Kemi Olunloyo: “I am proud to Cancel Pastor Adeboye’s Rally In Ibadan” – Insults Him Again


Controversial Canada-based socialite who landed the country after being deported from Toronto in August of last year is claiming authority over the capital city of Oyo State, Ibadan.

Kemi Olunloyo grew popular from her constant insults and exposing of Pastors on her Facebook page.

The latest Pastor on her agenda is the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.

Hours after a scheduled rally at Adamasingba stadium was cancelled by Pastor Adeboye, Kemi has taken credit for the cancellation.

Hear was she told her fans yesterday:

  People are starving on the streets and many don’t have light or water. Adeboye is not planning to move around the city today to give to the poor. Instead, he is planning to cause fanatical gridlock around Adamasingba.

I simply told RCCG, I will organize a poverty PROTEST. Take that rally to Borno state. He’s heading to Ilorin now in his private jet.

#BREAKING Adeboye’s trip to Ibadan tomorrow CANCELLED!
No more rally at Adamasingba stadium.
This city does not need fanatism.
7 days to go!

I am the MOST hated woman in Nigeria now just like Kim Kardashian is the most hated in America. We are LOVING it.  BE HATED! Don’t HATE!
RCCG COUNTDOWN: ZERO more days and its over for Pastor Adeboye.

Good Morning Ibadan. To all my REAL loyal fans in this city, THANK U for helping me SUCCEED in stopping Adeboye’s Expressway church from infiltrating our city.

We don’t need all that here. Our people are starving on the streets and many don’t have light or water. Adeboye is not planning to move around the city today to give to the poor. Instead, he is planning to cause fanatical gridlock around Adamasingba and a total disaster that will cost our city MONEY we have to pay the NPF to direct traffic and many of you stuck under Mokola bridge on your way to Shoprite for food shopping.

Take that nonsense elsewhere. I counted down here that it WON’T happen cos GOD said so. Not today, I wrote them that I will organize a huge protest disrupting his preaching. We don’t want fanatical Christianity anymore.

On a related note, Kemi is also believing that God will give her a husband for Christmas, LOL!!


    • It is you fanatic that has loose screws in your head. The lady is right. Most of our pastors are dirty perverts and LIARS. I love the lady for her boldness.

  1. What i believ is that,no body on earth can disturb d work of GOD except he doesn’t wnt to do it. so oluloyo kemi she can’t stop d Wrk of GOD dis is a person dt was repatriated to 9ja frm Canada she need d touch of GOD.

  2. You keep complaining of poor people living on the streets .Since when did it become the duty of clergy men to solely cater for the poor. what then is the duty of the government?did adeboye make them poor?
    You accuse him of being gay and a cultist. do you know what defamation of character is?
    I dare you to make un guided statements about other faiths and know your fate
    …finally,..”The gentility Of a tiger should not be seen as an act of cowardice”..

  3. The rally was held and it was successful or what’s she talking about. This girl is mentally ill and l suggest she’s taking to the rehabilitation centre at Abeokuta for care b4 she enter the street naked or go anď meet the man of God pst E A Adeboye 4 prayers so that you continue to live a normal life.

  4. The woman is reigning curses for herself and family. She had better repent before it becomes too late for her. For the wrath of God is more than tsunami.

  5. As many that will live righteously in Christ Jesus must suffer persecution and i know that this will make Pastor Adeboye stronger in Jesus name amen!

  6. jst say amen i knw u r lukin 4 popularity yes in poverty u wil b knwn in barrenness u wil b kwn in maddness u wil b knw in crazines u b kwn by d tym The God Of Adeboye Is True Wt U Ur Lyf Wil Neva Remain D Same

  7. Baba pls pray for ds demon-possessed lady. She is attackin Baba bcos her day of deliverance has almost come. Remember d day a mad man confronted Jesus and was about to attack him. Alas, Jesus delivered him and commanded the demons in him to go into the swine in a nearby yard. Baba pls do ds for Kemi Olunloyo as well she is not herself.

  8. Olunloyo her father is one of d worst and most clueless governors in west Africa. There was a time we learnt he was having mental issues. I believe it is a hereditary thing in their family. So little wonder she behaves like this.

  9. I see a frustrated old single woman talking..since you re so concerned about d poor on d streets,y not take up d responsibility of making them comfortable..SMH

  10. God have mercy on her. She needs a lot of prayers & not curses maybe her own is not up to dat of Mary Magdalene until she met christ. Just pray for her.

