I Held Michael Jackson’s Manhood Every Night – Personal Doctor


Dr. Conrad Murray in his first interview since being released from prison after spending two years for the death of Michael Jackson has said they were so close he “held his penís every night.”

In the bizarre, rambling interview, the doctor convicted of Jackson’s death painted a sad picture of The King of Pop’s final days as a physically broken 50-year-old filled with dread and self-doubt.

Jackson barely had control of his bodily functions, according to Murray.

“He wore dark trousers all the time because after he went to the toilet he would drip for hours,” he told The Daily Mail.

“You want to know how close Michael and I were? I held his penís every night. I had to put a condom catheter on him because Michael dripped urine. He had a loss of sensation and was incontinent.”

The ex-physician goes on to say, “Michael didn’t know how to put a condom on, so I had to do it for him.”

Murray was found guilty of injecting the singer with an overdose of Propofol that killed him on June 25, 2009. He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and spent nearly two years in jail.

Murray went on to say in the interview that Jackson gave himself lethal doses of anaesthesia after pleading for more drugs, and said that he was not responsible for his overdose.

“I did not kill Michael Jackson. He was a drug addict,” Murray said. “Michael Jackson accidentally killed Michael Jackson.”

“I believe he woke up, got hold of his own stash of propofol and injected himself. He did it too quickly and went into cardiac arrest.”

‘I never gave Michael anything that would kill him. I loved him. I still do. I always will,’ he exclusively tells the Mail On Sunday.

‘I tried to protect him but instead I was brought down with him.

‘It’s difficult when you ask me about Michael. There’s a void in my heart, a lingering pain. I miss him every day.’

Source: Dailymail


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