PHOTOS: See Heavily-tatooed Man With 3D Tattoo on Entire Skin, Eye

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Human branding, also referred to as ‘scarification’, is the latest craze in body art and Britain’s most heavily tattoed man has refused to be left behind.

Matthew Whelan,33, from Birmingham has not only covered himself head to toe in skin art, he has also tattoed one white of his eyes black. The tattoo instrument uses electrical currents to burn through the flesh and is the same tool dentists use to drill holes or surgeons to burn away cancer cells. View more images after the cut:

Lest Westwood, the tattoist who carried out the procedure was quoted as saying; ‘It does stink the studio out as it’s burning flesh and there are risks involved – your body could go into shock.”

Mr Whelan was only nine when he first craved a tattoo. Since then he has spent 300 hours in the tattooist’s chair and spent more than £20,000 on decorating his body. Designs range from snakes, scorpions, and vampires to even the name of his favourite TV programme, ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’, tattooed on the back of his head.

Meanwhile, Whelan who has legally changed his name to His Royal Majesty Body Art, King of Ink Land says he likes to think of himself as a living, breathing piece of art.

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