  11. Aja tori ni tio yoo, tio ba ri ni tio gbo blev dere’s smetin fishing. Now free ur mind as if u don’t av any feeling or u don’t no him l blev u guys ll blev her n l blev it was any imam or Muslim prophet she talkin abt l no u guys ll say dat’s how dey do dat de truth has revel itself bt u guy just keep on blame her, but u av 2 blev dat if dere’s nothing she won’t been react like dis to a prophet of God. Pls think wise b4 u ll bi blame her 4 watt she heard abt pastor nd de allegation she put on him. Think deep pls #k.j

  12. Hey listen all of you here…it’s said do not judge so that you won’t be judge too. To every action , there is a reason”. Mind you, you could not define how and by fact why this woman would say this, yes! Do not say anything because he’s anoint man of God of which we might not know may be it is true or not … Leave everything to God till the day of atonement where all of us will stand before God and give an account of our works. Ejoo Oo°˚˚˚°. Let it end there and label no one with bad reputation. God bless us all

  13. Wat do u stand to gain from abusing Him or hindering a church program. Frm d luk of tins u kemi hav loads of problems;deportee,single searchin, etc u dnt even match ds man in anytin,he’s more dan u in everytin,speakin of gay & bein a cultist r u one of dem? U jst want cheap popularity,u no blong atall swegbe

  14. what evidence does she hav to cal adeboye a gay nd cultist.prove ur point b4we can belie
    ve gain porpularity in d likes of odumakin is nt easy o.

  15. u are not de God that called him, so allow God to judge him. Face ur own life and no were to make amends because time is short. Dis may be ur last chance!

  16. I support u @ Ajayi…….she is playing with fire I also pity does that supported her cause am sure not only her can do such a thing…….Wel God knows what to do

  17. Before u support her , did u even asked her what lead to her deportation frm Canada?
    How many years she spent there without a husband or child?
    If she say this about an Imamm will they not bomb her whole house hold?
    May be she was into drug and is affecting her. Pls, let’s pray for her before she will be caught up by the rawth of Almighty Allah.

    • She was deported from Canada because she was framed up by the Igbo community in Canada, they posted drugs to her house and called the police that she was a drug barron, the Evil children of Biafra have also being doing that to the Yorubas in Europe and other places once you are outspoken against the Biafra propaganda and supports Awolowo.

  18. This lady is definitely is a messanger of darkness. Light and darkness certainly do not go together. She is aware of what light will do to hidden satanic commitments (of which she could be a part) and so dread the appearance of light. She certainly needs deliverance.

  19. Am not RCCG member, but am falling in love more and more with this church,and the Blessed Man of God Adeboye, as you Demons from hell keep spreading all these false full scandals against him. I wan u all demons to know that you can only try but u can’t succeed in Jesus Name.

  20. Good some1 is stopping these rogues in their tacks

    every year the people are getting poorer yet they smile too the bank with fake miracles offerings

    give the people physical miracle like food and job then the sprite will be ready for more scriptural food

  21. The rally took place at Adamasingba stadium. so what was she talking about? She’s always controversial and lies teller.

  22. Ajayi pls daz ok! @Dave I tire 4 ha o! since wen it became d duty of Clergies to make roads n provide electricity, me I donno. God help us


  24. May God forgive her,her dad contributed to d poor issue in dat state,after embezzle poor people money he now used it to fly his daughter out of d country ,she will be deported bcos is caused money.

  25. I give her 3 days to appologize to Pst. Adeboye and on media… If she dosn’t she will beg to die from suffering. D zeal of d lord will perform dis…

    • Did Pst.Adeboye ever apologize to the innocent lady he slapped in his church, witnessed by you and millions of his supporters.

  26. Anyway u people shouldnt blem her so mch cos she is in a state of frustration.she has no husband’ ad no hop of having any.So she is lukin 4 a place 2 die.
    Bt all hop no lost’if she ned husband let her cal dis no.07041941941.

  27. May d Lord forgive her! A curse is operating in her life that want to distroy her completely! D Lord don’t want sinner to die, reapent! Not to perish.

  28. I quite agree with her the writer said no more fanatical Christianity i have never seen Nigerian pastors going round to give arms to the poor instead they advertise their church and get richer at the expense of ignorant believers and people who don’t know that redeem alone cannot take you to heaven and work out their salvation

  29. Father forgive her cos she know not what she is doing.little advice, dont invite d wrought of God,d consequece may be too much 4 u 2 bear.

