Catholics Will Go To Hell – Chris Okotie


In what will be very shocking to some, and taken with a pinch of salt by others who has lost respect for the pastor who has married and divorced twice despite how much God hates divorce, according to the bible, Pastor Chris Okotie has said all Catholics in the world will go to hell.

The pastor of the Household of God Church gave his reason for condemning Catholics to hell as ‘because they worship Satan and are led by an Anti-Christ Pope who is a friend to the devil’. His assertion left his congregation stunned, Sunday, according to PM News.

Okotie said the Catholic Church was “a counterfeit church set up by Satan” and that Catholics “bow to idols and crucify Jesus every Sunday when they eat bread claiming they are eating Jesus’ body.”

“They are not Christians and have never been,” Okotie told a bewildered congregation.

“They don’t know Jesus. They believe that when they eat bread on Sundays, they are eating the body of Jesus. It’s ritual,” Okotie said.

He also alleged that Pope Francis is an Anti-Christ who does the job of the devil and that time is fast approaching when the Catholic church will pledge allegiance to Satan.

“The pope is an Anti-Christ and the Catholic church will soon declare for Satan. This is the end of times,” Okotie erupted.

He advised members of his church to come to the rescue of Catholics and evangelise them. This, he said, was not out of disrespect but out of respect for the word of God.

He said those who know the truth should bring it to those who do not know it in the Catholic Church.

Okotie said one of the Catholic most revered Popes, Pope John Paul 11, surrendered the Catholic Church to Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus Christ, instead of Jesus himself. He said even the current Pope Francis has also done same.

He said Catholics are not Christians and do not worship the same Christ that he preaches in his church, at least the one spoken about in the Bible.

Okotie admitted he did not write the Bible, but it was clear to him that those in the Catholic church were lost and were heading to hell fire.

“They don’t believe in heaven. They believe in purgatory, the purgatory that they invented,” Okotie said.

“That church, the Catholic church has been there for Satan and at the right time, they will declare for Satan,” Okotie said.

The controversial pastor who once said God told him he would lead Nigeria, said a beauty pageant will take place in his church next Sunday to select the most beautiful woman in his church.

This is not the first time Okotie is condemning a church or people to hell, he once said famous preacher and philanthropist, Prophet T.B. Joshua is the son of the devil and his followers will go straight to hell.


    • When you say worse, please be more explicit… Next time you have nothin good to write better dont bother writing shit. U call catholics worse, tell me the church you attend and i will prove it to you beyond reasonable doubts that the place you worship is nothing compared to a catholic church. u couldnt even spell CATHOLIC right. i believe you didnt go to a well groomed sunday school or a primary school… jeeeeeeeezzzz

  1. Wat a world…. Some pips be comdemin odas like dey are de most holy…. Well God is watchin dem…. But am interested in de beauty pageant o……. Hahhahahahhahaha … So after selectin de most beautiful lady in de church, wats gon happen? He gon take her as a third wife? May God forgive all ov us! Amen

  2. When madness is visiting an intelligent person, he at times think its an incresed wisdom from God. I always pitied this earthly-God-claimed-saved pastor and his lifestyle that doesn’t compliment christiandom. Well, its so surprising when a child insult its mother. Am not a catholic but I still believe, it is the mother church where all christian faith could be linked to either by rebellion or peaceful break ups. Why should I insult u Okotie, remove the name pastor and see how I will libel u!

  3. The mad pastor has started again. Between Catholic & his household church who is going 2 hell? All over d world Catholic Church is well recognised as d 1st church & so is been celebrated. Who knows Household church. I wonder hw someone who cal himself a man of God wil be condemning his fellow human being with their way of worship. Stupid Fools.

  4. Pastor chris okotie u ur self will go 2 hell cos †ђξ bible said judged not so dat u urself will not b judge do u want 2 tell me dat u are a servant of God and u are dressing ur hair like a woman and u contested 4 president and u are a pastor if u point a finger @ a person remember †ђξ other finger will b pointin @ u 2 so b careful if u don’t want †ђξ anger of God 2 desend on u rubish

  5. Na all of you wey dey attend Household of God Church will rot in hell. see someone who is judging who will go to hell.. A Divorcee who doesnt know his bearing is talking. You better keep your mouth shut because you are a bad example for others. This useless pastor too is talking. you will see yourself in hell soon.

