Even With Automatic Ticket, Jonathan Will Lose 2015 Elections, Says APC Chieftain

jonathan-portraitPresident Goodluck Jonathan will lose the 2015 presidential elections should he decide to contest, a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, APC, in Lagos State, Chief Ayo Akande, has predicted.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Sunday, Akande noted that President Jonathan was too busy focusing on the internal crisis rocking his party – Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, than finding solutions to the economic and infrastructural problems facing the country.

The statement reads, “President Jonathan has not impressed the citizens with the performance of his government. Many that voted for him in the 2011 election have been disappointed.

“Even if his party gives him automatic ticket for the 2015 election, he cannot win. The President’s low performance apart, there is no President that can win a credible poll with a factionalized party on the eve of election.”

According to him, “The PDP has become a divided house, with one faction fighting the other. The President now spends his time trying to patch the PDP’s tattered umbrella such that he has no time for the worsening state of the economy and insecurity in the country. He will definitely lose the 2015 election and if by any means he wins, there will be questions to be answered.”

Akande affirmed that there was no way the PDP could win the presidential election again in 2015 going by the performance of the party’s elected officials at the centre since 1999.

He added that “The PDP has imposed too much of social, economic and political misery on the people since 1999, and it will be difficult for the electorate to vote for the party again”.

Akande stressed that there was no hope for the common man in Nigeria except a drastic change sets in, through change of leadership using the ballot box.


  1. Akande your 100% wrong. Jonathan will win and he will not answer any of your stupid questions. Keep your question and vote to yourself cos u will be disgraced in 2015 poll like always. Who are you to decide his faith Akande? Is it cos Jonathan did not pack billions and give to you and all those that supported him in 2011 that you think he had failed? Greediness will kill all of you that want compensation for supporting Jonathan in 2011. Must he give you money personal before your satisfied, what about his transform agenda or all the good things that he have done for this country so far? All of you who ran to APC will come back cos I know hungry politicians when I see one. Those who support a political party to get reward at the end. You blaming somebody who is trying to put his house in order,so you want him to leave his party problem and be talking about the insecurity and the violent your party members secretly sponsor to disstabilize this administration and label Jonathan govt a failed one. I know what you and all the APC are and I will not say it here for peace. Go home and keep your own home in other and support this administration. Don’t wait till your party member become president before you and your group work for this country, start now and leave Jonathan alone to concentrate.

  2. APC is already the headaches of many hummmmm God almighty will deliver this nation 4rm PDP, 14yrs of wastage and Pain how l wish Jonathan has come 4rm another party, PDP is frustrating him more than the opposition may God help Mr President.