N255m Bullet-proof Cars: Police Disperse Women Group Protesting Oduah’s Probe


A group of women, yesterday, in Abuja, staged a solidarity march for embattled Aviation Minister, Princess Stella Oduah, but were later dispersed by the Police.

About 50 women who took part in the protest, stormed the Federal Secretariat, chanting solidarity songs, while carrying placards with different inscriptions.

Some of the placards read “Leave Stella Oduah alone,” “Stella has transformed the aviation sector.”

The leader of the group, who identified herself as Rita Obu and President of Goodluck Jonathan Women Support Group, alleged that there was an attempt by Oduah’s political opponents to frame her up in the same manner they framed up Patricia Etteh, former Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“Is Stella Oduah the only minister or public officer for whom bullet-proof cars have been bought in this country?”

“What her male political opponents have done is to frame her up. Whenever any woman is appointed into any high office in this country, the men would go and rake up untidy things about her for the purpose of bringing her down.

“Have the men exposed other political office holders who are also riding bullet-proof cars?

“I want all these questions answered,” Obu said.


  1. that is totally rubbish talk from obu, which impact has she made in the aviation industry that is not conspicuous? that means if you mrs OBU have an opportunity you will embezzle more than she has done. BIRD OF SAME FEATHER.

  2. I totally agree wit u jejelowo. Mrs obu or whatever, is totally crazy. Firstly, y were dere only 50 ladies..Nigeria is blessed wit women I suppose. 3 crashes under her tutelage and obu calls dat transformation? if indeed she’s caring abt d security of d masses, y need bullet proof cars!.. @ such amount, it shows more fund r been stolen daily….may God expose dem all… Obu aw much is Oduah paying u for dis? Shame…

  3. Its a real shame whenever I read about corrupt officials in Nigeria and in my opinion the people they hire (which is obviously the case here) to voice support for them whilst leaving in abject poverty are have corrupted souls. This obu lady with her 50 cronies ought to be ashamed of how their actions sends the wrong message to their own communities.


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