  6. Devil Okotie (not Chris okotie) is a demented, deranged amorous pastor whose art in trade is condemnation of other churches which he feels dominates his own church. A false prophet to the core. Shall we question the state of the mind of his faithfuls or followers?

  7. Pastor chris okotie was once a catholic and his poor mother was a helper in the catholic church!! What do u expect from a sex pervert like chris okotie!! He is a total failure, man who couldn’t make a home don’t even have a family, he just making money out of his celebrated followers. This man contested for presidency and lost, he was a musician dat never made headway!! He is just bitter! I pity him cos he will die of aids.

  8. Am a Catholic faithfull,those images of Christ u called idols are the images of Jesus himself but if u don’t accept i ha a question for u take photographs or not?if u do why,read your BIBLE very well may be its because u read your BIBLE at random that’s why u will not know that catholics always celebrate Christ and not crucifying him.Jesus said,u are PETER and on u i build my church on earth,anything u loose on earth is loosen in heaven and anything u tie on earth its also tied in heaven.tell me who is that PETER?CATHOLICS WILL NOT JUDGE U RATHER GOD WILL DO THAT.WHEN u criticiseMARY MOTHER OF JESUS,TELL ME U DON’T HOUNOR YOUR MOTHER.1 OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS SAID HONOUR YOUR MOTHER AND YOUR FATHER.MANY FAKE PROPHETS WILL COME IN HIS NAME,JESUS SAID SO,WE ARE NOT SUPRISE AT YOUR WORDS.I WILL RATHER DIE A CATHOLIC THAN ABANDON MY FAITH.LONG LIVE THE WORD OF GOD!long LIVE POPE FRANCIS!!long LONG LIVE CATHOLIC FAITHFULLS WORLD WIDE..!

  9. U see, d fact speaks for itself. It is clearly shown dat dis so called pastor okotie still has a long way to go in d Bible. he shud go nd study d WORD of d LORD very well nd allow d SPIRIT of GOD speak tru him nd not him “a mortal man” condeming everyone he sees to hell. “Do not judge that u may not be judged, for d judgement u pronounce u’ll be judged” Matt. 7:1-2

  10. Please my dear friends. Just pray for him. He needs prayers. Condemning him will mean doing the same thing he just did. I am a born Catholic and will be for life and heaven is my goal. That is also my prayer for all humanity including Rev Okotie

  11. U call ursef a pastor and u still tlk or judge pple goin to hell. Re u God? Who gav u d right to judge, do u v respect for God as a pastor dat u re? Abeg who dey go dis man church? Wud advice u redraw cus dis man aint showin a good example of heaven candidate.

  12. Dis guy is d most confused human being av eva known.. I can’t even call him a pastor cos a pastor won’t sound like dis. I still seriously wonder d kind of pple dat go to his church, I wonder whether he conjured somtin on dem dat dey r blinded n cannot see thru him… Som1 dat is conscious abt making money, som1 dat keeps getting married n divorcing, now its a beauty pageant in his church to determine d most beautiful woman.. Watz d meaning of dat one now, or does he want to make dat one his fourth wife!! Only God knows those dat r truly serving him… Button line, church cannot save, only Jesus saves

  13. My church cannot save me
    and your church cannot save
    you. This is because no
    church died for us. No pope,
    no bishop, no pastor, no
    evangelist can save us, because none of them died
    for us. But here is the name
    of the one who did die for us.
    Only Jesus saves!, and JESUS alone . Come to him today and be save God bless you

  14. We are all striving for perfection & we shouldn’t be a judges over ourselves. There are better ways of confronting the one’s that we presume weak. Let’s leave the judgements & hell sentences to the one is ever perfect, the Lord of lord’s & King of kings.

  15. he’s speaking out of musical negative inspirations of his olden days..but am not a catholic o o o o …so you catholics should examine your grassroot and find out the truth about your denominational foundation.

  16. God said marry 1 wife, psto christ has married n divorce twice, God said “I hate divorce” pasto chris said “Divorce is my hobby” God said “Multiply n fill d earth” pasto chris said “No, I would be having sex wit beautiful women n divorce them later”.Pastor chris is nt qualify to condem any 1. He is a failure in preaching God’s world,keeping a home, he should 1st deliver himself from inpotency,lies,deceit etc b4 condeming catholics.I remain catholic 4 life.

