ASUU: Until Government Implements The 2012 MoU, We Will Not Call Off The Strike


Vice-chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Dr Monday Igbafen has said President Goodluck Jonathan was “the one on strike.”

According to him, “President Jonathan is the one on strike because he has refused to implement agreements, so he should be disregarded. He said he will soon call off the strike; what has he done to warrant suspension of the strike? Nothing concrete. I don’t know where he is getting his information from.

“You are not implementing anything, you are not doing anything as President to end the strike yet you said you want to suspend strike. We are watching him. We have not seen anything concrete to warrant the suspension of the strike. If we have seen him implementing the 2009 agreement or the January 2012 MOU government entered with the union on how to implement 2009 agreement then we will say he is correct.

“As it is now we have not seen anything. The position of the union is still very clear to us that the strike continues. We held our rally today to sensitize our people that we are still on strike and it was successful. So I don’t understand what Jonathan is saying.

“Until government implements the 2012 MOU we will not call off the strike; that is simple. This is the position of our members in Edo and Delta and the position in all the states. Even the vice-chancellors are saying the N100 billion will not even be enough to sustain the universities yet the Federal Government is there playing games. Ministers are buying bullet proof vehicles every day yet they said no money to improve our educational system, that is a shame and we are really embarrassed with the President”.


  1. ON THE ASUU STRIKE:Let us call a spade a spade. How can The Federal Government Of Nigeria sign an agreement in 2009 and 3 years after in 2012, going by what we read from the Information Nigeria, they had not done anything in implementing the Agreement. Rather they opted for MOU which they got. And a year after 2013, still they hadn’t deemed it pertinent to honour the MOU they entered into. Inasmuch it hurts Parents and Students, The Government or whoever is pushing for the non implementation of those agreement and the MOU is teaching us a bad lesson. What do we call a BREACH OF AGREEMENT’ Is there no penalty for it?. Government suppose to lead by example. The Law Makers are there watching and not doing anything. The Government should be compelled to fulfill the Agreement and the MOU they had entered. The money spending to subvert the implementation and the man hours wastered if converted into money and added up would have gone a long way in meeting with what is in the Agreement. Let us be sincere to ourselves.

  2. The struggle is for the betterment of today, tomorrow and forever. I conducted i survey and i discovered that our university is not among the 400 top university in the world and not even among the top 10 university in Africa. Y? Poor infrastructures, overcrowded lectures hall, poorly equipped lab, etc. I so much believe in course of ASUU cause if we want our universities to attract global recognition then the fight is now. ASUU! Papa God go grease una elbows

  3. I believe both d govt n ASUU r wrong. it is said DAT wen 2elephants fyt d grass suffer. d students r d ones suffering. ASuu wants federal govt to fund both fed. n state universities, how is DAT possible? D universities generate dier own funds too from aptitude test, remedial n development levy. wia do dey kip dis money? Greed is just d oda of d day! no wonder late fella sang “suffering n smiling”

  4. Thumbs up to ASUU, if the educational systwem of nigeria not revive now, then I see no time wen it will be revived, our leaders has to put a stop in stealing ds countries wealth and turn to the building of this nation. If I am to be the president of nigeria, teachers wil be d highest paid workers….keep it up ASUU

  5. D people fighting 4 reviving d education system in nigeria ar supose to stop it to go nd figh 4 d revival of demselve. Cos dey wil never be consider as doctors, professors nd whatever dey cal demselve in dis developing world. Dey hav to cme out nd say it dat dey ar fighting 4 dere pocket only. And dey ar always comparing demselve wit d politicians while nobody stops dem frm joining d politics. Dis is stupidity sincerely speking.

  6. when ds country want change Mr President&committee?it has never good 4 once,Education died in Nigerian &mind u if ds country is change 2 good u wll be praise on d other 1 is a course 2u pple but my advice 2 u pple is 2 think& make amend bcz on d special judgement day u wll be ask how do u govern ur pple so be wise.

  7. Agreement is an Agreement. Federal Govt., try and implement the 2009 agreement, and see if ASUU will not call off d strike. Let us b sincere with ourselves. Federal Govt stop beating around the bush but rather hit d nail on the head. Do the right thing at the right time Federal Govt to enable students return to classrooms.

  8. I think the money dat our leaders used in building hotels where dey involve in dubious activities with our sisters and mothers if contributed by every one of dem 4 university infrastructure nigerian educational system must hav bin better off. Asuu pls kip the fire burning

  9. ASSU strike is politically influenced… we have so many sectors that need to be revived in this country… Goodluck wasn’t there when this agreement was made yet he has done something to show that he is concern. Mr. President please this load is becoming too much for you and this people are taking your calmness to be weakness… Boko harram issue is somewhere…. I remember someone vowed that he will make your government ungovernable for you…Most of this lecturers don’t even know what they teach…If I were in Mr President shoes I will start reviving nigeria education by screening this so called lectures who are not even qualified to be. Someone should answer why a lecturer will repeat exam questions each year… Because they don’t even make research… I’m a graduate and I studied computer science, imagine courses like Qbasic, Fortran and pascal are still in the university curriculm, those course should be thought in secondary schools as elementry science. Wht happened to Java, VB.NET, Oracle, and other advanced ICT course… There is Lack of employement because students lack the required skill to be employed… After my graduation I spent 300,000 naira in one of this ict institute to get me self prepared for employment. Those who can’t afford it will end up working in private secondary schools as teachers…Students Be Wise!!!

  10. Mr president i know you’ve try in fighting corruption and insecurity,try and emplement the 2009 agreement with ASUU and see if there will be a change in our educational sector.Our leaders should see it in the eyes of the spirit not of man.


  12. whatever a man sow that will he also reap. If he escape it, his children will come and drink of it. Assu, what if the fg should give you all the money and you end up doing nothing with it? What should we do to you people?. Fg try and give them the money and let see what assu will do.

  13. Though it is said that it is the grass that suffers when two elephants fights, for the sake that ASSU has taken a move to get what they were promised to be given,there is no need for them to call off this strike without achieving their goal…so ASSU,never relent until u get want u want….BRAVOO!!!!

  14. Asuu you are not hungry that is why all of you are saying what you are saying. The only means for I and my children to eat and stay healthy was blocked because of stupid strike. Most of you are lecturers in private universities and you forget there are other younger lecturers who are not attached anywhere. Pls call this strike off before we die of hunger.

  15. Please!Asuu And F.G Try To Resolved The Strike.Since,the Jonathan Be Stupide And The Nigerian Senate Did Not Do Anything To Impitched The President Because Deserve To Be Impitched.I Will Use This Opportunity To Call The Nigerian Students To Cameout And Demonstrate To Shows Other Countries The Inability To The Jonathan’s Govt.This Is The Only Solution.