  30. My take on this is that this Kemi olunloyo will meet her Waterloo very soon,mark my words you don’t joke with God’s anointed .Pastor Adeboye may not response to all the rubbish she has been saying but one day the God of pastor Adeboye will reply her and at the end she will run mad.Psalm 105 vs 14-15.

  31. Very Very soon everyone will understand why Pastor Bakare, Olunloyo and others are speaking up about him. The truth is not far anymore and it’s becoming glaring and the truth is, its too late to cover up anything anymore. GLARING!!!!!

  32. I am very sad that your website has degenerated so low.
    1. You publish unverified information. The woman said she made the rally not to hold, but the rally held!!.
    2. You provide a platform for cheap publicity, for what reason I don’t know. Don’t forget that Daddy Adeboye is an international figure. Any defamation of character would affect you that published such nonsense!
    3. You post pornography in your website.
    4. You do not provide information about Nigeria as your website was intended to be.
    5. You publish divisive and inciting articles.

    A word is enough for the wise! There is a code of ethics for journalists all over the world.

    • Did you said the same thing to Pastor Adeboye that he will meet his Waterloo very soon when he slapped the lady in his church? I strongly advice you to say that b4 you meet your own Waterloo and mark my words it wouldn’t be long, what goes up must come down!


  34. Kemi Olunloyo you are my mentor! my role model jawe! carry on and let this crazy people who cheat us by calling themselves pastors know their time is up, they use our poor economy and bad leadership to obtain wealth for themselves all in the name of healing the sick! if every nigerian had good job and health insurance i don’t see any reason why people will run to pastors for good health

  35. Kemi if what you are saying about prophet of God is true or false you don’t have to judge him.for it is written judge nobody
    And don’t let any man of God to curse on you kemi leave anything in the arm of God
    I don’t know if someone send you or your sent yourself for doing all this rubbish,why can you leave everything for God ,let baba God prove himself nobody knew more than God
    And I pray may God almighty forgive us all(Amen)

  36. Uh…….!!!!!!!! GOD is faithful, no matter what happens! Let people do whatever they tend is right, but there is a way, that seem right to a man, and after that’s Judgement! Many people claim, that GOD speaks to them….! I often ask myself, where is the place of the HOLY SPIRIT, in the life of those, that claim GOD speak to them! The GOD, I know is not a author of confession! So I do not know, which GOD spoke to who!!! The HOLY SPIRIT is the doer of all things great, and the HOLY SPIRIT is a gentleman, HE will never distract anything! HE doesn’t force anyone, and HE is not violent! HE is calm and peaceful, sweet and adorable…. You’ll know a life that has the HOLY SPIRIT, by the way, the individual behave! Uh…..! GOD is faithful… There is Judgement waiting for all…. Eternal Judgement….! It certain!

  37. I support dis woman can u tell me how many universities redeemed has dos whom are less privileges contribute to did church and they are not remember any more,likewise mfm, winners,rhema etc good job I will like to know her did is my number 08132334029

  38. Did kemi knows that some men of God are untouchable. I am putting it to you that you are not the one that stop the rally, its much but a divine instruction from God. It will take God nothing to kill hundreds of you to make His work possible. Do u that the bible say “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm” kemi for your own sake stop all these nonsense u are saying about this great men of God. Some nations did the same in the bible the Lord of host destroy them so be careful.

    • Blasphemy in deed, do you remember Nathan was bold to talk to David, because God sent him, what about if its God that is using Kemi?

  39. That lady need deliverance because she not normal something is wrong. This is one of the antichrist. May God continue to expose them.

  40. @obina obiyelaku and akinsirt thanks for those words, this people called pastors collects 10% from d poor masses and u it to freshen up, they build universities skools and lots of amenities that d poors dat paid dia tites towards dis tin cant afford and lots of tins dat dey deprived dis people of. This so called pastors deprived people of dia rites n some of them indulge in occultic practices uses dis powers of d under waters and devil to increase d nos of ppl dat attends dia church and lots more of attrocities. Kemi has don well by xposing dis man u call man of God ! Do u know wat he does in d privates of d 4 corners of his comfort yet u ar vouching for him. D bible says do not speak of wat u know not else it mite turn against u, if kemi did not see she wont talk. Kemi kudose (y) u can add me on bbm jhooor ride on 7c125238. U can remember pastor sam adeyemi who burried a pastor colleague alive rite inside his church, unknown to him dat d pastor had called d wife n informed her dat she is in so so place wia d pastor said dia wud b rivival and no body is hia and d wife took note and it was later found out dat d pastor was burried live on d alta, but cos of d bad country n governance he was later released.

