Cheating Husband Forced To Get 10,000 ‘Likes’ On Facebook Photo


Ivan Lewis needs your help. You see, Ivan cheated on his wife, Sonya, and to win her back, Sonya is forcing him to get 10,000 Facebook “likes” on a photo of himself holding one very embarrassing sign.

We can’t believe this is happening. (Sidenote: The “and she was ugly” bit was a nice touch, Sonya.)

Reaction to Ivan’s soul-baring post ranged from disapproving (“Son where is yo nuts at,” Antonio Smith wondered) to totally laudatory (“I don’t know you but I salute you for being a man and admitting to your mistake… There should be more men out here like you!” Nicole Gotherown Barber said).

Meanwhile, scorned wife Sonya had some harsh words for the couple’s fiercest detractors: “Do not try to make [Ivan] feel less of a man if your love for someone is not that strong don’t hate!!!!”

Shockingly (maybe “sadly” is a better word), this isn’t the first time someone has taken the scarlet-letter route in shaming the cheater in their life. Back in July, one girlfriend forced her cheating boyfriend to wear a similar sign and collect 500 signatures at a Maryland mall.

Ah, the things we do for love.



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