Okupe, Gulak Not Adding Value To The Presidency, Says Nyako

Murtala-NyakoTwo of President Goodluck Jonathan’s aides – Doyin Okupe and Ahmed Gulak – have been described as ‘court jesters’ by Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State.

Okupe, who is the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs and Gulak, the President’s Adviser on Political Matters, according to Nyako, have never added “any positive values to national issues” with their comments.

Mr. Ahmad Sajo, the Director of Press to Gov. Nyako made this known in a telephone interview with the PUNCH on Sunday.

Describing the duo of Okupe and Gulak as court jesters, Nyako said the Presidency was using them as attack dogs, “whose comments usually do not add any positive value to the issues at stake.”

He said, “We are tired of reacting to people like Doyin Okupe and Ahmed Gulak. These people are court jesters; they do not add value; the Presidency is only using them as attack dogs.

“I think even those in the media should not promote such men. Can you give me any one statement that these people have made that can promote the country or that can motivate the people in the past few months?

“You do not just open your mouth to disparage people; there is no time they say things that would inspire people, the only language they know is disparaging people. If what they are saying is amusing Mr. President, so be it!” Sajo added with a note of finality.