Woman Gives Birth In Bookstore

Barnes & Noble in New York.

A woman gave birth to a baby boy in a California Barnes & Noble bookstore, authorities said.

The birth happened Friday at the Barnes and Noble in Torrance, Calif., the Los Angeles Times reported.

“This story begins with a call we got a little after 7:30 p.m. of a woman in labor in the bookstore,” said Capt. Steve Deuel of the Torrance Fire Department. “It was a little bit chaotic when we arrived because a lot of the customers didn’t know what was happening. But mom knew because it was not her first child.

“Upon examination, paramedics decided the delivery was imminent,” he said. “Our firefighters and paramedics are trained to do emergency deliveries in the field so everything went as planned — with the exception of her not being in the hospital.”

After giving birth, the woman and her son were transported to a local hospital where they were both in good condition, Deuel said.