Flexing Behind Bars: Tennessee Prisoners post Pictures and Video Of Drugs, Cash and Party on Facebook



While the idea of prison is to curtail ones freedom, it seems that tens of inmates in Tennessee are living life to the max, behind bars. Videos and pictures posted to around 100 prisoners personal Facebook pages show the convicts are surrounded by drugs, money and even get to party, despite being in jail. Inmates aren’t supposed to have even have internet access, let alone have their own cell phones which are forbidden in prisons.

A district attorney from West Tennessee says a change in the law has to occur to prevent postings like this from happening. Mike Dunavant has one federal prison, three state prisons, and five county jails in his district. He told WAFB that the prisoners are getting around a loophole in the law. For although it is illegal to bring a cell phone into prison, it is not illegal to posses one once inside. He says that law needs to be changed.

‘It’s certainly offensive to victims of crime and to citizens of this state who really expect inmates will not have access to the Internet, not have the luxuries of Facebook as we have,’ Dunavant said. He believes the prisoners behavior to be disturbing, offensive and dangerous. One inmate revels in being in the slammed: ‘Between me and you, this s*** ain’t half bad.’

The videos show the prisoners taking drugs, smoking, hoarding snacks, giving each other tattoos, and in one photograph, burning clothes inside a cell. On one video, a convicted murderer, Rivera Peoples, posted pictures and video, showing off his contraband iPhone he somehow got in prison to operate his Facebook page.

In another, an inmate asks Peoples how much money has collected while in prison. Peoples responds ‘I’m a thousand, definitely a thousand. ‘Other inmates show pictures of large amounts of cash as well. One picture shows an inmate showing off $200 while in prison and another shares the photo on his Facebook wall.

Other Facebook videos show inmates watching TV, singing and rapping. A convicted burglar Martez Wright posted videos of his exploits while in jail in Memphis. He is seen showing off what he claims is marijuana and then shows off various junk food and snacks he and his fellow inmates have managed to hoard.