Afrocandy Blasts Marketers For Poor Sales Of Her Soft P*rn Movie

candyAfrocandy’s soft porn movie, Destructive Instinct is not selling as expected because marketers have increased the price. Instead of selling it N300, they sell it between N500- N1000. Meanwhile, Afrocandy wants every Nigerian to have a copy of it, because of what she did in it, lol.

So she announced on Facebook that they shouldn’t buy it more than N300. She’s even fighting the marketers right now and said she will bring in her team from the US for her next movie.

Why are Nigerian Marketers too Greedy? Guys pls Do not Buy the Movie Destructive Instinct if the price is more than #300 cos I did not discuss that with the marketers they just wanna rip where they did not sow and it’s not fare. How can they be selling my Movie for #500, #700, #1000 that’s crazy.

I made sure it would be cheap and available for all my Fans in Nigeria to be able to afford it so why the hike in price? Leave it for them let them eat it They’ve really thought me a big lesson now