  17. If Catholics do not believe in The Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior or be born again they will surely go to hellike any other Christian…….stop worshiping Mary and bowing down to her image, while the bible gives her the honor she deserves she cannot pray for you or forgive your sins…..there is nothing like purgatory, when you die comes judgement and it’s either heaven or hell……Mary is not God so stop worshiping her….I do not believe in the Catholic Church however I know some Catholics who are born again and have become charismatic…..

  18. Okotie be careful with what your saying, stop being stupid nd foolish; if you didnt repent, you will perish…….. and anybody that criticise Catholic church should get ready to battle with God…… Okotie and co…. please give your life to JESUS, no one can fool God…..
    Catholic church is the church founded by JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF….. thaz why he gave Peter the apostle to be the head after HE departed…….. Catholic church is not like the Awilo churches that are deceiving themselves. the holy communion is what God ask the world to do in the remembrance of HIM. OKOTIE, repent and pray that God will give you d grace so that a Catholic priest will lay his hands upon you before you die…….
    we honor Mary the mother of JESUS as you honor your ordinary mother on earth. we dont worship her, but also remmba that d Bible recorded that,God has given her the grace nd power above the world nd above, talkless of OKOTIE s mother nd OKOTIE himself that calls himself pastor…… be worn nd ask GOD for mercy or you perish……….

  19. Mr pastor if i may ask u…(1)could u give me the definition of pastor? ,( 2) what was ur grand father’s religion b4 he died?,(3)when was Bible found?,where was it found?, who found it? and which language was it written? (4)where was u and ur ancestors when a foreigner brought Christianity to nig for the first time ? (5)what year did u go to church for the first time?,who brought Bible to nig?, who teach u Bible?,what do u know about the Bible?(6)what year was catholic church found? and what year was ur church found?…….he who points one finger to another note that three is pointing on u…….. gud preacher, that’s what ur congregation want to hear so they we get u new more customers to solicit money from to buy ur own private Jet, hahahaha……….wuhuuuuuu!!! all of u that steal money from the poor nigerians and enrich ur families and businesses in the name of salvetion & tithe, creating more poorverty and family problems to each and every family in nig in the name of church will soon get punished cos the people are not learned, as for me… am a faithful catholic member, u and ur house hold we never get me……..better tell ur self and the people truth and be saved than to die sinful and shameful death cos the Bible was not found by me and u neither was it found by a blackman if u dont know what to preach better quit and join the political crew which was ur first agenda anywhere and continue stealing the money there instead of church church…………..though i will not vote for u cos i don’t know where u belong to, the politics, the musician, or the clergy work….. wifes and divorcees…. Mr man go and identify yourself oooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. This plenty abuse will nt solve the situation posed by pastor but i ques he should be given more time through other pastors to expatiate what he mean by his words and that is why we have leaders of religions faith, they should take up with him now

  21. This is the rantings of a confused man. As far as I am concerned, Okotie is not worthy to make any assertion relative to God let alone condemning those who will go to hell or not. He is already in hell having married twice and divorced twice contrary to God’s position on marriage. He is indeed a shame to the pastorate. I pity those who follow this shameless and deceitful man that is suppose to bury his face in shame.

  22. The self made Pastor. did not practice the law profession he studied, neither music cum politics favour him, then venture into Pastoring, seeking self acclaimed person, ventured into thrice marriage all to no avail, while in school he was not an expert to his learning, now as a Pastor, he needs prayers and caution to work instead of condemning Catholics all over the world and his church that is only in one city Lagos, Nigeria. He is seeking notice or runs out of members and money.This sentence attributed t Chris Okotie said, is out of context, Catholics Will Go To Hell – Chris Okotie

  23. Can this lover-boy of a pastor tell the world what his bible says about marriage? So pastor Okotie, when you marry and divorce, marry again and divorce … again and again, are you heading to Heaven? The leopard cannot change his skin … that’s why a beauty contest is taking place in your church to select the most beautiful girl … and for what? So that you may try your hands again in another marriage? Why play God, and condemn others? Know you that only God can judge people in matters of faith. By the way can you tell the world the origin of your church? Is it that God “called” you in a music theatre to become pastor? If you have nothing to preach in your church, why not concentrate in the beauty contest holding in your church. Why dabbling ignorantly in matters you know little or nothing about? Learn to run the race, spiritual race, and leave judgment to God. May God forgive you for blaspheming!

