Man Arrested Over Bombed Mosque Tattoo

A supporter of the right-wing and anti-Islamist English Defence League (EDL) shows his stencil of an exploding mosque during a protest in Birmingham

A man pictured flaunting a tattoo of a mosque being blown up at an EDL rally has been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred.

Shaun Reah, 39, from South Shields, South Tyneside, was held after the provocative image began circulating on social networking websites, following the event in Birmingham on 20 July.

It shows a man lifting his shirt to show the inking of the Muslim place of worship emblazoned with the word ‘BOOM’.


Reah’s solicitor Kevin Smallcombe confirmed his client’s arrest exclusively to Sky Tyne & Wear.

He said: “Mr Reah is happy to fully cooperate with police in what is a case which has clearly triggered a great deal of emotion and debate.”

In recorded footage Reah told the channel he had had the tattoo removed because “it upset everyone”, and when asked why he had had it done in the first place, said “it was just a daft thing to do