Girlfriend Swallows Phone To Prevent Her Boyfriend From Reading The Text Messages

This is so weird!!! 19 year Brazilian Adriana Andrade woke up in the hospital after swallowing her mobile phone,she did this to prevent her boyfriend Renato from reading the text messages on her cellphone.when he demanded to see them she took off running and when she was far enough away, she did the unthinkable… swallowed the mobile phone.
she had to undergo an operation to get the cellphone removed.


  1. I suggested that should allow her not to remove the phone out of her stomarch because she did ti without any reason of given her trust by her boyfriend since she cannot be satisfy with her boyfriend alone and she still need another man come into her life of relation.As for me I don’t trust her any more again since cannot stay for me alone and I will not be part of the person that can stand for her to be liable of making a surgery and remove the phone put of her body again.So this also can be a lesson to her and any other woman in the habbit of been. Self intmiates about the hunting men after haven a boyfriend and still cheating the relationship between she and her something abomination to hell to her

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