    • pastor okotie used to be my model in the early 80s when he was a rave of the moment as one of the pioneering hiphop artist in this country.but his life started taking a downward trend when he started having issues with his first wife and his dabbling into politics cum problems with his church women i.e ronnie &co.i have read many of his books no doubt he is a man with brilliance and i used to respect him a lot until he lied on God that he had been chosen by HIM TO BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY.Today okotie is no more than a man that has been deluded and eccentric because of myriad of psychology problems he is having now.Everyone knows that catholic church still remain the most reliable and unwavered church is the foundation of all churches.while his church and other s are employing many means to exploit hapless and innocuous people of their properties and enriching themselves at the expense of innocents,catholic church stands firm and trusted as the church that christ himself built.that is why we have apostle peter as the first pope.God will forgive you pastor okotie because i still love you

  24. Pastor chris Okotie,You are a figure so many look up to as a role model,whether as a pastor,or as a man of high intellect;i personally respect your office,or title:PASTOR.However,Judgement belongs to God,not man.The Bible says,God had given the authority to judge to JESUS CHRIST alone;thus as a pastor in the body of christ(the church),your responsibility is to preach christ and win souls for God’s kingdom,and not to condemn,or pass judgement on any person,or a group of persons.So Child(man) of God,Please retrace your steps.God bless!

  25. Neither is there salvation in any other:for there is none other name under heaven given among men, where by we must be saved (Acts 4:12) tis Jesus name only that can save humanity from perishing. He is gate key entrance to the kingdom of his Father (GOD) so, if you are calling any other name, according hw the Holy Bilbe has said, that means your effort is a wasted effort in ternity to come, repent and be saved BY the Name JESUS….GOD bless you all.

  26. We have a freedom of thought but people should be mindful of their sacrilegious thought to the anointed men of God and children of God before we invite hellfire to ourselves. Be warned. I appealed to my fellow born again Catholics to stand firm in their faith and in Jesus Christ for this is the end time. God bless Catholics and through Christians.

  27. Well he is not in d pOsition 2 jugde but if he insist he should begin with himself.all man shall before God in judgement n not all is better d church is handed to mary who was a perfect mortal than a mere man with common mistakes like him. I was born a catholic ,I still am n will die one.glory 2 Jesus n honour to mary. Haters back off or get hurt. Our faith is catholic n we are PROUD!

  28. I am a staunch catholic. He is saying this out of love for us catholics and for our salvation, and not just out of sheer condemnation. He will loose his peace if he fails to tell us this ‘truth’. He feels compelled by the ‘Spirit’ to tell us this. I don’t blame him. He is saying this out of his ‘personal’ conviction about what the catholic church is. Whenever this conviction changes, he will change. But if this conviction does not change, he will stand his ground. I LOVE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THIS KIND OF COURAGE TO SPEAK OUT WHAT THEY FEEL IS THE TRUTH THAN THOSE WHO KEEP QUIET IN THE NAME OF MAINTAINING PEACE/NOT OFFENDING ANYONE. FAITH-CONVICTIONS SHOULD STRONG/RADICAL AND NOT TIMID/EMPATHIC.

  29. I don’t really know why people should border themselves with the issue of someone looking for cheap popularity and recognition,do we need a soothsayer to tell us that he Kris okotie has lost his loci- stand i hence he is trying all possible means to get integrated back to the society,and unfortunately for him he believe that the best way for him to do this is to attack the one Holy catholic and Apostolic church, it is a pity because one adage says that a dog that wants to lost in the forest does not hear the hunters whistle.I pray that God will have mercy on him because he is committing sacrilege and drawing curse upon himself.If I were you pastor Kris okotie but can never be, I will openly ask God Almighty to redirect me because I have lost track ,then ask for a genuine repentance and accept JESUS CHRIST as my LORD and personal saviour,by so doing you will see the Hand of GOD in your life.

  30. May God have mercy on u (Chris Okotie), and judge u according to your words. Judge others not and concentrate on your own church.
    Now if i may ask, from which church did other church originated?
    Some of the signs that are been done in other church are from Catholic church.
    Chris Okotie, watch your mouth and be careful.

  31. Madness have taken over him, the hip of prayers and causes set on his head by his ex-wives are following him, Sorry the Catholic Church is as solid as the Rock. You know God had called you before to rule Nigeria to no avail now you want to face the Church, Shame unto you, I pity your followers.

