ASUU Strike: Govt. Begins No Work, No Pay

After three months of fruitless negotiations between the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, and the federal government, over the strike embarked on by the union, strong indications have emerged that the Federal Government has commenced the implementation of the “No Work, No Pay” rule.

A reliable source at the National Universities Commission, NUC, according to Vanguard, said that the government has passed a directive to the various universities governing councils to stop payment of salaries of the striking lecturers.

Confirming this, yesterday, in Abuja after a zonal conference of ASUU, University of Abuja chapter, which took place at the Gwagwalada campus to review the nationwide strike, ASUU Zonal Chairman in Abuja, Mr Clement Chup said his colleagues were yet to receive their September salaries.

According to him, “we have resorted to other welfare strategies to cope with the effect of the strike, particularly to contain the various attempts by government to break the resolve of the union. The Federal Government has through the National Universities Commission, directed universities to stop the payment of our salaries effective September this year and since then our salaries have not been paid.

“Part of the welfare strategy, involved distributing food items, giving out soft loans and cash advances to members.”

He therefore urged members of the public to ignore the rumour that the strike has been called off. He said: “Nigerians should disregard rumours making the rounds that the three months old strike has been called off”, adding that “the strike continues until the government demonstrates a positive inclination towards implementing the 2009 agreements and the 2012 Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties.”


  1. Good for ASUU, at least they will feel part of the pain students are going through. I Believe about 80% of their demand is for their welfare package, so they have to make sacrifices for their demands and not only students.

  2. Funny stories,quite impressive,but i wish a resolution or a compromise is attained so as to allow students to resume schooling,its really pathetic,

  3. It’s better,let d lecturers feel d pains too,it’s all becoming something else,even d bible said it,no work no pay,they can’t keep collecting salaries without working,so am forced to ask,what is d FG paying them4?asuu shld jst stop being greedy.

  4. Some time I wonder y everyone keeps blaming ASUU…Abeg if person owe u Money for 3months u no go collect am? And this so called FG they owe Asuu and Education for over 2yrs now, Shey mak them no collect am ni?. God help us

  5. i love that, had it been this has commenced since they started this strike, they would have called-off the strike since. Selfish Asuu my foot. They dont really understand what students are passing through all this while. Mtcheeeeeeewww.

  6. Who is to blame: ASUU or FG? The God that feeds the birds of the air will do same for ASUU. We just need to support ASUU to fight this battle to the last

  7. Good for ASUU, una thief go know hw e dey pain person whey sit down for house for over three month… I support FG govt. Dem don try dem best else nigeria economy go collapse. Y’all can counter this my comment buh its what’s best for everybody and for our future cos ASUU in particular are only fighting for their own mouth cos if the money is delivered to them, only 27% of it will be used for implementation and the rest will be misappropriated. I rep NIGERIA

  8. Its important students, lecturers and Fed govt shld get involved in this pains together and not FG and students alone…..So ASUU, I think students will support u now since u will continue the figth without ur salaries been paid but if other wise, u will be called Hypocrite…..


  10. It wil be so sadonic nd ludubrious for our unborn generation if wat is expected to be done wil be neglected, ASUU ride on an fight for d right of now nd coming generation,wat many pple don’t know is dat Nigeria Government is ready to frustrate her citizen but we are to join hands together and say ‘amandla awethu’ so dat it wil all be of our favour.please let join hands with dis union to fight it out.

  11. I really do like what president jonathan did..If asuu decides to shift ground after this pronouncement,it ll b very obvious then be obvious that they re egostic..

  12. I really do like what president jonathan did..If asuu decides to shift ground after this pronouncement,it ll b very obvious then be obvious that they re egostic,selfish…..smh#

  13. Asuu must suffer hunger, how selfish. Thieves! Jonathan ride on boss, they need to send money to their children abroad, visit those in boarding school,eat, fuel cars plus Christmas is coming. Hunger all the way for asuu. And if una call off, thunder go fire all of una.

  14. I urge Asuu not to luk back, cos what does d 3month salaries not paid has little to do with their demand. They shud my failed in dis struggle.

  15. Hey! Stop bomberding misinformation about the ongoing university strike pls, we pray for compromise rather than any drastic measures assumes by the FG. FG stop this ”barazana” pls.

