Confession: My Mother Hates That I Am A 28 And A Vírgin

moterdaughtersex342r3265432654I’m 28, female, heteroséxual, and have never had séx. For 12 years, my best friend has been a guy, but I’ve never felt any desire to take things further. I’ve never dated anyone because I am very shy. My mother seems unable to understand why we are not dating or to accept that a man and a woman can simply be friends. She has told me to either date him or stop being friends with him, because she thinks having him around convinces people that I’m taken.

After speaking to him about it, he confessed that he never made any kind of move because I never showed any interest. He knows I want to one day marry and have kids and he doesn’t want any of that. I feel like an ass for always assuming he just wasn’t interested in me but it doesn’t make thinking about anything séxual any easier.

To stop my mother from talking about him, I told her about a friend who lives across the country with whom I became intimate last time he was here, but didn’t have séx with. He is coming here for a holiday in two weeks and my mother is putting pressure on me to stop being afraid and have séx with him. I’m not ashamed of being 28 and a vírgin, but I’m getting the impression my mum is. Even if I do have séx, I’m not comfortable telling my mother it happened, but I don’t want her constantly questioning me.


  1. End time ,a mother advice her own dauther 2 have s*x outside marriage. God have mercy on us. pls keep ur viginty for ur husband ,every thing have time ,what if he came back and u sleep with him D following morning he now told u that he is positive,what will she say , if u rush in u i’ll rush out. We reject anything negetive that i’ll come into r life.

  2. @Godstime virginity iz a diginity nt lack f opportunity in case if u dnt knw for som1 2b able 2 keep his/her self d person deserve an award it simply means if as a guy u marries a virgin even if u travel out for months you wil nt b scared same applies to d ladies ad it shows u hav respect 4 God it may also interest u 2 knw dat som had d opportunity but they ar stil virgin if am mistaken u ar sayin dis cos u hav lost urs. xo ur doctrine is wrng.i rest my case