  32. yes he might not be a good example to married men… but actually how many people here can boast of their virginity? dont u fink that d sin of Fornication is worst? so becos hes a divorcee he shouldnt speak d truth abi? what kind of pope would allow gay marriage?.. c een my fellow christains here its tym we take d bull by d horn.. Catholics should come out from that cult mary is not d mother of God.. and d real men that are knights are strong OCCULTIC MEN. so stop deceiving urselves

  33. pastor chris okotie said the truth. Lord Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and life, no one comes to the Father except through me” – john 14:6. From the above bible passage, Lord Jesus was simply telling us that u can only pray to the Father through Him, not through pope or mary earthly mother of Christ. The bible instructs us in exodus 20:3-6 that we should not bow or worship any image. And also there is no place in the bible where pugatory is mentioned. Please if u r a catholic member, leave the church (catholic) before you cry had i know.

  34. MR chris is a disgrace to Christianity, he is a falls prophet who receives messages from the pit of hell as he is indeed from hell.A shameless flirt who know nothing except divorcing of women. His congregation is reducing drastically by day and his madness increasing rapidly. Mr chris, hw do u think u can make yourself religiously popular by castigating other churches. you have failed as a person, your famly and your church.

  35. Pastor Christ, Look at your life. Are you not the Agent of the Devil?. The Greatest Commandment Of God is Love And Forgiveness. Is that what you are doing in your assertion on The Catholic Church. At least for sure, Catholic Church is older than you and will outlive you. You need Psychiatrist attention.

  36. Wow! This is too Bad! Bible said we should not judge, no body have the right to Condemned any church.
    God only knows the people that is worshipping him diligently, how can one just come up with this kind of sad news.
    Please Brothers and Sister let us quick to judge some one, let learn how to mind our business in life, remember bible said touch not my annointing and do my prophet no harm
    Let us learn how to accomudate others not killing some one with our mouth.

  37. There are s0me element of truth in his ‘n0nsence’. How can s0me pipu be worshippn image of Jesus n Mary and forsakim God, wen God says we must n0t anytin we made by our hand. their priest also refused 2 get married,thereby breakin d wil of God in gardn of Eden which says:increase and multply and fill d earth.

  38. I admit of mix feelings in times like this when emotions are flowing so uncontolably. Pst. Okotie by his assertion may want to learn more about the Catholic Church through peoples’ reaction. But I am more concerned about some comments made by some indicisive christians who are without directions. The Catholic Church recognizes Blessed Virgin Mary as the mother of Jesus Christ and as the true mother of the church. The Catholic Church does not worship the Blessed Mary but honours her. If you do not like it, God likes it. You do not recognize her because you do not have understanding and not led by the holy spirit . I know some people are busy looking for the verse in the Bible or waiting for when Christ would ask the world to recognize His mother. You can’t love the son if you don’t love the mother. A goat does not give birth to a dog. But what of you that worships your pastors because he tells you that your problems are over, you will become rich tomorrow. The time shall come when the whole wide world would recognize mother of Christ and honour her, untill then, the world would not come to an end.

  39. May God have mercy on U. For judging, U r already doomed urself! Wake Up, U r so blinded by ignorance, bitterness n frustration. R U GOD to judge, it seems is only ur congregation dat wil mak heaven bt I wish dere r knowledgeable christians in ur church who shud make a run for deir lives cus U r so hell oriented!

  40. True worship is to recognise God as one and only,and worship Him in His Oneness,not associating partnership wit Him;not saying God is three in One,Jesus is son of God,or that Jesus is God. All these sayings are baseless and undefined,and can’t be found even in the Bible itself. The earlier we worship Him in His Oneness, the better for us. May God guide us to the straight path that leads to Him

  41. For Chris, I am not surprised. People like us watch him grow and know his antecedents. The Bible says by their fruits, we shall know them. From his birth and secondary school days to date, what has changed? Nothing! Despite the investment which the Catholic Church made on him to train him bring him proper, he is still a lost sheep. From a separated background to love, social and sexual fling in Lagos clubs singing and praising sexuality, to his marital life and escapades with females in his “church”. What has changed? Nothing? You can’t give what you don’t have!!! He has been Deviant in his upbringing, an escapee, no morals, he was evasive as a catholic despite his catholic education. At last he just perched on a soft landing – church!! But attitude is everything, character cannot be hidden. Jesus Christ ordered his disciples and apostles at the last supper when performing his greatest miracle on earth – conversion of bread to his body and wine to his blood that “must” be shed. He instructed – “do this in remembrance of me” Whoever cannot drink my blood and eat my flesh cannot share with me in my father’s kingdom. But bible quotation won’t help him. He reads his bible with a mindset – self service. He needs a divine intervention!!! I still believe he can change though. If Saul changed and became the most lettered of all the apostles after severe attacks on christians. Chris will repent some day, become Christopher and use his tongues to reverse his evil utterances and condemnation of Jesus Christ 10 times over in Jesus Names I pray. Amen!!!