  41. If kemi is crazy the publisher is crazier. What do you stand to gain by publishing blaasphemous stories? Kemi should be ignored. Its d evil spirit in her that is manifesting. She needs deliverance.
    By d way why has her family negleted her- she is disgracing them.

  42. When has it become the sole responsibilities of pastors to provide water and electricity, which your father’s government never did in Ibadan! Are they politicians??? Get yourself brain madam and use! God loves You! You can’t defame or blaspheme the man of God. More grace Daddy EA Adeboye

  43. All I see here are religious fanatics. some say haha deliver her, some say the God of Adebayo will visit her…hmmm ask her of her contention…but come to think of it, abject porverty in the land and ministers of God are riding on expensive jets as chariots…lol. And to some who insists she is going to get married, I want to let us know that we ain’t God.

  44. What i know is dat God is watching everybody’s deeds so dnt jugde anybody. Olohun Oba lomo nkan teeyan o moo. Stop Abusing Kemi Olunloyo

  45. A sin against d’ holy spirit is unforgivable, @akinsirt nd his cohorts, it is nt d’ duty of any pastor to cater for d’ poor nd moreova we. Read dat d’ rally took place so wat is she talkin abt. Has for infonaija u dont publish anytin gud aside frm propaganda

  46. Live har alone,u ar nt differrnt from her,cos u ar also doin disame tin she did,all d ppl curtin bible,go back 2 ur bible meditate on it nt read it,live everytin 2 GOD,fcos is nt writen in d bible 2 pay evil 4 evil,if u rili no d bible,ur comments should b lovin 2 her,dat can change her,nt usin bad words or her 4 pay back,pastor adeboye did nt teach u wat u ar doin.

  47. All of you are fanatics…. You are no better than the muslims bombing up people who wouldn’t do there religion… She raised a simple all you need do is tell to produce evidence, abi adeboye na Jesus Christ. Y’all need to start worshipping God and not his servant.

    • The pastor is not saying anything regarding the matter but i am surprise the way some people (brothers and sisters) in the lord the manner in which they are putting their messages across like a brother using the F word.

      Ephesians 4:29 – Let no foul or polluting language, nor evil word nor unwholesome or worthless talk [ever] come out of your mouth, but only such … (29) Don’t let any foul words come out of your mouth. ….. Your words should help others grow as Christians.

  48. to those who support kemi are u saying she is right . dat means she is holy and adeboye is evil. i fear for u pple dat u cannot discern a commom liar like kemi who start by condeming adeboye and finanly looking for a man. y cant she just say dat she has falling in love with adeboye rather than condeming d man. again if pst adeboye is evil kemi will not be saying dat bcos devils dont fight each other else their work will be destroy. so kemi is an agent of darkness bcos of her so many lies and her ways of life may d lord have mercy on her

    • Did you said the same thing to Pastor Adeboye that he will meet his Waterloo very soon when he slapped the lady in his church? I strongly advice you to say that b4 you meet your own Waterloo and mark my words it wouldn’t be long, what goes up must come down!

  49. Poverty eradication is a collective effort. Christ preached true love for the poor and sacrificial giving. I think she’s a point though done in a wrong way. We all should stand up and go against sentiments face the facts of life. How can an institution est by the church be as expensive as being unaffordable by the common man. Citizens pay tax, christians pay tithe, social responsibility is not the function of business org alone, but true love should be practised by the church

  50. God has dfrnt ways of deliverin His msges to his ppl, may b He’s dcded 2 use Kemi 4 dat purpose who knows, n u all are there talkin n critisizin, pls u ppl shld stop comentin on what u dn’t knw abouit n allow God to do His will

  51. A word is enuf for d wise… Adeboye has a private jet which was bought by his chech members’ tithe n offerrins. D members made him rich n he is now a bigboy…al Kemi wants him to do is to return d favour dats all… Y r u guys shallow minded.

  52. i wl rather advice Baba olunloyo to cal her daughter to order bcoz whn d sudden distructn cme up,all her family wl pertake, Also,i wud av bin hapi if kemi cmes to d prgrm either to c d crowd of pple dt hungry for God or to c d instant wrath of God, i was der and i recv unfinishd food

  53. Dis stupid, desperate old cargo called kemi is really mad. U’re jst frustrated bcos there’s no hubby for u. Hw cn a human being be fighting God? I dnt care to knw if wht she’s saying is true or not. But her notice me is bcoming too much. The other time she said Jesus is gay n all sorts of rubbish. See let me tel u and by the grace of God Almighty u’ll neva get married or have any child bcos u’re challanging God. What did ur dad do abt poverty when he was in power? U wont die oh, but u’ll go paralyze for d rest of ur miserable life bfore 2014 runs out. In JESUS name ‘Amen’.

