PDP Crisis: APC, Opposition Parties Will Be Put To Shame – Gov Orji

Theodore-OrjiAbia State Governor, Theodore Orji, has faulted the interference of opposition parties in the internal affairs of the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, saying their survival seems to be based on fishing in “troubled waters.”

Gov. Orji, who warned against undermining the authority of President Goodluck Jonathan under the guise of misplaced ambitions, described the president as a man whose time has come.

In a statement issued on Monday and signed by one of his media aides, Ike Ben Onyechere, Orji noted that “The random insinuation and instigation from known chronic opposition quarters over matters that are internal to the party smack of lack of direction of their leadership whose only hope of survival is to fish in troubled waters. It is laughable that their only manifesto is focusing on misunderstanding between party members which is an indication that they are building on sandy soil.

“But we have news for them which is that they will be abundantly disappointed because the leader of PDP, which is the President of this country is equipped with the instrumentality of interest aggregation and harmonization, not only in the party but the nation at large.”

The governor explained that “In politics, it is common that what is permanent and paramount is interest, but such must be devoid of misplaced ambition targeted at undermining the authority of the President, because anybody who wants to be a king must first be subordinate to an existing king.”

Describing Mr. Jonathan as a symbol of national unity, Orji said “With contemporary party politics in Nigeria today and matters arising from therein, it has become obvious that the President is a man whose time has come, judging from his amiable mannerism in his method of aggregation with regards to contending interests in the nation at large.

“It has become pertinent and unavoidable for every player irrespective of varying platforms to agree on one thing which is that we cannot have two Presidents at the same time, for which reason, we must be very cautious so as to preserve the entity of presidency which is the image, substance and gateway to the nation and as such any misdemeanor against the Presidency can adversely affect the economy, particularly with the drive for direct foreign investment in the country.”

Gov. Orji added that it was important to bring to the knowledge of the opposition that their methods of instigation in matters that are internal in PDP are not only nefarious but subterraneous.

“There is no other person suited for our situation than this President whose devise of solving issues can only be applauded by all and sundry. It’s also true that most of the challenges facing this nation today are meant for the development of our polity, economy, and social status because in every challenge, there is a value which is the reason the president must not be distracted from any quarters, be it internal or external, because we are all equal stakeholders in the unity of this country,” the statement concluded.