  42. It’s is preposterous,horrendous and terrible,to say the least for a supposed Pastor,who is supposed to be conversant with the Word to make such assertions. I have seen very good practicing Christians who are Catholics. If Pst Okotie is conversant with the scriptures,he will know that he is just being a Pharisee. All the same, let God be the judge. When we get to heaven,we will know who and who is antichrist. Those that live in glass houses must not throw stones. We are all the children of the same father. Pls Pastor get busy with your work,pray for all Christians especially the endangered Catholics and yourself too. And leave judgement and condemnation to God. I believe there are many issues you can lend your views to that are more important than the continuous aspersions you cast on others. May God in His infinite mercy help us all especially you.

  43. pastor chris who ordained u a pastor? It quite unfortunate dat all forms of characters are found in d house of God. U’ve contested d presidential how many times nd u said dat God asked u 2 contest. Y shud we take ur words serious, when u cud stoop so low 2 lie with d name of d almighty? How women have u got married to?. The bible told us dat by their fruit u shall know them. 4rm ur life style, u need salvation more than d catholics

  44. The Rosary is found in Luke 1:28, 42. Pls before you accuse the catholics falsely, know your facts.
    For BiBlical reference of the queenship of Mary, know this:
    1) She is Queen because she is the Mother of the Lord, also called the Messianic King (see: Col 1:16; Lk 1:32; Lk 1:43).
    2) She is Queen because she is wholeheartedly associated with her Son’s salvific work (Rv 12:5).
    3) She is Queen because she is the perfect disciple of Christ (Rv 2:10; 3:21).
    The knights of the Church are the defenders of faith, they don’t need any BiBlical reference. If u say they do, then u will give me a BiBlical reference for ‘ministers of hospitality and prayer warriors you have in your Church.
    For confession, have the patience to read all these:
    I. Sacred Scripture:JesusChrist Granted the Apostles His Authority to Forgive Sins
    John 20:21– before He grants them the authority to forgive sins, Jesus says to the apostles, “as the Father sent me, so I send you.” As Christ was sent by the Father to forgive sins, so Christ sends the Apostles and their successors to forgive sins.
    John 20:22– the Lord “breathes” on the Apostles, and then gives them the power to forgive and retain sins. The only other moment in Scripture where God breathes on man is inGen. 2:7, when the Lord “breathes” divine life into man. When this happens, a significant transformation takes place.
    John 20:23– Jesus says, “If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven. If you retain the sins of any, they are retained.” In order for the apostles to exercise this gift of forgiving sins, the penitents must orally confess their sins to them because the Apostles are not mind readers. The text makes this very clear.
    Matt. 9:8– this verse shows that God has given the authority to forgive sins to “men.” Hence, those people who acknowledge that the Apostles had the authority to forgive sins (which this verse demonstrates) must prove that this gift ended with the apostles. Otherwise, the Apostles’ successors still possess this gift. Where in Scripture is the gift of authority to forgive sins taken away from the Apostles or their successors?
    Matt. 9:6; Mark 2:10– Christ forgave sins while in His human nature to convince us that the “Son of man” has authority to forgive sins on earth.
    Luke 5:24– Luke also points out that Jesus’ authority to forgive sins is done as the God-man. The Gospel writers record this to convince us that God has given this authority to men. This authority has been transferred from Christ to the Apostles and their successors.
    Matt. 18:18– the Apostles are given authority to bind and loose. The authority to bind and loose includes administering and removing the temporal penalties due to sin. This was understood from the earliest days of the Church.
    John 20:22-23; Matt. 18:18– the power to remit/retain sin is also the power to remit/retain punishment due to sin. If Christ’s ministers can forgive the eternal penalty of sin, they can certainly remit the temporal penalty of sin.
    2 Cor. 2:10– Paul forgives in the name and presence of Christ (some translations refer to the presence of Christ as “in persona Christi”). Some say that this may also be a reference to sins.
    2 Cor. 5:18– the ministry of reconciliation was given to the ambassadors of the Church. This ministry of reconciliation refers to the sacrament of reconciliation,also called the sacrament of confession or penance.
    James 5:15-16– in verse 15 we see that sins are forgiven by the priests in the sacrament of the sick. This is another example of man’s authority to forgive sins on earth. Then in verse 16, James says, “Therefore, confess your sins to one another,” in reference to the men referred to in verse 15, the priests of the Church.