  54. Kemi Olunloyo,
    The Bible says touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm, do you know that you have comited sin against Holy Spirit through your obnoxious utterance and write up against Pastor Adeboye and if you stop this madness the wraught of God will be on you

    • The Bible says touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm, do you know that you have comited sin against Holy Spirit through your obnoxious utterance and write up against Pastor Adeboye and if you dont stop this madness the wraught of God will be on you and you will not escape from the judgement of God.

  55. This lady is expired and that is why she is just looking out for someone to blame for her miserable life. I pity the womb that gave birth to her for she is a waste. I have been taken note of her utterances for some time and the only conclusion I can draw is that of a meaningless life. As she has sold her life out to the devil as instrument of blaspheme, may she fulfill her mission quickly. Watch out and see how her life sequence will be unfolding. At least we need some reference point for the younger generation and she has chosen to be a bad reference. Too bad for her. Good luck almighty irresponsible Olunloyo who want to bear her father’s name and die empty. I rather not have a child than to call this empty barrel a child. I wish this Jezebel visit the great Chally Boy and let that man tell her of the emptiness of the life she is living.

  56. I dnt want to judge nobody or vouch for nobody cos some of us tink we no bt at d end of d day we dnt no ntn,only God nos everyone bt come to tink of it,why does all dese pastors establish universities dat can’t be afforded by masses expect d vry rich ones already,shudnt it be a medium to provide affordable education to d poor? Dats d aspect dat bothers me so much,how do u expect an average nigerian to pay fees alone for tutoring frm abt 300,000 to over half a millon,dats just outrageous aint dey suppose to help make life easier for d pple?bt dats nt wat I see,they re just quxs,cos ntn makes sense no more

  57. Hurrayyyy am happy bcos soon u will run back 2 Daddy G.O nd plead dat he should pray 4 u bcos u need serious dliverance wt some lashes dat wil hlp 2 out dmons in u. Useless antelop instead u shld bureid ur head yet u are making unessary noice let d pple know CHRIST in 2rut nd indeed nd u wil see hw thier lives wil change 4 good

  58. Saul did more than what Kemi is doing now. May God have mercy on her soul. Pastor Adeboye is not one who would join issues with anyone insulting him, actually he is not the one kemi is insulting but God. What is she saying about governors and policy makers who loot our treasury or are they not supposed to be accountable. It is people like her that God is actually looking out for.

  59. Kemi, or what ever is u’re name I thougt u’re dad was once the governor of Ibadan, what effort or work does he do to stop, or even reduce the rate of poverty that u are chanting like music,if there is any that I don’t know please …………….

  60. Nigeria need people like Martin Luther King, and many America Pastors who go on their ways to alleviate the social problems of the society. The catholic church has the best and largest hospital operation in the world, the Methodist, St Jude, etc formed a mecca and the largest hospital town in HOUSTN, Texas the best in the world.
    We all Nigerian went to religion school or the other brought to us by foreign Pastors, Anglican, catholic, etc. I am yet to see what any denomination embanking on any of these kind of project. If its the will of God to use Kemi to wake them up let it be. I believe strongly she using the best language they understand.

  61. Madam Kemi,You better retrace ur step before God’s anger get on u,Is it Adeboye u are attacking or the person he stands for,Repent of your sins and ask for God’s mercy before its too late,Remember d wrath of God is coming on sinners.

  62. Most of us blame Kemi and criticise her commentn which I’m nt in support.It takes someone with deep thinking to know who Kemi is, knowing her philosphy,discipline and thought towards giving awareness to pple.Nigerian have suffered enough from d men of God! Men of God shld speak n save dis country by a simple gestures .

  63. She’s doomed & she’s so twit, i think She’s under spell. Look @ the way she’s talking to a regarded & the most respected Pastor. E. A. Adeboye. You better go on your kneels & beg for forgiveness.

  64. I think we should not regard this kind of being. Let’s not help her fulful her popularity dream. She is no more or less than a soul Jesus is looking for. I pray for her soul in next Go-a-fishing.

  65. jesus said go to the hold world an preach the gospel an to all nation an u shall be my witnes in jerusalem an judia an samalia. so adeboye his one of his witness. kemi why are u distop god witness sorry for hell fire is waiting for u


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