz go and sit down and dont redicule my saviour but another part of me is saying go ahead with this. i think wat he wants to do does not question the fact that it was predestined for Jesus Christ to die and be raised but he is talking about the means. yes we know that all those that joined in its manifestation wil suffer greatly at the end off time (afterall bibile says it is better the person is not born dat will betral Jesus) but i tink the lawyer wants those involved and their nation to start suffering from this earth. yes i also beleive that God can takia of this things but what are we if not the soldiers of God?

  15. I am speechless bcos wonder shall never end.People have said it all,this lawyer just want to show himself to the world.He is getting insane gradually.But beware,this are all signs of end time.Let us all hold tight to our xtian faith bcos christ can come in no time.JESUS IS LORD.

  16. …It mayb funny but methink d truth of dat scenerio may eventualy b revealed! Jesus was never crucified! God made it apeard so, it was som1 else!! Jesus was raised up 2 God in heaven!!! (Qur’an verses). If u disbeliv dis, u’l onl find ursef 2 blame!

  17. Hmmm very interesting and at the same time funny. I wonder what the lawyer is thinking. Eh mr lawyer you are just trying to create a scene, so that the whole wide world will hear of you. To me i think this lawyer is just trying to be femous and popular that’s all. I will advice him to use that money he will spend to do other relevant things for his dare country kenya.

  18. U see! D Qur’an rebuff claims datIsa(A.S) (Jesus) is God, son of God Or even killed. Isa(A.S)i.e Jesus was a Messenger of God, a mere mortal who nva tasted death. If christians had bliv dis, they cou ‘ve saved themslves dis embarassment. Islam is the way, the truth & the light. Believe & be saved.

    • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha IGNORANNCE IS A DEASES, well its not too late to repent and accept JESUS as the only son of the true living God. change is possible repent

  19. Kunle, ur quran said so, its not the Bible. The bible was there so many years before the quran though u ppl said it was changed, nothing has bn changed. Pls be very careful of what u say cos u will be disappionted on d last day. This happenings is all end times cos the Bible said it. Many will come in his name to decieve, we will hear of wars, nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, we will be persecuted and hated,many will turn away,……so many and this r what we are seeing. Kunle nothing good comes easy. I will never turn my face cos I know d truth. Ours is lesving a rightous, holy life, peaceful. Weigh it, study both and make ur choise using ur brain. Cheer.

  20. Husayn/ananymous/kunle, ask God to reveal himslf to u, I have refused to follow d crowd that leads to hellfire but to follow Christ so that I will be with him. I have heard what Jesus did, how he lived his life, hw his life on earth ends. Wow Glorious, awesome, marvelous deeds.

  21. if He is truly a Christian then he has no case to file or make but if not let him go ahead and waste His time and money. for me thanks for killing Jesus even though they thought they were doing themselves good, cos without it there would have been more harm than good. JESUS remains the way, truth and life and no one lives except you accept Jesus. His death remains the reason for a second chance for man. THANK YOU LORD JESUS FOR DIEING FOR ME!!

  22. May God deliever us from satanic people, cos they are d enemy of the will of God. Their wish is to change the will of God all the time in order to suit there own wish but they totally forget that God almighty is the most wise and knowledgeable. Mr Jobless Lawyer stop deciving ur cos Jesus is coming back SOON.

  23. husyin or whatever you called yourself,quran did not profer solution to the death of christ even he hanged you muslims in imbalance because he never told you who was crucified that is why your clerics are given you different answers when confronted some will say it was judas,some will say simon the cyrian or someon a disciple who loved jesus. Your commentary is similiar to gnostic.


  24. D lawyer only knw d reason behind his akson, though Jesus dth was prophesis. Bt to evrybody’s commt, what was ur reakson 2 d Jesus death nw u r nw reaktg 2 d man’s akson, d man was nt happy, ur commt shws dt u dnt feel bad 4 d death of Jesus.

  25. Well, i’m sure dat Jesus is up der lukin at us or mayb probably lafing as wel, Mr lawyer; i want 2 b sincere 2 say 2 u dat u are trying 2 step on God’s toes, wot hpend 2 Jesus was a 4filed prophecy 2 save mankind, 4 he cted in d Hvens & maketh Earth his foot stool, der is no case or battle he can not win 4 himself, if u tink u want ur name 2 b announce i advice u 2 pick up ur bible & preach d gospel like Apostle Pual if u r a 2ru xstain.
    If u fil u knw 2mch, who name God “God”?pray ur brain shld nt fail u

  26. Viewing dis lawyer‘s case cannaly,one might think he‘s insane but otherwise he might be a researsher wanting 2kno more abt JESUS allready he has made a name but d foundation is laid it is left 4d individual 2be careful & watch/kno wt he/she built on it. Remember! D end time is @ hand! Be watchfull

  27. Jesus came into dis world in order 2 distory d works of satan throug his death n 2 redeem man back 2 God even Jesus rebuke satan when he used peter to say dat Jesus wont die (matthew 16 : 21 – 23) this n more are signs of end time Matthew 24 : 4 “Take heed that no man deceive u” . It only a doctrine of the devil 1Timothy 4:1 the end is near n “d Lord knows those who are his n let everyone dat nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity” 2 Timothy 2 : 19. Are u of God or not? U ave d answer 2 it, make the right decision now b4 it bcoms too late.God bless u all Amen.

  28. Mumu lawyer you better canceled the case before thunder strike you, If my savior did not die, who will forgive our sin. do you want BaBa God to be destroyed whole world with water or fire

    short up mr mugun lawyer and try to read your bible and say THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR DEATH