Men Now Use Man Weave To Hide Their Balding Head.

Ladies, hide your weaves!!!!! In a world where women wear weaves, eyelashes, artificial nails, fake boobs and bottom, uhm…..inject fluid into their body to enhance their beauty….their lips, hips, etc; who will blame the men for wanting to enhance their beauty as well? I always laugh when guys say women are baggages full of fake stuff, from their hair to their toes….and that a guy needs to see a woman first thing in the morning before she adds makeup to her face, so as to know how she really looks like….lol…i even heard someone saying his girlfriend uses makeup to bed. #weird! In a world where men now wear heels and makeups…., i think using weave extensions is no big deal. lolllzzz I guess ladies are so gonna learn how to keep their men tight & their weaves tighter. Human-hair-babes-ain’t-got-nothing-on-these-men!

Even Jamie Fox uses it….#clearthroat! See more pix