Philadelphia Woman Shows Up Alive Two Weeks After Her Funeral



We all know at least one person who would show up late to their own funeral. The well-known saying is meant to be hypothetical, but in the case of 50-year-old Philadelphia woman Sharolyn Jackson the saying is true.

According to a local CBS affiliate, Jackson was found alive almost two weeks after her funeral.

It turns out, her family misidentified another woman’s body thinking it was Jackson after they received a call about an unidentified woman found dead on a West Philadelphia street. The woman matched the description of Jackson, and was officially identified by two people–her son and a social worker.

Jackson’s mother, Carrie Minney told the Associated Press that the woman they buried looked exactly like her daughter with the exception of her nose. The family attributed the difference to the embalming process.

After the funeral, which took place August 3rd, the family received a phone call that Jackson had shown up at a mental health facility on August 16.

Officials will exhume the unknown buried woman’s body to try to identify who she is. Meanwhile, Jackson’s family is overjoyed she’s still alive.

“(Jackson’s) alive, we’re happy about that,” Minnie said. “Happy for her, but sad for the mother that’s missing her daughter.”