EYE-JACULATION: Artist Squirts Paint Out Of Eye


They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder — never mind if that eye is clouded by paint.

Leandro Granato, an Argentinian artist, creates abstract paintings by snorting a watercolor mixture up his nose, and pushing it through a connection near his eye.

“When I decided I would do this for a living my whole family thought I was going crazy,” Granado told the Daily Mail. “But as time went by they began to understand the art I call eye-painting.”

Granato’s method is pretty weird, but in terms of medium he’s pretty tame.

Consider artist Tobias Wong’s gold poop pills, which are intended to make the user’s excrement sparkle.

Not quite your thing? Chilean artist Carina Ubeda saved five years worth of menstrual blood for an art installation.

“I can not wear pads because they trigger an allergic reaction,” Ubeda told Soy Chile.