Man Trapped By Crocodile On Australian Island For 2 WEEKS

Ryan Blair

“In a while, crocodile!” has never been said with so much joy.

New Zealand kayaker Ryan Blair was trapped on a small island off the coast of Australia for more than two weeks by a huge crocodile, 9 News reported.

Blair, 37, was exploring the waters near Kalamburu and wound up on Governor Island, about 2.5 miles from the mainland. When he decided to head back, he soon found he was sharing the island with an enormous reptile who had other plans.

Whenever he attempted to leave the island, Blair says, the croc chased him and blocked his exit. In a kayak that, at about 8 feet long, is less than half the estimated length of the crocodile, Blair felt he didn’t stand a chance.

Blair was rescued Saturday, after Kalumburu resident Don MacLeod saw a light coming from the island and went to investigate, Australian public broadcaster ABC reported.

Blair noted he had been trying to use a fire to signal to passing boats for days, but to no avail.

MacLeod told the Rural Report that he’s seen the “very, very large” croc a few times.He estimates it’s about 19.5 feet long.


Though Blair has been receiving a good deal of media attention for his adventure, locals are not impressed.

“Everyone’s treating him like he’s a hero,” Anne Koeyers, manager of theDrysdale River Station in North Kimberley told Fairfax Media. “He’s not a hero, he’s an idiot.”

Koeyers noted that Blair should have known not to go out to the island “in the first place” and should have spoken with locals first.

“Learn about the area. Learn about the dangers. Learn about what to do. Know the water. There’s crocs in there. How could anyone not know that?” Koeyers said.