  16. ASUU:This is the time to stand on your right, If Goodluck Jonathan says “NO WORK NO PAY” He should equaly ask politicians or himself what they do still they LOOT and embezle Nigeria. Mr. president better face BOKO HARAM and meet ASUU demand.How many in ASO ROCK ARE PROFESSORS. Nigeria president is a fool at 100% to say NO WORK NO PAY

  17. To ASSU . Kudos to you . The battle is not only for you but our children children.
    To those crucifying dem,especially d student some of you will find yourself in the academic and you will suffer same consequences
    To jonah and his crew I pray you will not sink the nation and take us bavkward in terms of development

  18. The FG should see reason to ASSU complain, but the sacrifice that ASSU is onto now should be a fruitful one at the end of the race. NO WORK,NO PAY theory is also intact decision from the FG. GOD come to Our aid and save this country from menace.

  19. This people need to fight for their right,and more so the issue of no work no pay can’t solve the problem on ground now,FG answer ASSU.

  20. It very funny hw people easily forget d past d same FG u guyz re commentin welcome d nation my incresin d pump price of fuel increasing there own fat n unmerited huge sum of amount of money as salaries n benefits 4 ten self was no problem , dis lecturer er fightin 4 there right n we er comdemin tem 4 doin dat. wht effort have we put in dis fight?talk is cheap let we student mave a stand n fight 4 our own future.

  21. I’m really impressed but shock with this rule of No work No pay,I just pray it ‘ll not affect the students again,because most of my friends ‘ve been promoted with their own opportunities,some had give up(pass away),some are in the market and other had left the country,I wish I cld be one of this opportunitie’s…I carry name of God began our leaders,u’re the leaders of yesterday,the leaders of today and yet the leader of tomorrow,this are becoming more and more complicated.

  22. in d face of peace, justice, fair hearing, judgement of namesis and prosterity b4 dat of our creator its hope dat d submission of assu should be given a fair hearing and due consideration by d FG. Bt why nt 2 our expectation “habba” is d policy of “no work no pay” the best alternative?

  23. I can see so manythings via the comments of some students- d so call Leaders of tomorrow pointing accussing fingers to ASUU on the ongoing ASUU strike. 1. Some of them who supported FG policy of no work no pay are no future arbimtion students or citizens. 2. Supporting fg in its policy to stop the salaries of striking wokers means that the little old cargo lecture theares, laboratories ,libraries they are currently managing shd be allowed to decayed finally. 3. My friend who is currently on his masters programe in Germany is being paid stepend by D German Govt. everymonth having spent a semester. Now if a foreigner could enjoy such comfort and priviledge, that means thier citizens would be enjoying so many opportunities even from the undergraduate programme. Ask our so call leaders in nigerial today to tell the masses what were thier situation in terms of welfare, tuision fees, infrastructure facilities etc during their days in the Universities. Pres. Jonathan was once a university lecturer and is the first Phd president the Nigeria would ever produce who knows what the tertiary institutions, especially the university involves. Is not surprsing that he budgeted the least % for the eucational sector? Is that what is obtainable in other African countries? I therefore want to submit that the FG policy of no work no pay is not the best way of resolving the matter. If truely they love the Nigerian students and are concerned with the less priviledge nigerians who managed to send thier ward(s) to nigerian public universities, let them cut their own salaries and allowances by 50% so that they can have much funds to finance education sector. To ASUU, yes u are fighting for good thing. Note that good thing never come so cheap. Even though many people u are fighting for can not see what you seing bcos of thier vilages exposure and little knowledge, continue in that struggle God would help you. However, you may which to look inward if the state universities could be allowed to ressume their academic activities and see if FG would allow its Universities to Close down Finally

  24. it is amazing that the same people dat sang the “kill him ” song against johnathan are now “loving ” his action against the lecturers. it is only ignorant and wicked people who laugh at other peoples problems. dont wry. what goes around comes around. they should pray that this strike should bring the long sought for solution. else we should forever forget about any decent education in this bastardized country. for the FG, not paying the lecturers is not the solution. if anything, u r even in for trouble because some of them hav alternative means of survival and now u hav lost their trust. they will fight to the end. so if u hav a house help who complains that u r not taking k of him well in certain areas, is the solution to starve him? or u try n address the problem? shame on our clueless president. shame on johnathan.


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