    1 Tim. 2:5– Christ is the only mediator, but He was free to decide how His mediation would be applied to us. The Lord chose to use priests of God to carry out His work of forgiveness.
    Leviticus: 5:4-6; 19:21-22– even under the Old Covenant, God used priests to forgive and atone for the sins of others.
    II. The Necessity and Practice of Orally Confessing Sins
    James 5:16– James clearly teaches us that we must “confess our sins to one another,” not just privately to God. James 5:16 must be read in the context of James 5:14-15, which is referring to the healing power (both physical and spiritual) of the priests of the Church. Hence, when James says “therefore” in verse 16, he must be referring to the men he was writing about in verses 14 and 15 – these men are the ordained priests of the Church, to whom we must confess our sins.
    Acts 19:18– many came to orally confess sins and divulge their sinful practices. Oral confession was the practice of the early Church just as it is today.
    Matt. 3:6; Mark 1:5– again, this shows people confessing their sins before others as an historical practice (here to John the Baptist).
    1 Tim. 6:12– this verse also refers to the historical practice of confessing both faith and sins in the presence of many witnesses.
    1 John 1:9– if we confess are sins, God is faithful to us and forgives us and cleanses us. But we must confess our sins to one another.
    Num. 5:7– this shows the historical practice of publicly confessing sins, and making public restitution.
    2 Sam. 12:14– even though the sin is forgiven, there is punishment due for the forgiven sin. David is forgiven but his child was still taken (the consequence of his sin).
    Neh. 9:2-3– the Israelites stood before the assembly and confessed sins publicly and interceded for each other.
    Sir. 4:26– God tells us not to be ashamed to confess our sins, and not to try to stop the current of a river. Anyone who has experienced the sacrament of reconciliation understands the import of this verse.
    Baruch 1:14– again, this shows that the people made confession in the house of the Lord, before the assembly.
    1 John 5:16-17; Luke 12:47-48– there is a distinction between mortal and venial sins. This has been the teaching of the Catholic Church for 2,000 years, but, today, many people no longer agree that there is such a distinction. Mortal sins lead to death and must be absolved in the sacrament of reconciliation.Venial sins do not have to be confessed to a priest, but the pious Catholic practice is to do so in order to advance in our journey to holiness.
    Matt. 5:19– Jesus teaches that breaking the least of commandments is venial sin (the person is still saved but is least in the kingdom), versus mortal sin (the person is not saved).
    -Youcanconfess your sins directly to God, but the Sacrament is the “Ordinary Means” by which our sins are forgiven, because it was directly willed and given to us by Christ.
    who DARES says what the Catholic Church does isn’t BiBlical. Is it Bcos we deliBerately keep silent in d face of criticizms.
    The gentle striding of a Tiger is not a sign of its cowardice

  45. I’m so pissed! Whoever knows who Chris Oktie is or has his number should submit it here let me give him a piece of my mind. Or the person could give him mine 08068358058. Let him call me and I will educate him. It is evident to me that he does not read his bible. That man is seriously not a man of God, given all he has said about the Catholic Church. I’m serious, let him call me and I will evangelize him with his own BiBle (I hope he has one). This is applicable to all those who have some confusions about the teachings of the Catholic Church and where references to them could be fond in the BiBle. When someone does not know the truth about something, or the reasons people do what they do he or she should ASK and not sit in his or her armchair and make hasty conclusions and assumptions.

  46. “I NEED SOMEONE”, you really need the still small voice to calm your nerves and brain mechanism down! Many more like him are going to be exposed, mark my word as they continue to preach self-piety and church. All the movements that has followed the world rather than Christ must plead for His mercies and read the WORD or face the wrath of God on the last day. I am at sea with all these titles people arrogate themselves “man of goose”. I know one thing for sure that, I am a sinner, broken, contrite and seeking God’s grace and so is everyone for all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. Everyone is in a race with outcome only determined/predestinated from the foundation of the world whereby only God knows those who are His. All the self-styled judges needs our prayers and not our condemnations especially those who are hiding and indoctrinating their members against one church or another. I am afraid, we are seeing another Saul that will end up at Endor. God, please forgive our brother Chris or thy will be done!

