CAN Accuses Aregbesola Of Islamising Osun


The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Tuesday declared that the recent decision by the Osun State Government to mix up some Muslim students with their Christian counterparts in missionary schools, hence having students who wear hijab in such schools, was a ploy to Islamise the state.

National General-Secretary of CAN, Rev. Musa Asake, in a statement issued in Abuja, said the move by the state Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, was part of a grand plan to systematically silence Christians in the state.

According to him, if the decision by the state government was not reversed, CAN would be left with no other option than to use legal means to resist such moves.

CAN also alleged that the plans to Islamise the state was not peculiar to the education sector alone, citing a recent loan purportedly secured by the state government from the Islamic Bank.

“We have been following the events in the state. To get to this point where they are trying to bring some Muslims to mix them with Christian students is a ploy. There is a no pretence about it and we are going to resist it. I totally disagree that the Islamisation of the state is not peculiar to the education sector alone. They have an agenda.

“If you follow the event in that state and the way the governor is going about doing his own things, he has an agenda. Why is he particular about Christian schools? If he really wants to promote education in that state, why can’t he build other schools? Why is he particular about Christian schools? We Christians can no longer fold our hands and allow them do what they want.”

Asake further accused the past and present governments of intentionally ignoring the plight of Christians, stressing that Christians had been reduced to second class citizens in their own country.

According to him, “40 years ago, under the supervision of a Christian minority head of state, General Yakubu Gowon, someone, somewhere brought the idea that mission schools should be taken over. Now watch! 40 years later, under the supervision of another Christian minority president, Goodluck Jonathan, almajiri schools have been introduced.

Osun State government, however dismissed CAN’s allegations as puerile and ignoble.

In a statement by the governor’s spokesman, Mr. Semiu Okanlawon, Aregbesola said: “It is most disheartening that the seething distrust and unhealthy rivalry among people of different faiths in Nigeria are the parameters which some people have decided to use to measure the actions of the governor of the state.

“For CAN to allege, once again, that Aregbesola is Islamising the state beats the imagination of every right-thinking people. This is the governor that has, for the first time, ensured fairness among people of all faiths. At least, it is on record that the three religions have at one time or the other accused the governor of promoting one religion over the other.

“What amounts to promoting one religion over the other in the thinking of the zealots is no more than the decision of the administration to allow people practise their faiths without any hindrance.”


  1. No matter what anybody does in trying to kill christanity, it is going to be a wasted effort, if ur religion is God oriented one why do u want to falese people to become a muslim against their will. If u are serving a true God let him fight for u, instead of fighting jehad.

  2. Seriously not to sound to judgemental but I have noticed that every now and then the diversity of religion is becoming thin. Everyone no offence but mostly muslims seem to comment if not about allowing underage marriage, they comment on the barbaric act done by anyone muslim to be correct. We have some jihadist killing people like goat, underage marriage, righht to religion being nearly cancelled by aregbesola & yet all here are muslims saying CAN are wrong for speaking out?I am sure there are no christians in islamic schools in osun state. I doubt a christian girl can register in a muslim school and not wear the head scarf..You can’t go to
    Mecca without covering your hair whereas you can go to jerusalem and practice free religion without being forced to practice someone elses religion simply because you’re in their country.

  3. This is planet earth ,God is in heaven ,let there be fairness so that we can make the world a better place, religion extrimism is a killer of progress ,countries aboad are developing there school standard and raising the level of learning nt forcing others against there own will ,this madness of fighting for God almighty is so sick .1 love

  4. To d christian folks, our mission is to make disciple of all nations, I think dis is an avenue to catch dem young, allow dem to mingle wit u bt neva stop preachin Christ n livin exemplary life to dem. JESUS IS LORD

  5. In all view, aregbesola want to islamise osun state truly. During last new year festival, there was a placade dat they wrote, happy new year to d muslim brothers, I was surprise to see such in a state where we have both religion. Y didn’t he miss some christian wt muslim student in there own school, y christian school. May God save us frm this man