Newlywed Couple Tries To Steal Everything In Their Hotel Room, Gets Caught



A UK couple took a lot more than the complimentary shampoo bottles during a recent stay at a luxury five-star hotel in South Wales.

Laura and Christopher Barnett were staying at the Morgans Hotel for Christopher’s birthday, six months after tying the knot. According to the Daily Mail, the couple allegedly stole almost everything from their room including the Egyptian cotton sheets, pillows, paintings and even the flatscreen TV.

But the would-be criminals didn’t get away with it. The staff grew suspicious when the Barnetts tried to argue their way out of a pay-per-view movie by saying their room didn’t have a TV. When one staffer went in to check the room, he found it stripped completely bare.

The Barnetts eventually confessed to the crime. Christopher was sentenced to jail for 16 weeks and Laura was given one year of community service.