  47. Chris Okotie is an adulterous pervert.He will go to hell cos not only is he deceiving himself he is also leading his followers astray i suggest you go and ask God for forgiveness and write an open apology letter to the Pope and the Catholic church on your comments or face the wrath of doom on you in no distant time.

  48. Hahahahahahaha!!okotie u jus moved d holy spririt 4rm his seat u jus put ur life in2 trouble u will kip talking abt church rapture will take place nd u c dat anti christ in ur life,d bible u kip carrying everyday buh u dnt read them pamping ur head cox u dnt knw is sin ur member wear different false garment wen u kip preparing them 4 hell,the people u preach 2 ve nt yet make up wif their God nd u kip tormenting ur grave.okotie be warned nd give ur life 2 christ cox his d finisher nd begininer of all faith,am nt here 2 condemn cox condemnation of annoited men is a sin b4 d almighty all I ve 2 tell u is ammend ur ways b4 its 2 late nd God will always ve d hrt 2 take u bak make peace will ur divorce wife cox d bible condemns them nd kal them adulteress so do dat nd prepare ur way 4 d cumin of christ dats all I ve 2 say!make ur way 4 his cumin

  49. Catholic CHURCH IS THE CHURCH OF CHRIST HIMSELF and going to heaven in my own view is from what you did not the church you attend except for the churches that have already been marked to DOOM. well, i am not surprised. he alone knows why he is condemning the original church handed over to us by CHRIST himself. on that day of recony, we shall see who sees ALMIGHTY GOD face to face. I rest my case for GOD to judge us all.

  50. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…spiritual matters…!
    When you are truly born again, you’ll know the truth… the Bible clearly states that spiritual things are spiritually discerned. There is absolutely no way a natural man will understand the things o the spirit…

  51. Just find out how to be Born Again, & comply, then WHAM…your eyes will be open & you’ll know the truth… t
    the Holy Writ says you’ll not need anyone to teach you, but the anointing & d Holy Spirit will teach you, & there is no way you’ll ever be deceived. Shalom

  52. Self Appraisal, self standard, self compliance and self deceit is the beginning of complexity in life. God never lies. We were clearly informed that as it was in beginning, so shall it be, world without end. Satan is very clever and crafty. He beams a golden and attractive light which many are now seeing despite the warning of Christ that MANY will come, rise and proclaim in my names. Not all that call the names Jesus will enter the kingdom of God. Jesus made it clear – “Peter you are Simon (the rock) and upon you I will build my church” There is no other intelligent or academic interpretation that can manouvre these straightforward statement of Christ. The Church Leadership from Apostle Peter to date is on record, traceable and well known to all that belongs. But man for economic gains and the weaknesses of majority are attracted to the NEW LIGHT beamed by Satan. Many are getting called daily by Satan. Bethren discern the call like Samuel did by going to Eli for verification and confirmation. The call you hear might be a Satanic call and the Light you see might be a Satanic Light no matter how attractive and golden it seems. Not all that gilters are Gold. Satan is recruiting and continue to recruits. He vowed not to go alone and he comes in different dimensions. Close your eyes so that the Light you see today might not blind you permanently. My ten pence.

  53. am a cathoic. Jesus when he visited his disciple revealed himself by braking of bread and told his disciples 2 do it inmemory of Him. chris read ur bible. we honour Mary neva worship Her. okotie u called Pope anti-christ. i hv no word 4 u leave 4 God. christ 4m day watch ur life God wil show u Himself 4 sin against holy spirit is un4givable. may u mind judge u okotie

  54. am a cathoic. Jesus when he visited his disciple revealed himself by braking of bread and told his disciples 2 do it inmemory of Him. chris read ur bible. we honour Mary neva worship Her. okotie u called Pope anti-christ. i hv no word 4 u leave 4 God. christ 4m day watch ur life God wil show u Himself 4 sin against holy spirit is un4givable. may u mind judge u okotie. okotie know it that one Hail Mary ís 2much 4 u


  56. I’m nt a catholic neither do I attend household of God church.
    But the buttom line is, we re blaming Chris for what he said whereas we re also cursing him.
    Whether he is a pastor or nt is nobody’s business, we re nt in a position to judge that; let God be the judge of that.
    If he feels all catholic will go to hell, I think he has a freedom of speech bt one thing am sure of is that; he is nt God cos only God will judge who and who is going to hell.