Man Gets Stuck In Chimney Trying To Rob House



Chimney:a structure, usually vertical, containing a passage or flue by which the smoke, gases, etc., of a fire or furnace are carried off and by means of which a draft is created.

This guy might have stolen Santa’s mode of home invasion, but he didn’t make off with anything else.

The Associated Press reports that Richard Tyler Brandon, 25, is accused of getting stuck in a chimney during a failed attempt to burglarize a Naples, Fla. home on Wednesday.

Brandon’s alleged accomplice, Derek Grenfell, told Naples police he tried to warn his friend not to go through with the ill-conceived heist.

“I said, ‘Dude, you’re not Santa Claus, what are you doing?'” Grenfell said, according to police.

Authorities were able to eventually free Brandon, who was not seriously injured.

“It took us 30 minutes of slowly applying pressure on the rope and pulling him out gingerly through that 15- to 18-foot space which obviously seemed like forever,” Fire Chief, Steve McInerny told KSHB.

Brandon is charged with two counts of burglary and Grenfell is charged with two counts of burglary accessory after the fact.

If Brandon had paid attention to Weird News headlines, he likely would have left the chimney shimmying to Santa.

Just two months ago, KOMO reported on a Washington man who was freed by Tacoma firefighters after his game of hide-and-seek ended in getting wedged inside an apartment building’s chimney.