Lots Of Cheques That People Donated Bounced — OJB


During a recent interview with HipHop World magazine, OJB said that many cheques given to him towards his kidney transplant, bounced.

There are well meaning and bitter people in Naija. Most people were just complaining and these people didn’t even donate. All the figures flying in the air then were just fake and make-belief from different angles because if we had the money we wouldn’t have the governor donate N16million.

Lots of cheques that some people donated bounced. I don’t want to mention names and when we called them to come for their cheques they didn’t come for it. We didn’t want to talk about it in the media because it was about saving a life.

He also talks about his gratitude to his wife for donating her kidney to him, and about the man who gave him N6m to renovate his house, $10,000 for medical expenses and bought him a 2010 Land Rover.


About his wife, he says:

I will say she is a wonderful person because it is one thing if God is telling you to do something but another to do it. It takes a lot of courage to actually do it. Just as Jesus had made the water for Peter to walk on, Peter needed a lot of courage to take that step and that was what she did at that dying minute.

Even when the doctors came to tell her that they would have to cut her all the way to the back and would have to remove a rib so they could have access to the kidney and if after that you still go ahead to do it then that is serious courage.

About the man who gave him a lot, OJB tells Encomium magazine

A man named Felix Edebor who lives in Abuja has been very helpful. The first day he came he dropped N6million cheque, and it really encouraged us to start the building. When we were India he visited us and gave us $10,000. He later started talking about my mobility and days after he bought me a Land Rover LR 3 2010 model for me. And I didn’t know the guy from Adam. I just feel what happened was not human.